Adventure employer

First, to explore the dark cave are rotten, this Dingxiao Chen dragged his exhausted body entered the door, a crooked into the sofa, while sighing.He angrily resigned from the original company, I have not found suitable, which are more than a month, not a penny of income in the hands of that little savings also is draining away, a signle urging him to pay the rent next quarter, he cornered really fast, really want this luggage back to go home, but some can not be reconciled.That he went to the talent market to run for a day, still empty-handed, nothing.At this time, rang.He feebly took the handset, not wait until the ear to hear Ling Yanyu growled loudly: Where are you going to run?How not to pick me ah?Dingxiao Chen took out his cell phone to have a look, and sure enough there are a dozen missed calls, all Ling Yanyu, presumably the job market is too noisy, and he did not hear this.He came to tell Ling Yanyu explain, but Ling Yanyu barrage went on to say: Tell you a good news, some people responded to our posts.Hire someone to take her.I made an appointment with her, nine at night to meet at tea houses Ming Star.You must arrive on time ah.Dingxiao Chen hung up the phone, looked at the screen on, almost eight, from running out of time to meet.He rushed to the bathroom toilet to go about it, and find a dress to put on, while knowledge points back to thinking about the adventure, and my heart is secretly Ling Yanyu of.Ling Yanyu with him both, it is much better, two people also do not want to separate after graduation.Candidates together to the same company.After Dingxiao Chen to resign, Ling Yanyu should resign, fortunately Dingxiao Chen to be stopped.Ling Yanyu see if he can not find a job, than he worried, gather around information, and finally had a startling discovery.Now he saw people like exploring the city, dedicated to love, authentic, air-raid shelter, abandoned boreholes so mysterious and horrible place adventure, and Dingxiao Chen from the poor mountainous areas, was brought up with in such a place, but also has many dangers living experience in an environment, it is for him made a post on the internet, he said he was willing to give such a person as a guide.Dingxiao Chen originally did not take this post seriously children, who knows really was sent home, and he wants to seriously address.At nine o’clock, arrived on time Dingxiao Chen Ming Xing tea houses, and saw Ling Yanyu being a pretty woman sit face to face, talking, he was very surprised: Is this girl is that Adventure employer?Ling Yanyu busy called him over, gave him an introduction.Yes, the girl is their employer, named Xie Shanshan.Xie Shanshan heard that he was the professional guide, hastened to greet him.Dingxiao Chen’s eyes and touched her eyes, I found myself suddenly called: ah good girl.Dingxiao Chen is not never seen a pretty girl, but like Xie Shanshan this beautiful and moving, pure and flawless girl, he really is the first encounter, my heart made a motion, actually some confusion, not taking even her eyes, just secretly looked at her.Xie Shanshan fleet tall slim, graceful, graceful kind of speechless feeling, actually made him restless.Ling Yanyu seeing this, secretly pinched on Dingxiao Chen thigh, mercilessly cut out at him.Dingxiao Chen hurried to recover the thoughts, listened intently Xie Shanshan speech.Xie Shanshan small purse and pulled out a map, it is a very ordinary town map, but on top of it with a black marker pen to make a lot of.Xie Shanshan said that these markers, there is a dark cave where she recorded, she was to take her to the places where they go on a safari.If they are willing to do the job, she can open a daily wage of 300 yuan to them.Dingxiao Chen immediately promised down.Xie Shanshan took three bills handed Dingxiao Chen, then pointed to a black mark on the map, he said: Then let’s go.Dingxiao Chen clearly seen, that black mark next to, there is a place called Third Street.An hour later, they have stood the Third Street.Third Street is a large old dilapidated houses, narrow streets uneven,.Dirty water from flowing out of the people on both sides of the deposition in the alley, the odor smelled.Dingxiao Chen them covered, in a little alley Looking back on dry pine place jumping forward.When they went to the door 36, Xie Shanshan suddenly shouted surprise: here!Dingxiao Chen found that this is a very common tenements, which should be lived people, people here will allow them to go find a dark hole it?Xie Shanshan flash of her eyes, as if seen through his mind, leans his ear: this yard too many people live, there are many leased to outsiders, and do not even know each other, we may be able big way to go in.Then, she went on to take the lead Tuimenzoujin, taking a closer look at the yard, the yard has hopes of finding the innermost, found a shabby little one on the corner, no windows, only a rusty iron gate.She just push, the big iron gate on the door creaking open, revealing a dark hole.Ghostly wind blowing through the hole from the inside, with a strong musty children.All three feel a step backwards, Ling Yanyu also played a few loud sneeze, fear of being heard, covered his mouth busy.Xie Shanshan from the bag and pulled out a folded Flashlight, hands stuffed into Dingxiao Chen, laughs and says: wizard, leading the way right.Dingxiao Chen twist bright flashlight, Lumbar Spinal got into the hole.A far more intense musty children to hit him, he was busy clothes covered his nose lifted.After entering the hole, is an obliquely downward stepped concrete road, top covered with moss, wet and slippery.They went down to ten meters, suddenly became very clean on the steps.Five-meter laid down again, went to the ground, is on both sides of a channel, the channel is a small room, the room were empty.They continue to walk down the aisle to the inside.And out of the more than two hundred meters, before suddenly become open up their bright flashlight did not shine on the opposite wall, only faintly shine the roof, I wonder how big the hole in the end.Flashlight from Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan grabbed his hand, while shining forward, raced.Dingxiao Chen looked at her surprise cheerful look, lower lip, he said to himself: what it called Adventure?That are not dangerous.Wild cave you to our home to see, not the dark hole, river, stream stone, snakes at this moment, they suddenly heard a muffled bang, followed by that Xie Shanshan screaming, and then is off Flashlight to the ground, went out, the entire dark to immediately become very dark, was silent.Dingxiao Chen and Ling Yanyu suddenly startled, stunned all feel a dark hole Cry Ling Yanyu Chanzhuo sound child calling: Xiao-chen, where are you?Dingxiao Chen should be a cry softly: Yan Yu, I’m here, do not be afraid.He pulled out his cell phone, according to the bright screen, dark caves immediately lit a faint light.Ling Yanyu also busy pulling out the phone, press the bright screen, some dark cave brighter.They both had this faint light groping walked on and soon saw Xie Shanshan curled up on the ground, with no sound.Dingxiao Chen beat is rocking again, but still no reaction Xie Shanshan.Dingxiao Chen hurried back to her, groping and went out.Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan carrying out of the dark hole, straight tired out of breath.He Xie Shanshan on the floor, wiping the sweat on his forehead, to Lingyan Yu said: You go up the road approaching a stopped, I slowly back again child of God she.He saw Ling Yanyu not crashed, busy turned and looked, and saw that behind an empty, there is no Ling Yanyu of.He was shocked, repeatedly called to: Lingyan Yu, Ling Yanyu but still no one answered.He knew it stay busy and pressing the phone’s bright screen, hesitate to go into the cave, walking and calling: Lingyan Yu, Ling Yanyu Dingxiao Chen down to the hole, I heard screaming in horror Ling Yanyu: to Albuquerque cable, cable to Albuquerque gloomy dark cave echoed his tone of voice, even more extreme terror.Dingxiao Chen ventured, touch a little bit into it, in the end most of that huge dark cave, he saw Ling Yanyu is holding the phone in the dark cave crazy camel running and while running, while shouting in horror : Albuquerque to cable, Albuquerque to Suoding Xiao Chen ran up to meet him, hugged him: Ling Yanyu, what are you doing?Ling Yanyu big staring eyes, the sound of children Chanzhuo shouted at him: Albuquerque to cable, Albuquerque to Suoding Xiao Chen grabbed his arm: fast, go out with me!Ling Yanyu broke from him, but also run to the hole.Under Dingxiao Chen so it, according to his chest is the punch.Ling Yanyu stay for the time, Dingxiao Chen to carry him, and walked toward the hole.He Ling Yanyu to carry out of its hole, on the floor, and he sat down on the ground, gasping for breath.Ling Yanyu was cold winds, suddenly wake up and blinked at Dingxiao Chen: Just what happened in the end?How I like a nightmare, like ah?Dingxiao Chen gave him a look: now no time to care about you.We put her to the right.Ling Yanyu stay: Who sent to the hospital?Dingxiao Chen turned around a finger, but he then discovered, just put down the local Xie Shanshan, now empty.He quickly catch up with the door, still not seen the shadow of Xie Shanshan.He let Ling Yanyu to Xie Shanshan dial phone, but Xie Shanshan phone has been shut down.They also knew nothing about Xie Shanshan, but could not find her, but to let.Dingxiao Chen back out, Ling Yanyu but still in shock, he Chasi all doors and windows, and put all the lights are on, every corner of the room are then read it again, this is not assured, and checked under the bed, wardrobe where even each have seen, this calm down, sit opposite Dingxiao Chen, is still the face of the horror: guess what I just met?Dingxiao Chen was going to ask him then, I will be looking at him.Lingyan Yu took a deep breath, exhaling, did I speak slowly opened.Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan walked out on her own, he also close behind them.But just as he was about to enter a dark cave passage, he did not know how to sleepwalk one hit the wall, then gave knocked dizzy, so he got it together, children come to look for the channel, but how could not find.He looked for a lot of mouth, but no matter what went into the mouth, there is a small space, and nothing else mouth, and he withdrew from the mouth only, returned to that damn hall.He was anxious to die, academics someone in the head and remembered softly: Albuquerque to demand he heard this, immediately scared to death.This is tens of meters deep in the ground beneath it, and only the only hole, how would anyone speak it?He cried out in horror: Who?Who?He heard the sound clearer: Albuquerque to cable, cable to Albuquerque he was frightened, desperately camel fled, but always heard footsteps behind him, close behind him, the more they seem to chase closer Ling Yanyu back to that horrible dark hole, blanched, his eyes full of fear.Dingxiao Chen laughed: You encounter a ghost hit the wall.In our home, it is often the case.Then he went to Ling Yanyu red brown sugar, water.Ling Yanyu stopped him, very seriously said to him: please believe me, I did hear that voice.Dingxiao Chen replied very seriously: you it is absolutely an illusion.I also went to the hole, and heard nothing.Again, there can not be someone’s voice.Then he find a piece of paper, he drew a feed from the entrance to the cave sketches, but after some calculations, and then the results and handed Ling Yanyu: the vertical distance from the roof to the ground, the less there more than twenty meters, so thick seven across, above what people say you can not hear.Dark cave thin air, so we breathing difficulties, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral hypoxia occurs instantly, it will produce a variety of hallucinations.Something you are hearing voices, hallucinations is.Ling Yanyu shouted to him: I did hear voices, Albuquerque to Suoding Xiao Chen believes that Ling Yanyu said is true.He really dark cave heard voices, and repeatedly said the sentence: Albuquerque to cable.But there really is no way someone ah.That’s who’s talking too?Albuquerque to cable, then what does it mean?Third, the terror mantra night is already too much, or sleep Dingxiao Chen.His mind always emerge out of a few curse words like: Albuquerque to cable.He simply opened the computer on the network, in the search field to search the Albuquerque words, the point of the search, and then stared, waiting for the results.Interface opened slowly, with only one record: Mimi insects ask, does anyone know what it means cable to Albuquerque?Dingxiao Chen busy clicking the entry, and one interface open, there are entry details.Mimi overheard friends worm Albuquerque to search the word, do not understand what it meant, if anyone correct answer, will give generous reward.Dingxiao Chen Made Mimi insect posting time, was actually half an hour ago.Could it be that Mimi worm also just heard this strange term it?Ling Yanyu is heard in the dark cave, where Mimi worm is to hear it?Dingxiao Chen looked at the monitor, can not help but stunned and dumbfounded.At this time, but heard Cui Xiang crashed, Dingxiao Chen scared almost jumped up.He was busy turned and looked, and saw that Ling Yanyu do not know when to come behind him, looking at the monitor, a pair of eyeball was frightened almost to fall, pointing to a hand trembling interface, water cups off on the ground and fell to pieces.Dingxiao Chen sighed heavily: he also heard the word.I think he certainly did hear tonight.Otherwise, he would have to ask a question.I do not understand is that he is and where to hear it?Ling Yanyu shook his head in confusion.Dingxiao Chen muttered: Albuquerque to cable, cable to Albuquerque, where the accent issued to like it?He imitated the way the words of many languages issue, but also an English dictionary off the shelf, review the.At this time, the phone suddenly rang Ling Yanyu.Ling Yanyu a look at numbers, busy told Dingxiao Chen, Xie Shanshan is a fight over.Dingxiao Chen busy motioned for him to answer, while also came over to listen.Just a phone is turned on, Xie Shanshan it frantically Q: My bag it?Ling Yanyu said something he did not see, and turned to look at Dingxiao Chen, quietly asked him if he saw.Dingxiao Chen trance remember, Xie Shanshan drilling hole when indeed carrying a satchel, she also took out a folding it from the bag Flashlight.But one into the hole, he never noticed the bag.To answer the phone Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan.Dingxiao Chen took the phone, I heard the emergency fire fire Xie Shanshan said: I have a special bag that precious thing, do not lose the.You take me back to look, please?See Xie Shanshan’s words are put on a crying voice, Dingxiao Chen is not good to say, then simply agree.Two people made an appointment immediately see the Third Street corner.Dingxiao Chen Hang up the phone, is to ask Ling Yanyu go or not, but Ling Yanyu grabbed his arm: Xiao Chen, I think that Intuit scary place, we still do not go.That three hundred dollars, you get back to her friends.Dingxiao Chen shook his head: I have promised the people, how can I not die?She cried almost anxious, uncertain how important the bag of things do.He took a flashlight, hurried out the door.Soon, he and Xie Shanshan meet at Third Street.He found Xie Shanshan put on a very nice wool cap, brim low for children.He then look closely, discovered and exposed a white gauze under the brim children, feel shocked, hurriedly asked what injuries she suffered, and why suddenly disappeared.Xie Shanshan That told him after her into the hole, suddenly a heavy object hit his forehead, then fainted.When she wake up, found himself half-leaning against the wall half a small hole in the house, no one around.Terrible pain in her head, touched one hand and blood, she was very frightened, and quickly called out the taxi, rushed to the hospital to treat the.And other treatment to over pay, and found the bag was gone, only to call them.She looked resentment Dingxiao Chen said: I have hurt like that, and you leave me ran really too bad.He hurriedly Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan and then go back out through Lingyan Yu spoke again.Xie Shanshan hear dumbfounded, eyes widened in horror, screaming out the sound: ah there really such a terrible thing?Dingxiao Chen sincerely said to her: some mystery, we now no way to untie.Shanshan, you better not do this kind of adventure.Xie Shanshan looked at him, nodded seriously: When I had finished it, do not come to this place.Dingxiao Chen stay: work?You go to a place like this something done?Xie Shanshan This found myself slip of the tongue, busy perfunctory said: I mean, my bag it.Found my bag, I would never come to this terrible place.But they searched 36 homes, or did not see the shadow of the bag.Two have crept dark hole of the hole, Dingxiao Chen ventured gates opened, shining down lift flashlight, but the light beams do not shine into the dark was swallowed far, is illuminated no bag on the steps.Xie Shanshan peek steps had been looking, but also see the shadow of the bag, suddenly anxious to shed tears, through a wringing: My bag was gone, then how to do it?Dingxiao Chen asked her: Are you the bag, something in the end?Check, our unit’s blank check.Xie Shanshan with a tearful voice told him to give her this afternoon could have been a supplier to the checkout, but her Pro out suddenly whim, to go wandering around the Internet, they saw Dingxiao Chen made the post.She is an urban adventure lovers, but unfortunately could not find the right guide, and she a girl, after all, and some timid, she has failed to achieve the dream of adventure.Now she suddenly saw this post, when excited harder and harder, just like Ling Yanyu agreed time and place to meet.She ran out to the store to buy supplies adventure expedition appliances, has long checkout dismissing the Zhaowa Guo, until just now in the hospital to pay the cost of treatment, and saw that her bag was gone, suddenly remembered there is also a check.Dingxiao Chen certainly understand this blank check and if fell into the wrong hands, the company was planning to go up exhausted, Xie Shanshan will lose the job.He looked at the dark dark hole, a bite, ready to dig into a four-hole dark specter Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan look again into the dark hole, pulled his arm: I will go with you.Dingxiao Chen busy stopped her: your next hole, can not help what busy, not enough to give me more trouble it.You honestly stay here, and I’ll be back soon.Song Ji Xie Shanshan him a hand drilling holes to go.Dark to be silent, only his footsteps echoing in the dark cave.Down the steps, into the channel, the bag was not seen Xie Shanshan.Dingxiao Chen had ventured, step by step toward the dark depths of the hole and went.Suddenly, he heard a burst of dark cave came the sound of rustling, his heart feel a tight.He stopped, ear to listen, yes, there is indeed a voice.He clenched his flashlight, moving forward little by little.Slowly, he reached the end of the tunnel, the front is the big hole in the dark, and that rustling sound was more clear.He raised his flashlight to shine to dark hole, suddenly, he saw a shadow toward the roof actually journeyman, he could not help aghast.Until he breathed God, he looked intently, already missing piece of the shadows.He rubbed his eyes, for electricity, looked attentively to the place of shadows, but see there and also elsewhere holes term ‘like, there is no difference.That shadow actually got into the floating roof inside!Dingxiao Chen surprised this is no trivial matter, feel chilly behind the ghostly wind blowing, he made a cold shiver.He hurried to find, and she saw the ground with Xie Shanshan bag, carry him over the bag, turned and ran out of the dark hole.Dingxiao Chen breath ran out of the dark hole, he sat down on the ground, gasping for breath.He found the door to see Xie Shanshan own package, excited, Made in his face, at once surprised and looked at him with concern: how you look so bad?What encountered in the hole?Dingxiao Chen horror looked into the hole, iron hurriedly closed, ran 36 pulled Xieshan Shan Institute.Street came to BU, he was this slow breath, panic and said: I saw a shadow got into the cave items!Xie Shanshan heard, but also stunned face was downcast: a shadow got into the roof?How is this possible ah?Dingxiao Chen said, stressing each syllable: I saw, really, have got into the roof bar shadow.Xie Shanshan covered his mouth in horror, did not yell out.I will not come to this awful place, never came.Dingxiao Chen legs and knees, no longer walk.He sat down on the curb, gasping for air.Xie Shanshan set the fixed mind, turned the open her bag, suddenly exclaimed: my stuff, my stuff was gone!Dingxiao Chen was busy all his pockets were turned Dier overturned, so look Xie Shanshan, and then to her that said she did not take her checking.Xie coral also refused to believe, and found him playing pat for a while, is nothing, suddenly burst into a crouch to BU cry: I lost something, how can I explain it?Dingxiao Chen quickly advised her child as soon as possible to report the loss of the check, should have nothing to lose, you do not need so sad.Xie Shanshan shook his head, wiped, stood up and threw away.Dingxiao Chen looked at her, and my heart full of doubt.Seeing the sky lit up gradually, he also had some strength, is ready to get up to go home, the phone rang.As soon as he answered, I heard Ling Yanyu hysterical voice: Xiao Chen, Come and save me!Fast, help me!Dingxiao Chen was about to ask him what happened, but I heard the phone came a muffled sobs, Ling Yanyu is followed by cries of horror: you do not come, you do not come!Gee, what kind of woman to Ling Yanyu so scared driven to distraction?Dingxiao Chen back home immediately.Just a upstairs, he heard the room came Ling Yanyu terrified screams and sobs of a woman.The woman’s cry is not high, but it is extremely sad, crying man Ganchangcunduan mind all shredded.Dingxiao Chen, had been infected with the cry that, while sad, are not sorry for them.Suddenly, a ray of illumination came from the window, to direct his face, he jerked awake.He knew it erect surprised, then ear to listen, but to listen to the cries of the woman disappeared.He opened the door cautiously and poked head inside the eye, I saw the house a mess, but there is no Ling Yanyu.He gently called to: Yan Yu, Yanyu Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen!Ling Yanyu rushed out of the room, hugged him, cried.Dingxiao Chen released him, eyes sweep the room, but not the woman, he crept to the door to the bedroom, the bedroom looked peek, but the bedroom has not seen a woman feel great surprised, looking back to ask Ling Yanyu: that women do?woman?There is no woman!Dingxiao Chen stared in amazement: no woman?Who’s that crying?Ling Yanyu painfully grabbing her hair: a, is a ghost crying!I do not break open, she always haunt me cry.I can not stand, I really can not stand it!He waved his fist, a pass chaos hammer against the wall, and after Dundao slumped to the ground, stare at Dingxiao Chen, feebly said: It is not an illusion, not really.I heard cries, she is in this room.I want to go out, she did not stop me.She wraps me, I can not get away.Dingxiao Chen and thin to search the entire room, but not at all a woman’s shadow.He may have also clearly heard crying, ah, and that is the cry from the pass out of his room.His heart is frightened watery, busy on Lingyan Yu said: I just heard that cry, and indeed Xiemen Er.I think, we still go out to hide a hide it.We first moved there you go live, how?Ling Yanyu hurried nod.Dingxiao Chen pick up a few pieces of simple carry clothing, they hold on their own computer, pull on Ling Yanyu, he hurried out the door.Fifth, the mysterious visitor in Ling Yanyu rented house, Dingxiao Chen and Ling Yanyu two people toss a night, until confused and sleepy and tired, finally, the two men down on the bed and fell asleep.Dream, Dingxiao Chen suddenly heard a woman’s cries.He called the Cold War was scared, hurriedly opened his eyes, but do not know when it was already dark.He rubbed his eyes, being suspected he heard the cries of an illusion, but it is the cry that rang in his ear.Teng’s what he jumped up and looked around in horror and looked around but did not a woman, and that woman was crying in front of him behind haunted.He cried fearfully: Who?who are you?Yeah you have the ability to come out, come out ah!That cry has stopped.Dingxiao Chen wiped the perspiration from his brow, looked around in horror looking at, but missing Ling Yanyu.He searched the room, but also see the shadow Ling Yanyu, gave him a cell phone, and no answer.He was confused between, they heard a soft knock.He had opened the door, I saw the door stood a young man, a pair of round and bright shining eyes flutter, a look that is competent.Young man smiled at him, said: I came to see the goods.Dingxiao Chen stay: goods?What goods?Young man frowned: it is not yet made an appointment to see the goods?He raised his head and looked at the room number on the lintel, and looked at their own hands remember the address, puzzled muttering: This is it ah, ah yes.You are not here yet lived someone else?Dingxiao Chen busy nodded: Here is also home to a people do, but he is out, I do not know what is not his to sell.You advanced to wait for him.Young man followed him into the living room, got into the sofa, waiting for Ling Yanyu back.Dingxiao Chen Ling Yanyu also a medal of honor from the dark cave phrase heard strange words: Albuquerque to cable.Yes, the Albuquerque to cable.Since they heard the words from the phrase damn dark cave, they like being wrapped up in a nightmare, met so many subtle things.The phrase Damn it, this is the beginning of everything.It seems only discern its intention, perhaps in order to break this chain of.Dingxiao Chen on the net, and in the search bar, enter the search words to Albuquerque.But the results of the search, is still only a question of that interface, no answer, no one will question.He frowned, continued last night thinking.He tried several foreign language spelling, a search of a.When he entered arblaiso, there is a foreign language interface on the computer screen, shown above, has dozens of links to search.He opened a link with the translation software translation.Soon, the relevant information in front of him: the mysterious cable to Albuquerque.AD 1756, Marshal Sennuo rebellion, Austria Lu Wei III led a military resistance, but the two sides are evenly matched, the outcome of each, the war in stalemate.Austrian Lu Wei for help to neighboring countries, but no one is willing to support the.He had heard great a pleasure, from the national election of ten beauty pageant, send massive escorted to the Great Qing Dynasty capital, where the most beautiful girls, called Albuquerque to cable.A moment later, nine beautiful women are returned, but only to Albuquerque cord is away from it..Qianlong emperor also sent forty thousand troops, to assist the Austrian Lu Wei quell the rebellion.Albuquerque was to cable as a nation, who has been worshiped.Dingxiao Chen and read on the way, those entries are introduced or sing the national heroine and the people, there are a lot of works, describing the heroine’s beauty.He imagined a surprise.If the.There really such a thing, then see how the history books such records do?If not, why should people a while to compile so it?Oh, what is going to die.Dingxiao Chen heard talking behind someone, can not help but shocked, hurriedly looked back, surprised to find the young man do not know when standing behind him, also looking at it for the articles.He feel big is curious: You have heard of her?Young man shook his head: I never heard of her, but indeed the Qing Dynasty to historical records forward to it.Dingxiao Chen stunned large eyes open: is it really true?Young man nodded his head, said that he had this.According to historical records, Emperor Qianlong two decades, that is, AD 1756, the Austrian Lu Wei III picked ten beautiful blonde, sent to the city, dedicated to the Emperor Qianlong.Emperor Qianlong on this, see these ten exotic beauty, but like them very much, want to stay in the palace.But he was afraid of Liu Yong, wanted an idea, the first to send four beautiful women to enjoy Liu Yong.Liu Yong co-star with him a fake drink poison die for love of drama, the Qianlong felt their sincere, no longer forced Liu Yong soldering in this decree, he did not dare to accept the ten beautiful women, and put them intact to send back.The young man suddenly smiled and said: Qianlong lied to us, but also lied to those ministers.He ostensibly sent away those exotic beauty, but secretly left the most beautiful Albuquerque to cable.The Qianlong, really smart ah.Dingxiao Chen wry smile, his mind was still thinking about his problem: If the cable just to Albuquerque Qianlong a particular favorite of exotic beauty, then how will appear inside the mouth of a dark hole in it that ghosts?He Albuquerque to cable and what to do with it?At this time, Ling Yanyu carrying a shopping bag meals at the door, rushed Dingxiao Chen shouted: hungry, right?Hurry to eat it.He saw the strange young man, feel stunned surprised a moment.Dingxiao Chen busy, said: This friend said to look at the goods.You thought about selling it?Ling Yanyu while the red boys wink, while perfunctory said: I do not have something to sell it.Looking in the wrong place, right?Sort doors of the parlor and other places we have here is not the same.Six units elsewhere, with us is a unit.Go, I go with you to see.Then he took the boy out.A moment later, he ran back, laughs and says: this careless, are looking in the wrong place, yet still Shadeng.Dingxiao Chen shook his head and smiled: Yan Yu, you were too timid, not for telling lies.If not to say, you first had a guilty conscience, did not dare look me in the eye, who would believe you ah.Besides, you also too clever by half children.People did not say which floor to find what number of people do, you will find that people are given a free hand to six units, it is not correct that, you knew he was looking for six units yet?You should sell what we sold what, when I do not know it.Ling Yanyu he said in the face more red, my head even lower.He whispered: I want to tell you later.He Jiben into the bedroom.But then, they heard a woman coming from the bedroom crying Ganchangcunduan Six, a piece of jade two people hear the cries of women are unaware erect surprised, looked at each other a moment, his face has changed.Ling Yanyu is frightened face, stared, looked straight Leng Leng looked around, were wearing trembling voice: how come she told?How come she told?Then, suddenly came a burst of sound eager flapping door, mingled with cries Xie Shanshan: Open the door, open the door you give me!Dingxiao Chen busy to open the door.He did not disclose their doubts, Xie Shanshan plunged rushed in, he grabbed his neck collar, hard swinging him: You tell me, where things are?Dingxiao Chen Meng: the thing?what?Xie Shanshan stared in fury: Do not lie to me, I have heard her crying!I do jade?Fast back to me!Dingxiao Chen quickly went to the bedroom door, pulled Lingyan Yu: Do you take her jade yet?I took it back to her right.Ling Yanyu pointed to his pillow, trembling, said: Here it is in my pillow.Xie Shanshan rushed past, a pillow opened, revealing a piece of jade.Piece of jade dark green, plump and moist, faintly glowing green light.Xie Shanshan took a jade, attached to the chest, long spit breath: I finally found you.Dingxiao Chen curious to ask her: Are you saying that she would cry?Xie Shanshan wanted to hide, but she looked Dingxiao Chen’s eyes, nodded.Dingxiao Chen is curious: Can you give us about its story right?Xie Shanshan hesitated for a moment, they are not able to ask for her secret.Because this piece of jade is too expensive, it can be said to be priceless, if this thing got out, it is possible to bring endless suffering to their home.Dingxiao Chen and Ling Yanyu are seriously nodded yes.Xie Shanshan This sit down, put jade gave it to them, let them take a look.Dingxiao Chen took the piece of jade, carefully watching, the whole piece of jade carving became a beautiful heart-shaped pattern dragons, two dragon dancing, tap dependency, connected tail, coiled middle of a woman’s head, pole yes, but the facial features with a deep melancholy.Turned over, carving the small print on the back of two official script: Qianlong.Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan looked up and asked her: this is jade Qianlong time?Xie Shanshan but shook his head: I do not know its history.I only know that it is an ominous thing, in particular, it will send a woman cries, it can help people crying Ganchangcunduan.Dingxiao Chen and Ling Yanyu all feel surprised, almost blurted out: this piece of jade cry?Xie Shanshan nodded..She took the piece of jade, stroking slowly tell its story.When it comes to its origin, and also about her.Her father named Xie Jinghui, turned out to be a soldier infrastructure engineering.He served in that year, they accepted a company mission to build a secret underground fortifications at Third Street below.Just when he was digging underground fortifications, accidentally dug up a coffin, open coffin, and found a dry bone, and next to that of bones, on a shelf piece of jade.Xie Jinghui looked like on a piece of jade, see no one noticed, quietly hid the piece of jade, brought out the site.When he retired, he took this piece of jade back home.Xie Jinghui back to this piece of jade, like a nightmare back.Family grief often hear a woman crying, scared to leave his young children ran, he Dangdie mother, struggling to raise the Shanshan.Well-meaning friends advised him, simply to lose this piece of jade Come on, taking advantage of the young, but also to find one to sit safely too small the day it.But he was like magic, like in, tightly holding a piece of jade, but also always with me.This ghostly cries sounded from time to time, he was tortured almost collapsed, but he was still tightly clutching a piece of jade.Until he was paralyzed in bed can not move, he realized suddenly come to understand.He called the bed, put jade handed her remorse and said: This is the original jade also have feelings.It would have been secure in accompany woman, was abruptly took me to come back, I like to break up the way they are, you listen to her cry more sad ah.Unfortunately, I did not understand this early, hard carrying also have to look at who Yade Zhu who.Now I understand, but can not move, can only be entrusted to you, I hope you can finish this wish for me, the jade sent back to her master’s side.Ling Yanyu blinked at her: You told us to take you to the adventure, the real purpose is to back this piece of jade bar?Xie Shanshan nodded: Yes.Ling Yanyu looked down and whispered: blame me, too greedy.After you were injured, Xiao Chen ran out of the dugout behind your back, I suddenly found your bag light shining glittering, especially curious, out of view, found this piece of jade, know that it is very expensive, secretly hid , who knows there are so Xiemen Er, almost had me scared.You are making it take it away.Dingxiao Chen looked at her: Do you have to put it back?Xie Shanshan nodded..Dingxiao Chen then said: Then I’ll go there alone again.Let’s go during the day, I can speak up courage.If at night, I am a bit afraid of.Xie Shanshan laughed: Well.I was worried that you do not dare to go with me.Two people made an appointment time and place to meet, Xie Shanshan got up to leave the.Watched Xie Shanshan went downstairs, Ling Yanyu this long sigh of relief, a heart back into the stomach, easily Dingxiao Chen smiled and said: I made a fortune thought to it, who knows actually encounter to such a scary thing.It seems that way, who can not make a fortune.Dingxiao Chen reluctantly smiled: Do you want to open, but some people may not be able to want to open.Ling Yanyu stay: What you say is Dingxiao Chen shook his head, but refused to say.Ling Yanyu rolled his eyeball, suddenly again spirit, staring Dingxiao Chen, asked him: I know who you are talking about.Do you have any reason to say so?Dingxiao Chen puzzled shook his head: I did not want to know.But I am sure that she went to the dark hole, absolutely do not want to back into the jade so simple.I tell you, I’m down to the second hole when specifically looked at the ground, there is very clean, there is no injured her weapon.The wound on her forehead, would not somehow come?Now “we then recall the case when she injured.At that time, we first entered the cave, she took a bright flashlight out of my hand and ran inside to see the.If she really wanted to go into the jade, you can find a place at that time to put jade buried.There are land, dug a small pit buried jade is not difficult, we will not pay much attention, but she did not do so, but injured, flashlight too bad.Now, I doubt that she was injured himself with a flashlight, and we quickly scared she left on her own dark hole.Ling Yanyu staring at him: why did she do it?Dingxiao Chen frowned and gently shook his head: I thought she was down to the cave after dark, dark hole and did not see the danger, thinking about the future again secretly alone to do their thing.But I offered to accompany her to the dark hole, she did not object, I would doubt it.Ling Yanyu rolled his eyeball, suddenly asked him: she will not go on tonight?Dingxiao Chen shook his head: she did not dare.Tell you the truth, I saw the dark figure got into the roof, I was scared to death in a dark cave, she was a girl, which will not be afraid?I just wanted to, she readily agreed with me to go with her dark hole, it is not she wanted to do her a very secret thing had never been seen in?Ling Yanyu suddenly worried at him: you will not encounter danger it?Dingxiao Chen did not answer, but heard the door was violently pounding, and Xie Shanshan hysterical cries: Come over here, I was robbed of jade!Seven, secretive laughter Dingxiao Chen and Ling Yanyu hear Xie Shanshan cry for help, and quickly opened the door, Xie Shanshan took them ran out, ran breathlessly told them, just when she was just out of the doors of the parlor to go, suddenly from the shadows a guy out there, grab her bag and ran.She was pulled over onto its back and waited for her to climb up, not a shadow of the man early.She eagerly pulled Dingxiao Chen’s hand: you help me quickly go chase.My jade can not lose it!Dingxiao Chen ask what direction the young man to escape, all the way to chase down.But chasing out very far, did not see the young man’s figure, he had to return to, next to a clump of lobular privet, saw a mass of dark things, went over to look, it is the bag Xie Shanshan.He was busy pick up the pages, but missing piece of jade, think that young man threw away the bag after the jade away.He carried the bag back to Xie Shanshan, Xie Shanshan doubled the bag did not jade, cried with grief: jade lost, do not go back, and my dad had been a nightmare haunted, how this can do ah?Dingxiao Chen wanted to persuade her, but did not know how to persuade.Ling Yanyu thought, say for sure: he is.Xie Shanshan surprised a moment: Who?Ling Yanyu say a name: Mimi insects.Dingxiao Chen suddenly remembered, the only one to record his online search to Albuquerque cable when seized, Mimi worm is asked who knew about the situation Albuquerque to cable, but no one heard the name Xie Shanshan.They were asked in unison: Mimi insects?Lingyan Yu nodded his head, while call them back into the house, while to introduce them to say, Mimi worm is a users screen name, he accidentally met in the QQ,.The worm Mimi historical knowledge is very rich, not only familiar with the official history, but also know that many unofficial.He is now writing a book with a way to restore the historical truth is wild combination.Ling Yanyu get the piece of jade, do not know where to find a buyer, I thought of him, talk to him to get in touch and asked if he was determined to buy it.Mimi insects see him online after the transfer of photos made in the past, said he liked this piece of jade, wanted to buy it as soon as possible, two people agreed coming to see the goods, Ling Yanyu to his home address to him, then waiting for him at home.But Ling Yanyu such a long time did not wait until his stomach already growling, he drove out to buy food, who knows Mimi partial catch insects looking over this gap, and even went Dingxiao Chen to catch up, he was afraid Dingxiao Chen knew he stole a jade things, this quickly put Mimi insects away, let him wait a while outside, he came back to take the jade, who knows a thing this series was to delay lived.Now think of it, it must be Mimi insect hiding outside the room overheard their conversation, taking advantage of Xie Shanshan out of work, suddenly snatched her bag Dingxiao Chen frowned, thinking about another problem: the Mimi Why do you want to ask the worm who know the situation Albuquerque to search it online?Dingxiao Chen Ling Yanyu hear the word from there after, soon to go online to search, then, Mimi insects have questions, indicating Mimi insects even earlier than they know.From where he heard the name of it?Xie Shanshan quickly pulled the arm Lingyan Yu: Do you know where Mimi insects live it?Let Go back for him!Lingyan Yu shook his head, but he quickly said, he has a way to find his place.He returned to the room, open the computer to the Internet immediately, landing QQ, see Mimi insect head still lit, feel excited, then bring up the hacking programs, soon to invade the computer worm Mimi, He opened his folder to see his file.Those documents are insects Mimi wrote to each magazine story draft of history, the end of the manuscript have left his name and contact information.They only know the real name of the original Mimi insect called Lang Jianwei, lived not far from the street in the morning light.Three people write down the address of his home, immediately rush in the past.This morning the street is an old cottage, stayed here because some of the disabilities, there are many courtyards are protected, or open to the former residence of famous museums, there are a lot of visitors during the day, and at night, there is only a handful of pedestrians, but no sound, extremely quiet, even some surreptitious.Three people walked into this quiet little street, looked around to see a figure, can not hear a sound, walked, he feels stopped, looked at each other.Xie Shanshan some guilty conscience: how quiet it here so?No one there?Ling Yanyu already timid, she was such a question, could not help but shivered and hurriedly looked around watching, but also scared: I do not think it Duijin Er.Dingxiao Chen Zhuangzhuang Dan was about to give them, but I heard the yard next came a secretive laughter.Then, to see the courtyard was soon forced open tom, I saw Mimi watery horror insect ran out, saw three of them, they shouted: There are Ghosts, run ah!Xie Shanshan grabbed him: I do jade?Mimi worm, his face ashen, body like Shaikang, pointing to the yard, trembling while to say a word: it was laughing, laughing at it!Dingxiao Chen looked at him puzzled: Who’s laughing?Mimi worm changed the sound of children, said: jade, jade in your laughing!Eight, I heard horror spell three jade laughing all feel shocked.Dingxiao Chen Xie Shanshan turned to ask: Have you seen the jade laughing yet?Xie Shanshan shook his head: I never saw it laughed, and heard my dad say.Dingxiao Chen let Mimi worm with them into the yard, and sure enough, that laughter is more obvious, and more strange.That laughter seems to be a man, but also seems to be a woman, but also seems to be two people laugh, laugh so cheerful, pleasant, but at night and listen to it, but more seem very terror.Xie Shanshan Dingxiao Chen looked puzzled, asked: I just pinched her face look child, you would conclude that I am interested in the dead body of her?Dingxiao Chen shook his head: That’s not entirely, there is little, expose your attempt.You told us to the last piece of jade, jade piece of special note that your father took the bones from the side, but Mimi worm has clearly told us that it was a very special corpse.Corpse now is very special, your father saw her, she was too special, when he described to you, I will certainly tell you this special exaggerated.But you deliberately wrong, it must be that you want to hide the real purpose of the.He was debunked tell your Xie Shanshan was a little embarrassed, I feel blushing busy to change the subject, asked how he first came to the tomb of.Dingxiao Chen rebuke looked at her, smiled and said: you are not afraid of danger ah.Dingxiao Chen went on to explain that he did not expect to Mimi insect tomb is still unwilling to give up, but also due to his description.Mimi insects to them about the whole process of entering the tomb, these are true, but he deliberately concealed the fact that: The very next night after he and the Tomb of people into the tomb, he went alone into the tomb.He looked at the black hole stuck Tomb people, surprised to find that dark hole and tombs are interlinked.He wanted to know, originally Yetan in their tombs, while there are a few people in Yetan dark hole, just off the Tomb dislikes ramps tiles caving hit a person’s head, he had this look to that mysterious scene.He carefully observed, and found that people had in the construction of underground dark hole, because of the lack of building materials, did not put all the top reinforcement, instead of using a grid reinforcement approach, which makes the middle portions of the grid is vanity , it is likely to be stepped fall.Tomb depressed people that black hole, the middle part is a grid.In this way, people Tomb on the use of these grids, making those simple organs.The tomb falling piece of the brick, and is likely to expose the tomb, so they just hung down from the tomb, took away Muzhuan, sweeping the dark hole, because I heard someone enter the dark cave, people Tomb drilled hurried back to the tomb, which is Dingxiao Chen got into the dark hole that mysterious scene to encounter when Xie Shanshan find satchel.Xie Shanshan still confused face: if he wanted tomb for himself, why the tomb of news to let it?Dingxiao Chen said dismissively: he was forced to.He has got a piece of jade from the tomb, but he was too greedy, you want to occupy this piece.But he never thought that two jade met together, actually laughing and crying, he was terrified.We drive past, saw the two jade He already knows you piece of jade is derived from ancient tombs, he had only come out honestly, we will achieve, so we relax vigilance.When he saw you come up with jade, were unhurt after the event, he wanted to monopolize the tomb mind up again, but at that time we are three people together, he in any case no match for us, he thought of the first stabilize us, then all broken.Xie Shanshan think that the tomb thrilling scene, can not help but back cold, called the Cold War.She gratefully staring Dingxiao Chen: You already guessed it all, it will go to protect my?Dingxiao Chen lowered his head and whispered: I was supposed to protect you, but also tried to persuade you to stop playing the corpse of the idea, but did not expect to happen so much.Xie Shanshan laughed: martial arts you nice.Seeing Mimi insect knife would tie to you, you pulled me aside, while he also kicked.You are not learned with Shaolin kung fu ah?Dingxiao Chen shook his head: I will not martial arts.It was desperation, a last-ditch.Even life is not it, it is no wonder would use so much effort, but did not think would go dark to be kicked Mimi worm.Xie Shanshan vigorous nod.She now know, the world’s most valuable, it is to have a person willing to love her.And now, she really met such a person.She took a Dingxiao Chen’s arm, and went on.Bright sun, sprinkled on them, but so pleasant