Adulterer adulteress killing case

When, Dean house Xiaogan County, Lin Xiong in the county when the troops, Zhao looks very, water, and the county South Street Lifeng Chun fornication.At that time, in early October, the porter on duty Lin Xiong, Lin Xiong Zhao thought the evening on certain gates on duty on evening about Lifeng Chun.In the evening, Zhao Lin Xiong to prepare a meal to eat defenders.When, Lifeng Chun came to the appointment, Zhao prepare food and drink, waiting a long time, came to see Spring, joy, said: wine has been hot for a long time, how come it?Spring said with a smile: just in time.Two hand in hand into the room, sat on the bed, love, cuddle petting, nothing is to.Each pour a glass of wine, they drink a half, when love moving clouds and rain will arrive in high spirits, Xing Jin Shi flirt, only two more to finish, Zhao pulled banquet, the two go to bed.Lin Xiong sleep at night in the tower, wanted intercourse, but also added chilly, wanted his wife at home alone and very cold places, on the right companion said: cold weather tonight, I think it will not come out inspections, you have a good guard, I go to bed.Tomorrow night you go home defenders me.Companion said: You want to go back to go back, as long as tomorrow morning to.Lin Xiong promised to go home.Zhao Lifeng Chun because of drunkenness was fast asleep, Lin Xiong buckle nobody answered the door, afraid to scare his wife, he had whispered softly cry.Lifeng Chun mind alert first woke up, it pushes up Zhao.Lin only one door, two heart panic, not out of the house, while Zhao had promised, while taking bedding spread under the bed, so sleep under the bed Spring, come out the door.Lin Xiong Entering the house, said slowly: how sleep so O death, I Mengen called good freshman, you do not know?Zhao said angrily: Since you come back, why did not you come back?Called me up late at night, cold wind, to open the door to you.Lin Xiong said: I was afraid of the cold, you worry too cold, so come back to your companion.Zhao was not happy ground bed, face to the wall to sleep.Lin Xiong wanted to touch her intercourse, Zhao hand a hard push, he said: you are so cool body, the nerve to stick other people’s flesh!Lin Xiong said: My body really cold, that you should not stick.And they went to sleep separately, Lin Xiong body a little hot, I pray near Zhao clouds and rain, repeatedly begged the rise.Bickering Zhao said: I was going to sleep, you ramble endlessly, in the end people do not let people sleep sleep?Lin Xiong had not talking back to sleep.Zhao see at dawn, kept Jiaozhao Xiong said: dawn, Get up, get up fast.Lin Xiong up and look at the sky, said: it was still broad daylight.I want to play and walk Zhao, Zhao in the end do not agree.Lin Xiong saw not, get dressed, and fear his wife cold feet, from the kitchen to get a fire cage, next to his wife was, and told his wife, he said: cold weather, do not get up early by the cold.To leave home behind closed doors.Zhao see gone, repeatedly called Spring bed to sleep, and say: damn, damn!He came back, so you cold night in bed, I was really upset.Spring cold body, with the body close to Zhao, offer all kinds of gentle blandishments, to be re-cloud.Lifeng Chun excited, and thought to myself: this is not a woman, I might as well be on the beauty and talent, Lin Xiong, I’m not as gentle on Lin Xiong, her husband until he care how he treats her husband but there is no affection, I am much better than this, she but such flattery.Angrily wanted to get up, Zhao hugs him get up again after requesting clouds and rain, had to hastily finish up Spring.Zhao said: I did not have fun, why get up so early, does it neglect you blame me?Spring did not answer, just up and dressed, moving bed hung a broadsword rang when dressed, Spring said: What ring?Zhao said: broadsword.Spring knife in hand, snapped: You heartless bitch, I’ll kill you.Zhao Spring joked that, do not want to Spring knife cut, hiding behind the head with the knife fall.Spring kill Zhao, busy to go home, to quell the anger, regret the less, I thought this matter must be exposed, they fled the field.Xu Lin Xiong family hired east of Luang fetching water, that morning, carrying water to Joseph Xu Lin, Lin opened the door called, none did answer, though see the door closed but not off, thinking I’m some lady sleep is strong, pushed open He went into the kitchen to pour water in the cylinder, and closed out.At that time, Peng with Quebec just took office, rigorous work, Shengtang in Yamen, each interlocking gates, half-morning retreat, we dare to dissolve.Lin Xiong also returned home, his wife has not begun to see, do not call her promise, into the house, he saw his wife’s head rolled on the ground, Manchuang blood, scared out of their wits, holding his wife burst into tears, neighbors point of view, are very surprised, I see the kitchen of the new water play, Lin Xiong said: this is certainly not from Joseph Xu that kill human life.Gee crowd of people also said that, all amazed.Lin Xiong will be reported to the county government, the accusation said: Lin Xiong, rape thing to complain.I acted in this county elite, hired Joseph Xu fetching water, do not want this guy ferocious cruel, I did not return last night defenders, fetching water and he came to our house this morning, to see my wife Zhao did not play, not from rape, Choudao hacked, decapitated, miserable scene, new kitchen can prove water.Department officials hope to break the law to make it for life, living and the dead are not grateful Jing Peng magistrate receiving the complaint, send officers Zheng Gang, Wang Xu Fu will get Luang.Joseph Xu appeal, said: Xu Luang complaint, appeal to something.Because of his family can not, but to carry water for a living.Lin Xiong morning to carry water home, Mengen No one promised, pouring water cylinder in the kitchen, they went out to carry water home, do not know who killed his wife, framed out of thin air, right and wrong, the county magistrate Wang, the villain from the scourge of injustice.Xu Peng magistrate granted the petition of Luang.Lin Xiong consulting his say: I hope that people in small county magistrate to autopsy.Zuojiao magistrate to the Lin family, and she saw the head and the body is divided into two.Wuzuo would call the light and the body carried to the front of the hall test, Wuzuo reporter saying: more than fine within pussy.After testing to understand a little trial the plaintiff the defendant guilty of the two back Yamen.Penggong thought: If not for rape and thus kill, can do more than fine?Zhao If obedience rape, it must not be killed.They probably are not due to rape and jealousy, is due to a dispute the two killings.Lin Xiong to ask: do you have a wife?Lin Xiong said: her usual feast faithful, there is no affair.And he asked: Are you someone in the house and from it?Lin Xiong said: no idlers dealings, only Joseph Xu fetching water every morning dealings.Joseph said Xu: This morning, the villain Mengen no answer, thought must be fast asleep concentrated Moreover, the door did not see insert it into the kitchen carrying water, pour it out in a tank.Villain into the room did not dare, how dare kill it?Magistrate Joseph Xu apply a penalty, Joseph Xu did not confess, on the first bet in prison.Peng magistrate Zuojiao wish to Temple worship, said: court ordered me to govern a county, God made me a fortune county supervisor.There are Lin Xiong Zhao’s wife was killed, the gods must know his name, would like to inform that I will not be in vain trap innocent people.I reverently prepared incense offerings, sincere prayer kowtow.Prayer, go back to county government.Peng magistrate that night had a dream, a dream trance he was told: Kill Lin Xiong’s wife, who is a moment TOURISM.After the wake, thought; the murderer Could surnamed Li, when open apricot, plum flowers open, peach, apricot in the open, peach and apricot moment person, or the name of the spring, will no doubt be Li.The next morning magistrate Shengtang, Qian bet with printed the future, I call Lin Xiong asked: Do you have a neighbor called Li do?Lin Xiong said: no neighbors.The magistrate said: other street have it?Linxiong Si test for a long time, then said: there is only one Lifeng Chun Street, a good relationship with me.The magistrate said: kill your wife is this person.It sent Wang Ying, Hu Sheng catch to it.Two tolerance to his home, the family said: yesterday morning and went out, seen him come back.Two Huiya report it, the magistrate said: his family has loved it?Lin Xiong said: a man named Christine Lee, a man named Li Cheng real.The magistrate said: immediately brought his father’s brother.Tolerance instantly get.Christine Lee said: villain trio, Maili Qi eat, not all kinds of evil, the county magistrate captured, do not know why?The magistrate said: you kill Zhao Lifeng Chun’s eldest son, fled to where, from the real provoke?Christine Lee said: eldest son to go out yesterday, did not say where to go.Moreover kill Zhao, no stolen cards, Lin Xiong appealed, nor his son’s name, do not know how home?Since there is no felony, why should a Zhuolai?Angry magistrate said: kill your son to escape, but also their own stubborn mouth.Lee Sung ordered the actual weight to fight for Top plate, Gong Li will be imprisoned as a hostage, you limit three days, you Zhuolai.Li Cheng consulting his real say: if not killed, sooner or later will come back.If it is a homicide, will never come back.Approval of a county magistrate rewarded hope, tolerance two, with the villain reluctant to arrest.To be able to grace a few months, perhaps we can bring, if only for three days, absolutely can not get.In accordance with the magistrate Hui Bing, Wang sent crack troops, Hu Sheng receive approval Helenians, limit one month return.Lin Xiong funeral home wife.Li Cheng real tolerance and later received approval, Qi Fang two weeks, three counties away, but no trace of Lifeng Chun, went to Suizhou hotel resting, drinking three upstairs.That evening, Lifeng Chun also to spend the night in the store, the owner said: a person you can go upstairs to Li Cheng Zhu Lifeng Chun real and so is the voice heard, to come upstairs, put the lights first possession, until Lifeng Chun for lights upstairs, far far as see brothers and Detective, and turned to go downstairs, I saw Zhao secretly tightly grasp their own, Spring flustered moment, even he said: to the enemy, it could not walk.Get into a real light came to it, Detective iron chain fastened Spring, Li Cheng real situation of the previous period all say it again, Spring said: I do things their own when, how and father can hurt you, I go home tomorrow, investment prison for life.This is also the enemy, just to see is two tolerance, want to escape down the stairs, there is clearly laid hold Zhao, otherwise I would go.Call the owner to sell meat and wine in honor of tolerance, the next day to go back together, a few days back to the county, tolerance and a hall into a real Spring morning to surrender, suspension of approval.The magistrate said: Lifeng Chun, because of what you kill Zhao, attracted from the real, free movement instruments of torture.Lifeng Chun said: Because Zhao and former villain affair, Lin Xiong defenders that night, about the villain Zhao evening, the evening I went to an appointment, Zhao potential with the drink, extremely respectful enthusiasm, two more sleeping, three-shift hours Mengen people dream to hear Lin Xiong, quickly awakened Zhao, two people panic, can not think of plan, let the villain Zhao shop bedding to sleep under the bed to open the door and come out.Zhao see her husband come back, no ruthless thread, Lin Xiong three romance, Zhao three times refused, angry villain heart has meaning, until dawn, Zhao hurry to get up reminders Lin Xiong, Lin Xiong Huan also requested , Zhao refuses to agree.After Lin Xiong get up, I am afraid that his wife cold feet, he took to fire cage, into the next, and asked his wife not to get up early, take a cold, how gentle which!So after Lin Xiong go, Zhao called me to go to bed with sleep, see me cold, give me a cuddle hot, blandishments, germination villain conscience, justice from angry, to get up to go back, Zhao repeatedly retain, to wait for the end of intercourse.When getting up afterwards draped clothes, occasional move waist hanging bedside of his house, and sometimes anger from Choudao kill her.Villain self-inflicted, regret the less, it should be for life, how can hurt the father, it.We hope the county magistrate to release innocent people, without any hesitation million dead villain.Penggong written judgment, said: Zhao aqueous trial was lustful, loving owe rules between I do not know, just know that joyous love affair, she refuses to deserve mercy.Lifeng Chun rigid cruel, unjust only know Zhao contrary to the truth, do not know the official method such as a furnace.Zhao damn good at should not kill, do not even say Zhao Yi things, Lifeng Chun as an adulterer nor should they be killed.Therefore, according to the discretion of the case, beheading slightly heavier punishment; deducing the motive for the crime to compare statutes, sentenced to death by hanging appropriate.Lin Xiong falsely accused innocent people, without dedication and Defense gates, which was good at leaving labor should stick crime punishable, according to the law of whichever confession.Gong Li to bundle son lax, because sixty years has been tentatively impunity.Xu Luang, into a real innocent, should be paid to go home.