Adventure Network

6:21 minutes yesterday afternoon, I was reading space Friends of Bo Wen, the SMS tone a bit scared.To himself: Well, what is spam messages.On a cell phone, “You’re writing a novel Sichuan Hu Ying right,” the message makes me loving mind.When I wrote the novel?How people would think I was writing a novel?He knows my phone from where, I understand the information?I just love literature, there is no achievements in literature, know the hardships of the road of literature, write two lines recreational okay, I really want to write what the article, it is a little spot to have a little rat eating pumpkin impossible under the mouth feeling.Although some colleagues recognized, students agree, that someone appreciate, but I understand he was just other people play mahjong time spent on watching the light readings, and occasionally can say two buzzwords of today’s chat, tells today’s new ideas nothing more.    ”Sichuan Hu Ying, but did not write fiction.”I told them the truth.    ”We are students, in Beijing.”Inexplicable and text messages on my phone to.Classmate?How can my students in Beijing.I remember when one of my students last year to study in Beijing, I met another friend of a friend, and this friend of a friend happens to be our children’s land, fared well in Beijing, does he?But I told this friend of a friend is no contact, how could he?My other classmates did not mingled in Beijing, even if in Beijing, but is also a migrant workers, even if successful, it will not remember me this small point, but how can I love literature students in Beijing it?.I guess.Texting people in the open, he knows me, prepared to receive in the dark, it can be said to be kept in the dark, you can only deal with the “No?”The other side may feel retained memories of the students could not remember his own, that gentle and considerate Chuan Meizi actually did a little impression on their own.Perhaps a bit frustrated, perhaps a bit unwilling, I thought finally saw the news about the students, did not even little impression had to speak up: “I am healthy in flash, Henan, you gave me eat orange.”I know he finally got the wrong guy.Because I never gave people far oranges, and no one in Henan classmates, surnamed flash and no friends, even friends.It is not true.My memory is good, but also to think of things at age two, the year before homecoming, 20 years did not meet did not contact the students together, I can only shout their names, but also to tell their student number.Therefore, the flash of Henan surnamed students certainly got the wrong guy.    Met at the right time of the person’s name, can be considered a kind of lucky, I have him in there edge.I finally knew he wanted 20 years ago, Hu Ying Lu Yuan Beijing to join in the training and study of Hu Ying, not me.College students was organized as they visit the Great Wall, 600 students take the 15 bus, they actually sat down together, because of his severe motion sickness, the Hu Ying took out a tangerine peel for him to eat, and then not so serious..20 years later.His heart remains with her kind, gentle and considerate.When Du Bo yesterday, saw prose editor of a left called Hu Ying telephone number, a Fang-ming impressed him, urged him to take the liberty of the text messages sent over a feeling of joy mood, try holding the mentality , testing the waters, so I have a sense of SMS.Only the adventures of this network.