Adventure million over mountains

Commemoration in memory of mentor —- canoe I know in the network since opened a blog, rarely return to the misty rain.Sometimes back, the figure is hidden, look at those familiar friends written familiar words.  Why not tell now rarely return to the misty rain, misty rain but to me, remembering, it is memorable, is worried about, is a blessing.Really, deep down, still hope to be able to misty rain, as before, a resounding success, do booming, is a harmonious and friendly people of the court.  Last night, I was, as usual, hidden amidst the body.Amidst the home page, see “Dream tenderness,” wrote “Sailing is over universal mountains [home],” the article, I move the mouse, point to the open.I did not expect the point to open a look, to see the memorial turned out to be a “canoe” heavy condolence.Mood steep whom sank.Have not read the text, think of all sorts of previously boat in the misty rain, tears straight on the Bay.  Wait until reading the article, and had the same friends, filled with tears streaming his face.Alas!Man has to go by Huang, here spare Yellow Crane Tower.Huang gone, clouds golden empty leisurely.In this case, canoe, you have unencumbered, riding a crane to the West.I wish you the way to the West, it is possible Instinct can rustling Sasa, can all the way!  Canoe memory, is a serious and persistent, very sense of justice.At that time, I was into the misty rain soon, we often see a man named “Exhale” of people chasing a man named “Dream tenderness,” the woman, arguing.Later, they learned noisy reason, I want to make them siege, volunteered, add him as a friend.I ask him to guide me to write the article as an excuse to distract his attention arguing.  Just add him, he thought I was editor of misty rain.By the time I did not understand editing, and only in the misty rain made much of thirteen articles, could not help but be disappointed.At that time, I told him I added his reason, I say you despise me you can do leave, I do not stay strong.He thought, some moved, I did not remove it from his friends in, I will stay, patiently taught me writing.  Remember to write essay called “Magnolia blooms,” the article, I changed several times, he was still not satisfied.I would recommend modification modified until he considered satisfactory, and then sent out.I have to change to change, to change more than eleven pm, and then really do not know how to modify, impatient.Do not wait for his consent, without the article was sent out.He looked at the back of my post: “made some changes, but far away from my recommendation.”I had to apologize to him:” Because time is too late, I have no patience, so I sent out.But next time, I will pay attention.”In this way, I later wrote every article, he is not satisfied, always pick the article thorn.I am also quite high concentric man who in my article inside, pick to pick, pick up much more, I do not want the.Hated to him: “I know you despise me, well, I write to you not satisfied with the article, I do not want you to teach, and I do not think of any name, but the mood to write text, write what is What it!”I thought what I said relentless, would make him angry, I will kick tick too far, and then ignored me.He did not expect to hear, but added a happy: “Oh!Want to catch me out, this is what you asked for it, I want to be your teacher, and now you want to go back, the doors are not!”I heard the remark, I had to suffer in silence whenever – ask for it.Let him continue to pick thorns article.At that time, his time seems special, he not only prick my article, as long as any one is not satisfied he had seen the article, he is not wrong according to pick.This also lead to better individual, condemning him.  Privately, I advised him: “Come!I was lifting a rock – on their own feet, I think uploaded.But others did not invite you as a teacher, you self-righteous, do you think someone like me, buy your account?You are still a little less, to save scolded!”He listened to me and said:” What is this nonsense you?No wonder you do not understand literature!Those articles, even than the recommended articles, however, still the essence?I just can not see such a thing, only to prick.What are the things in the world can speak human, face to buy, with the exception of literature is not fake.If you are holding your attitude it is the greatest literary blasphemy!I was engaged in literature, literary fool not to see this thing, I do not care if others criticize, could not understand, and I still talk about!”I heard he was gay literature, I asked him:” So the teacher is engaged in literature, I would like to ask you worked in Which magazine?Which still worked at the newspaper?”He listened to my questioning, replied to me:” I have not worked for Which magazine, Which has not worked in the newspaper, I work in a unit, I studied geology.Although I do not specifically literature, but my literary friends, there are a bunch of, you know my friends there are some who?”” Who are some?”” I say, give you a jump!”” Ah, you must have a great background, you say!”” Tan you know it?He is my brother.When we debut together, but unfortunately I do not have his patience, and now he became a celebrity, I was a small staff.”At that time, I do for the literary world, little is known about.Do not know the literary world, there is what one of the biggest names, which celebrity.So I abruptly to him and asked: “Who is Tan Tan?”” Haha!Tan Tan did not know?Hunan Tan Tan is well-known scholar, ah, you do not know?”Obviously, he did not scare the daylights out of me, but for my ignorance, was very happy.  ”Oh!”I’m embarrassed for him and said,” So you are backing so big, no wonder Amidst better article, you are unable to enter the discernment!””Of course.”He was a bit complacent, as if Tan Tan is his brother, his face, but also a lot of scenery.”So, ah, after you write articles or do not write, write Well, I must write.Otherwise, you can never from me, hear good words!”He said to me bluntly.  The face of his warning, I secretly whom tip the scales.Although dissatisfied with his mouth, but the heart of his literary treatment of this attitude is still very admirable.Privately, I still want to try to write the article, written satisfactory.  So, when I wrote the article twenty-one when I do not know whether to edit out encouragement to me, or out of his friendship with the editor, anyway, that article, since I am on the misty rain, resulting the first piece Digest.  At that time, he finally got to see my article essence, in the back of my article, so the message: “Do not be impatient arrogance, efforts on.”He wrote back:” Your rapid progress.”For me to congratulate.  I really did not expect such a trivial article, got the essence, for him, that he turned out to be so elated, so excited that he’s happy.He treats the kind of mesmerizing Folly literature, inspired me, since then, I swear, be sure to write more and better articles to their own satisfaction, make friends happy!  Later, for various reasons, I left the misty rain, to the blog.To the blog after blog as I own garden in a quiet mind, what if, on the right blog to say, very little on the misty rain.He is also due to various reasons, rarely go to the misty rain.In this way, our contact gradually less, but the link is still there.  In the QQ, one day a friend sent a message, let me open QQ farm.My message is shining, the opening of the farm.Into the farm, I stare look, “ho!”Really a lot of friends, mostly misty rain.  Just opened a farm, what all feel fresh farm.Often finished article, or look for a book, which I went to the farm, friends steal food.After stealing food, the friends did not forget to plant a vegetable garden mischievous several strains of grass, put a few insects.  There the sky to the QQ, I see him, not without proudly said to him in,: “Hey!I stole your food, you put back a few insects!”He listened to me yell:” No wonder my vegetable garden always some insects, that you confessed, is that you put, I’ll see, will not forgive you!”Sure enough, later, my vegetable plots, always some insects.He also confessed to came to tell me: “Hey!Your vegetable garden insects, I put in, see you later kind enough to let me do not bug?”After listening to him speak, I laugh.It turned out he also like a child to me a tit, tit for tat, without mercy.  Another day, he was inside the QQ, see me, said to me: “Just so and so told me your home phone number, my shining the phone number you dialed, you do not hear?””Ha ha!”I laughed.I never told anyone and my home phone number and my phone number in the misty rain, he knows my phone number from where?I know some people use his earnest enthusiasm, make fun of him, he said: “Oh, it seems that your phone number, appropriated to heaven, I did not hear the phone ringing.”He listened, over there, half did not say anything, surely know someone else make fun of him, he was angry.  The year before last winter, listening to friends say, he got sick, very serious.But what is the specific disease, it is not known.I know that, to his QQ sent a message: “Good friend!Long time no see, I heard you’re sick, sick is not good?I wish you a speedy recovery, still happy!”A few days later, he was sent to a chat:” Thank you, old friend, I’m better now, now Changsha treatment.”I asked later, because of their busy with their own things, but also for a long time, no contact, I thought, he is well.  So I did not realize then on the misty rain, it turned out to see the news of his death.Since he knew and remembered, he usually treat people with all sorts of straightforward simplicity, serious and persistent, ignorance and cute, and I in my heart, in addition to regret, only sad.  Today, the man has to go, even if I write more on this, he could not see, could not hear, those who have friends, but unfortunately for him and his memorial.Let me here turned his essay, as a friend, to express his deep condolences.Although, turn this article, I do not have his permission, nor his permission, but I know that if he has a soul in the day, I think, for my practice, he will not blame me..  We have a return to corruption?  Canoe riding position has been editor for some time.Each day trial version took over editing the manuscript for me to sign when, there is always an indescribable feeling.Living quietly change, whenever there is a certain culture of all sectors of all ages want to play a literature, so essays, fiction, poetry like poured in the editorial department.And our magazine is a provincial publication, the manuscript requirements are very high, far more than one hundred a day was rejected?Last week I put Chen sent a fiction editor to the back, but also fiercely gave him a reprimand: “This is your review of the draft?You are editing, not a mail clerk.”I toss the manuscript Wang Zhuoshang” you know what is fiction?I do not know of can understand, you do not know may people Yi generous laugh.Throughout the vernacular, that is, no plot and no story, prose fiction also are not enough na.return to!”I actually cried his training.”I – I -” Chen editor paused, seemed very aggrieved.  This day early in the morning, I entered the office came a suit, gentle young man, very polite smile: “Hello!You’re right boat editor?Heard so much about your name, but never busy door visits.Today saw really grace ah, My pleasure, sorry, sorry.”He grabbed my hand a long time refused to release.I can not help more than glances looked at him, trying to answer my doubts from his eyes and facial expressions in.Could magpie down branches?Many years, so no one face flatter me na.Slightly inclined, I was forced to throw off his hand, still puzzled: “You are – I do it?”” Look at me, look at me, forgot to introduce the.I am the Office of the Secretary ΧΧ Bureau, Wang asked me to become.So, we head up the special love of literature, and your magazine has very high visibility, leading ride his spare time wrote a novel like to make on your magazine, you can be considered support for the work it.””Oh?Well, thank you support the leadership, and I hope that in the future Cigao.Let me see.”I opened the manuscript ‘Puchi’ look, almost laughed out loud, I quickly covered her mouth pretending to cough, then lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, to recover this expression.One paragraph reads: You are very thin, very slim, and no production at the scene, and I potbellied, moderate obesity, we really made a pair of days, the pair made..Every move she makes, a look back, my mind wanders uninhibited.I did not dare to look down, Wang said hastily: Yes, yes, so you get the manuscript back so that the leaders and then modify modify.You can offer amendments secretary.Walking, do not send.I am in good faith the draft back.  ”I said boat ah, Chen training you edit failed, I think, ah you this editor more unqualified.”Then Brother emergency fire fire rushed.  I froze for a moment; “Oh,?I failed?”” Not convinced ah?What do you say what our company’s aim is?” ‘Enhance the cultural tastes, prosperity and cultural market, enrich people’s leisure and cultural life, cultivate new literary.’.  ”For ah, cultivate new literary.How about you may?Why put that story back draft?”” My brothers hey, that which is novel Oh.Thin to thin chanting, but also slim.Obesity also potbellied.” ‘Well drilling What dead end’ Brother interrupted me:” are high-quality articles do you want to edit, this editor you have to do.One of the responsibilities is to edit the manuscript. “.  ”How to modify ah, can fix typos, grammatical errors, and even I can not allowed to modify the conception, throughout vernacular can not Mawei how to modify Tau?Would not it be unrecognizable?If so put my pen name got “I am a little angry.  ”My boat hey, you do not understand how, ah, that’s our.”It – it – it’s not right to engage in corruption?”I was silent.I did not expect this circles, there are subconscious, there are unspoken rules, rights dictates.Brothers always thought the company is a pure land, those of high culture are suitors, patents, books celebrity biography is not.Literature can not be profane.  ”You ah, what is so serious, when to let go let go, should not let go Never give up.Possible, the real life is excellent in the food chain, have interdependent to survive birth, death Liezhe.Do not look at your learning and ability, he spoke clearly and logically, may know little about the rules of the game Well ah.In this way, the city I went afternoon meeting, you pick me at five o’clock, we asked the Secretary adults to communicate about Wangjianglou.”My brothers and arrive on time Wangjianglou, who have been first to the Secretary.At first glance the director I can not help back a few steps, this – this – this is simply Hu Chuankui Well, sparse hairs a Shunliu comb in the back, is actually very well-proportioned facial features, eyes small but piercing.Barely see his chest moment he sat in a chair.A woman next to him but looks juicy, needless to say quasi-secretary.See us coming, he seemed struggling to stand up after a few pleasantries with the brothers shook my hand and said: “This is the right boat editor?Brothers had heard that you were invited you, you ought to welcome home Jie Feng, just fussing all day long, involuntarily ah.Today must drink a few glasses oh.Introduce “He gave the lady Yangyang Shou ‘This is my wife.’what?Sweetheart?I’m just ignorant, not a good fit ah, the Secretary height less than 1.60 meters, width of the body is not ambiguous, hey, a long horizontal.”Potbellied, moderate obesity.” I think this sentence will help laughing, his wife is really innocent girl, especially those rosy oval face with sprawling, yes, “very thin, very slim.”.It’s a pity, pity.During the meeting, the atmosphere was very warm.Brothers frequently toast to the Secretary, the Secretary is not ambiguous, half a bottle of wine go without any reaction.I was numerous liquor only symbolic sip.I do not want to be a director; “my editor said, ah, not to face it?A drink “.I quickly stood up: “dare, dare, the next really can not drink, I’ll have to drive a car, etc..Brothers accompany you let it.”” Sailing editor, you can not laugh at me, I like to learn, often look at some magazines, see the article on the envious, and I want to write about their own feelings like the article, I could write well.Today, let’s novel is sent to the secretary to write my lover.”” I have the nerve to say.”He do not want a wife.” It was fiction Yeah, what is very thin, very slim, not write even a chant, to catch what it fashionable.Really.” ‘Nothing, nothing’ brothers quickly smooth things over,” change it back to let the boat, published in the next issue.”Well, I rely on the.On the way back I said to the brothers; “The Secretary very good ah, may be small, very broad minded.”” I do not know it, the Secretary is very honest, this level cadres as he has several no lover?No lover of men is rare in higher animals.The director of care for our company, but a lot of ah.”” Then we will go back to a corruption?Published an exception?””it is good.On corruption a return to “my brothers and pre-clap, ‘Hey Hey, be careful, take your car’.Oh, I almost hit the Xiangjiang River green belt.  ”Very thin, very slim, very thin, very slim,” I repeated again and again, hearty laughter came very far, if spread throughout the provincial capital, I do not know slightly.