Australia 40 years ago, sexual assault girl 7 late Chinese doctor was sentenced to 9 years

  China Overseas Network March 22, according to Australia's new fast network reported, a septuagenarian former Melbourne Chinese GP rape girls because years ago, was jailed for 21 local time。
Victims Debbie (Derby), said she is still traumatized because of this matter and, even leading to three children died。   According to News Corporation reported that this year 73-year-old Stuart Hongpan (transliteration) earlier admitted raping the late 1970s, Debbie, and before raping another female patient charges。
21 of its jailed for nine years, and served at least five years to apply for parole。
Debbie willing to disclose their names during 1978-1979, located in Stuart Hongpan was raped when treatment tonsillitis Melbourne Wan Latina (Wantirna) clinic, when she was only 14 years old。
  Judge Meredith (GavanMeredith) the day when the verdict pointed out that Stuart was requirements Hongpan Debbie and have sex with him, and praise Debbie pretty, also said to Debbie because she had already had sex, so she needs to be checked to make sure everything is okay。   The 54-year-old Debbie day out of court, said Stuart Hongpan after being violated, she did not dare go to the doctor for a long period of time。
Because she resisted the attitude of health care, leading to her first three children died because of premature birth。