Advance broke into Ivy’s baby

From the 2012 college entrance examination when there are more than three months, Changsha City has a girl, already be formally admitted to Yale University, one of America’s Ivy League schools, for a time, so that the students envy.This girl called Chen Yun Iraq, is Changsha Yali Middle School students in grade three.Grow up, I must go to the US Ivy League school.This is Chen Yun Iraqi children 3 years old in front of Declaration.Later on the school, by looking at the data, she learned that in order to enter the Ivy League schools, must pass through the two big: a closed academic performance, high school applicants for admission score of at least gpa3.5 (equivalent to about 85 minutes), and is well-known high school graduation, TOEFL 100 points or more to be in, to be saturated at 2200 points or more; the other is off the interview, but also the most difficult juncture, it is no rigid standards, the key is to use Highlights impress and interviewer.The world’s two or three ten thousand outstanding applicants each year, but in the end less than two thousand enrollments.Until then, Chen Yun Ming Yi real to can go Ivy League school just how difficult.For this reason embarrassed, so Chen Yun Iraq in learning much more diligent than others, but she was not the kind of first cantilever, cone Cigu type of bitter ditch, but too proud Horseshoe disease, Chang spent every day to see like a happy and efficient learning.There was time to participate in a knowledge contest, more than 1,000 pages of academic information, she read all four days, stunned and stunned companions, all called her academic Timor.Nevertheless, Chen Yun Iraq was not satisfied, she is very clear, but accumulated enough knowledge to enter basic requirement Ivy League school, but the overall quality is the most critical factor.In order to enhance their overall quality, in addition to her broad range of all kinds of knowledge, but also focus on training their social and communication skills.She attended high school in many communities, like ideas, engage in planning, it is notoriously wisdom bag.In particular, she like to watch American Original Movie, “Friends,” “Reds,” “12 Angry Men” and other films, read it again and again, be able to imitate dialogue in which characters vividly.In 2011, after entering the third year, Chen Yun Iraq to launch her ideal target Yale University Ivy League school is one of the strong impact, and with honors smoothly past the first hurdle: her TOEFL 117 points (out of 120 points), martyrdom exam 2350 points (out of 2400), SATII individual math exam 800 points (out of), American history 750 points (out of 800 points), AP US history exam 5 points (out), the US Government and politics 5 points (out of).Next, the test is the most difficult and off, you know, a lot of outstanding achievements who have been locked out of this off Ivy League schools.December 1, 2011, Chen Yun Xiang Yi was invited to be interviewed juveniles School of Medicine, Yale University alumni interviewer is working in this hospital.When emergency training with leisure previous attempts to self-training, the key moment of great help.From the moment American English and greet the interviewer, Chen Yun feel like being in Iraq on the US scene in the same movie soundtrack, familiar and friendly.She relaxed mood, behavior, natural, totally natural color performance.She even put the interviewer as a big brother, cynical open their hearts, and he have something to talk about a sea.Those past knowledge base, this time, as she placed the cup on hand as access to heart, with ease, and pronounce her from the movie soundtrack of American high school, but also pure enough to allow the interviewer surprised.Chat, casually asked one interviewer: If enrolled in Yale, you learn what is going to do?Chen Yun Yi blurted out: history, I want to explore the diversity of history.The answer is to make the interviewer somewhat surprised, he asked: As far as I know, you are a science student in high school, then, how to look at the history of it?Chen Yun Yi smiling, replied: I have seen online open class at Yale University, “the American Civil War and Reconstruction”, that the course description of historical facts, the complexity of human nature is also taken into account, the reduction of people in history.For example, there is a course details: When speaking of slaves, is start with archives of slaves diary talk, and then I looked very shocking.So, I think: History should not be dry, not absolute, but relative, the great history of the sky.After hearing this answer, the interviewer could not help but say: your history is unique.So the two of them chatting, with no given topic, interest from talking to team work, talk from favorite movies to fun extracurricular experience, from philosophy to history talk.When the interviewer said: here today to talk to it.Chen Yun Iraq just wake up: The test has ended.She did not expect so many outstanding students off to stop the interview turned out to be this: just a very relaxed chat only!To be honest, the ability to cross the border, she did not mind a little bottom.Waiting in apprehension for two months, February 2012, Chen Yun Yi finally received the acceptance letter from Yale University, that is, when the students are going all out to prepare for the college entrance examination in 2012, when she was several months in advance He became a freshman at Yale University,.Clearly, Chen Yun Iraq’s success, not only thanks to extensive knowledge base, but also thanks to her outstanding expression, it is her far apart from a sea talk, especially science students a unique insight into the history, fully reflects She is not dead reading, book nerd ditch dead, but has the overall quality of super smart students.And such a good piece of material, it is the need of Yale University.