After the disappearance of 70-year return on earth "the eighth wonder of the world" Amber is found

There are quite a few in the history of mankind magnificent magnificent building, but can be saved but not many of these buildings were destroyed or destroyed by war or natural disasters, but rare in the history of the Amber Palace architectural wonders is this human being Nazi stolen and missing。
But recently some people claim to have discovered the disappearance 70 years of Amber Palace artworks, shocked historians。
Polish historian Pleasant classes Chick (BartlomiejPlebanczyk) said recently, when he was searching for a set of tunnels and bunkers built by Nazi Germany, he discovered the disappearance 70 years of Russian treasures Amber Palace (AmberRoom), is currently seeking approval of relevant departments drilling and placing the camera to the newly discovered underground chamber, so check it out exactly。
Experts said more than genuine value Amber billion pounds (about 3.3 billion yuan)。
Taiwan's ETTV cloud quoted the British "Sun" reported that, Pleasant classes Chick pointed out that the military had opened in this excavation random bombing, but in the end nothing, and he is using ground penetrating radar, so you can find treasures we need to drill air chamber inside the bunker, in order to put the camera into。
However, we must be approved by management。