Adopted son love

In the past, a man named Alan Li lijiacun people, with the elderly left behind possessions and their own hard work, life is very rich, but I could not have children, married for three years.As the saying goes there are three unfilial, be without.The couple was in a hurry.They pray everywhere seek medical attention, and no effect.Buddha day they came back and saw a less than one year old child lying on the roadside grass on a mountain cry.They hurried to coax the baby up.Strange to say, the children soon stopped crying and smiled.They sat on the curb, funny kids playing.Can be had for a long time no one came to the child.Seeing the sky is dark, they had to take the baby home.After arriving home, to see the child is a boy when changing diapers Alan Li Wang wife.Thrilled.She said: This must be touched by the gods we worship, we gave the son of god.It puts him accept it.Alan Li said: No, someone’s lost child can not worry, we have to find his parents, the children returned to the people.Wang said: I want to find his parents do?Alan Li said: If you do not, let’s leave.Alan Li ask around someone lost a child, it can be six months have passed and no news.They put the children left behind, and called heaven-sent.At first, Wang, take a godsend when the baby, very loving, hot and cold fear, to take care of very thoughtful.Later, Wang Liansheng two sons, named Tai Po, two treasure.Slowly there eccentric Wang, failing to appreciate more and more the heaven-sent.Good food, good wear are tight with Tai Po and two treasure.Slightly larger, Tai Po and two treasure went into the book privately reading, let them work in the fields with a heaven-sent.So that we can live, not playing is the curse.Fortunately, there are often patrol godsend Alan Li.Alan Li couple fights so often.In a flash, heaven-sent has been 14 years old.One day, heaven-sent Alan Li said: Dad, you and Mom because I always fight.This will not do it!Why not let me go to separate.Alan Li said: You are young, not married yet, how can you tell go?Heaven said: Dad, you just help me cover a shack, I will be able to sustain life.They had better do.Evening, heaven-sent idea and put Wang said.Wang thought: Ye Hao points out, had to save his bride, said: heaven-sent, you have to separation Hao.But you know, you are not our own, we worked so hard to put your bringing up is not easy.Although you did a lot in recent years to help the family live, that’s not enough you all these years the cost of ah!You can not divide up our possessions.Alan Li said: I can not let it go out empty-handed children.Heaven said: Dad, Mom, I did not.You help me build a shack on the line.Wang said: This is what you said, we help you build a shack, you went out.But since you do not call our father, mother, and called uncle, aunt, right.Heaven said: No!You will always be my biological mother Qindie.The eyes stare Wang said: I told you call uncle, aunt.You called uncle, aunt.Which so much nonsense.Heaven can not say that again.Godsend in the foothills chose a piece of land, built a shack with the help of Alan Li.He gave Alan Li couple knock a few heads, moved out.Godsend in the mountains digging wild, wild fruit picking, picking wild mushrooms, chopped wood, playing the beast, leaving enough for their own use, he will get the rest of the market and sell it.Year godsend in the mountains saw a man hanged in.He saved the man down, and asked: Why do you want to hang.The man said: I received sundries, and the cost of lost, even travel money gone.Heaven said: lost money does not matter.I’ve got some of the skins, dried fruits and dried wild mushrooms.You’ll stay with me a few days.I went to the mountain mining of some of the herbs you get enough.I give you credit.I have a little savings, do you take toll.And so the next time you come back to me with.The man looked heaven-sent, said: You’re a good man!We two sworn brothers now?Heaven said: Well that feeling.I was a poor boy, with it?The man said: how unworthy?The deputy alone, you kind-hearted, I climb up.So two people worship the sworn brothers.The man called Liu Shan is greater than heaven-sent, is the big brother, little brother is heaven-sent.Liu Shan told a godsend, where the mountain is very valuable cargo to the field.They are taken to the mountain products sold to small traders at a disadvantage here.Small traders earn much more than they.Two brothers ten days taken up the mountain herbs.Heaven-sent out usually save money, taking care of a small car, freight out to sell these mountains.From then on Heaven and Liu Shan with traders from sundries to.Lee godsend born with a warm heart, whether someone something, as long as he could help, will try to help.Gradually he has a certain weight in the hearts of the villagers.Someone to help him find something to love.Some people tried to mediate a fight often find him.Some people even have to ask him to attend separation.Later, Lee and Li Po godsend, Li Erbao are married.Lee and Li Yang Yuee godsend wife as a heaven-sent good-natured, sensible.Li Bao’s wife Liu Ying and Zhang Li Erbao wife Daisy was very unruly, unreasonable.Two people often quarrel because a little small.When the family had no corpuscles.Alan Li couple really can not stand, it was decided around the house divided.He put the family property is divided into thirds, each own two sons and was divided.But two daughter are clamoring for them to live together and, quarreling.Alan Li Li could not find a heaven-sent, let him think of ways to help themselves.Lee said godsend: they are in order to get your share of the property na.Alan Li said: it would give them all the possessions.Heaven Lee said: Uncle, can not do that.As you nobody old when he.Why do not you let them have points out, all through each day.Alan Li said, according to Lee providential around the house divided.