Adults must-see five inspirational story

Adults must-see 5 1 inspirational story, different circumstances a pig, a sheep and a cow, being held in the same corral.On one occasion, Shepherd caught pig, his loud howl, violently resisted.Sheep and cows hate it howl, he said: He often catch us, we do not fuss.Pig heard replied: I catch you and capture is completely different, he catch you, just want you hair and milk, but catch me, but my life is to do!Different positions, in which the different environments, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings; therefore frustrated on others, frustration, grief, should not gloat, but should be caring, understanding mood.Have a forgiving heart!2, on their own small snail asked her mother: Why we are born, we should bear this hard and heavy shell do?Mom: Because our bodies do not support the bones, only to climb, and climbing fast.So protection to the shell!Small snail: sister caterpillar no bones, but also climbing fast, why she did not back this hard and heavy shell do?Mom: Because her sister can become a butterfly caterpillars, the sky will protect her ah.Small Snail: But the bones did not climb earthworm unhappy brother, it will not turn into a butterfly what he does not back this hard and heavy shell do?Mom: Because earthworms brother will drill soil, the earth will protect him ah.Small snail and cried: We are so poor, does not protect the sky, the earth does not protect.Snail mother consoled him: So we have a shell ah!We are not dependent on, nor rely on, we rely on their own.3, sharks and fish has been done experiments, one of the most ferocious sharks and tropical fish in the same pond, and then separated by glass, initially, sharks continue to crash every day do not see the piece of glass, resistance to what it’s just futile, it does not always go over to the opposite, and laboratory personnel every day to put some carp in the pool, so the shark did not lack of prey, but it is still thought the opposite to want to try the taste of that beautiful day, it is still constantly the crash that glass, it tried every corner, every effort is exhausted, but each time always get the scars, both whole body several times bleeding continued for some days good, whenever a glass cracks, laboratory personnel immediately add a thicker glass.Later, Sharks no longer crash That glass, and for those who Colorful tropical fish are no longer concerned, as if they just move the wall murals, which began waiting for the carp will be fixed every day, and then used his quick hunting instinct , like back in the mighty sea vicious domineering, but this is all just fake like just to the final phase of the experiment, the experimenter removed the glass, but the shark did not respond in a day is fixed in its swimming area not only turned a blind eye to those tropical fish, even when those carp escaped to the side, he immediately abandon the chase, saying that past does not wish, the end of the experiment, laboratory personnel sneer at sea it is the most cowardly of fish.But over the lovelorn people know why, it is afraid of the pain.4, miracles a remote French town, reportedly had a special efficacious springs, and often there will be miracles, can cure various diseases.One day, a cane, a leg of veterans limping in the street through the town, the townspeople back with a sympathy kiss next to say: poor guy, does he want to pray to God then you have a leg?This sentence was heard ex-soldiers, and he turned and said to them: I pray to God not want to have a new leg, but to pray for him to help me, I did not call after a leg, but also know how to live.Think about it: Learning Thanksgiving is lost, but also to accept the loss of the fact that regardless of gain and loss of life, always make their own life is full of bright and glorious, no tears for the past, efforts lived up to life.5, there was an old fishing rod fishing in the river, a child came to see him fishing, the elderly skillfully, it did not take long to catch a basket full of fish, the elderly see the kids are cute, they should give him a whole basket of fish, child shook his head, the old man surprised and asked: why do not you?Children answer: I’d like a fishing rod in your hands.The old man asked: What do you want fishing rod?The child said: This basket of fish not long finished, if I have a fishing rod, I can catch myself, eat a lifetime.I think you will say: good smart kid.Wrong, if he just fishing rod, a fish that he can not eat.Because he did not understand fishing techniques, the light rod is useless, because the fishing rod is not important, but in fishing technology there are too many people think they have a fishing rod life trail, no longer on the road without fear of wind and rain so, it will inevitably fall on the muddy ground.As a child watching old people think that as long as there are fishing rod fish eat, like the staff to see the boss, thinking that as long as sitting in the office, have rolled into the financing.