Adversity breeds harvest seeds

In 1988, Lee was born in Ocean County, Chengde City, Chengde Bureau chagou countryside village in Hebei Province, a poor peasant family.Four disability father, mother suffering from high blood pressure, nervous sister have schizophrenia.The family has a few acres Susukida, to sell more than two thousand dollars per year.Family medical expenses, your tuition, all in there.Because the family was poor, sensible Li Haiyang childhood not bought new clothes, always wearing old clothes through relatives and children.After junior high school, the annual summer vacation, he would go and people to build a house to the town.Each time until the end of the holidays, his hands will wear many vesicles.In August 2008, 20-year-old Lee and other marine life to an important gift, it is a professional tennis admission notice of the Sports Department Hebei Institute of Physical.Twelve years studying now been received in return, simple and honest smile on his face.But smiled tightly maintained for three seconds, it solidified in his face.11,000 yuan a year tuition, home to the four walls, is definitely an astronomical figure.Li Haiyang some heartache, but he did not want to give up stubborn.Never give up, he clenched his fists, but also want to firmly grasp their own destiny.Heartache as action.Li fifty miles away from the ocean to the town, selling mobile phone cards Unicom morning, afternoon selling mobile phone cards, a waitress in the evening grill.In order to earn some money, he simply rented only put a small bed in a dark house.One day, finished third work, is 3 o’clock in the morning.It rained too particularly large.Bean big rain hit in the face, like drums in general, one word: pain!The water surface have not seen pedal bicycles, bicycle like a stormy sea in a small boat.Lee ocean crying, shouting in the streets deserted: I must be rich.After back home, Lee did not face the ocean washing up on the bed did not take off, actually had a dream, a dream really became a millionaire.The next day, Lee said the ocean is extremely serious for another barbecue salesman: I want ten years to become a one million millionaires.That companion looked at his face with sweat, a greasy Lee ocean, disdain and said: you become a millionaire?I would also like to become Bill?Gates it.A summer vacation, sleeping less than four hours a day, Lee ocean with their tenacity and perseverance, earned a total of 5500 yuan.This is only half the cost of attendance, but his poor family kin of good moral character has been the concern of Hebei Daily, ultimately funded tobacco industry in Hebei and Hebei Daily co-sponsored the 2008 diamond number of student activities.Lee got his wish to enter university campuses ocean.By chance, Lee ocean from a fellow learned, quite to the mobile phone film to make money.So on to the neighboring Hebei University of Economics and swing the door when he was not in class Taner, I entered the goods from the wholesale market, bought a second-hand small table, chairs and no, you sit on the curb of a concrete pad.A time when the winter, it is cold, it is lit with a lighter phone film scrap, take it warm.Lee earned a street vendor ocean, fixed monthly send home to his father to buy medicine.Year after year by the end of 2009, Li ocean that telecommunications operators of mobile phone cards couple popular pursuit in a long distance relationship Students.This phone call service operators to provide communications field, as long as pay a monthly rent, domestic remote call within a certain time free of charge.When receiving the first single business, ‘purchase’ costs $ 75, while he was on hand only 50 yuan.He and his classmates borrowed $ 25 just to make a deal, once a net profit of 150 yuan.Business, for Lee ocean, money is the first to face a major problem.People also help those who help themselves, the time, Li Haiyang bus, a middle-aged man holding one hundred dollar bills ask who can help him get some change coin, others indifferent, Lee Marine is eager to vote for him a dollar.After a simple conversation, the middle-aged man gave Lee the ocean business card, did not think he was actually Lee’s elegant ocean.Later, seeing the ocean from Lee who he then became a shadow of successful career guides for Lee ocean, and lent him a sum of money as start-up capital.Lee Marine quickly in schools set up a couple of phone card sales force, since then, he began to fight to the delivery, collection, rewarding experience every time.The more practice the more strong confidence, wealth snowball, not in ten years, just three years later, the former Man cold face of poor students has become the general manager of Shijiazhuang Bo-Human Resource Consulting Co., Ltd., the personal assets of more than 1 million yuan, owns a cold store, a hotel and two communications products shop, express delivery business is also doing booming.Today, ocean smug Lee was busy copying his business model more than universities gathered in Hebei Province, to build the business empire of their own.Embark on the road of entrepreneurship, Lee Marine is completely forced by poverty, but the face of adversity often breeds harvest seeds.As the saying goes, Riyousuosi night had a dream.Do not laugh at people who love to dream, dreams are part of a dream, a dream going to Dream!There difficulty is not terrible, is a strong and ambitious eagle, it will always be a part of the dream in a dream!, Dreamer interview, 23-year-old Li Haitao sonorous tone gentle but firm.