Amazing call of – how leadership styles affect team performance?

Amazing call of – how leadership styles affect team performance?[Talk] amazing amazing conversation by Zhongguancun, a leading space and the American Management Association (China) cooperation, focus on Chinese entrepreneurship column.Expert This year, we interviewed senior practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship, leadership and management fields.We hear a lot of confusion and pain points faced entrepreneur is associated with management, leadership.We will take the form of case studies, which often hear the more typical confusion select it, analyze the causes and provide perspective, tools and methods to share to you.We hope that through this way, you can bring some inspiration and encouragement to continue to provide assistance to entrepreneurs.How leadership styles affect team performance?Amazing conversation section in contact with a lot of entrepreneurs, their character, leadership styles vary.Meanwhile, investors and communication, we will also hear their concerns about entrepreneur leadership style (or charisma) of.What leadership style can lead the team, limited resources, to play a greater performance?Leadership style so invisible soft power, how it affects team performance?This program we’re going to explore this issue.Organizational Behavior pioneer Dr. Blake and Dr. Morton believes that the conversion from resources resources (team members have the resources, including knowledge, skills, etc.) to which performance results, the relationship between the relationship between the team lead whether the team can produce comprehensive effect (synergism, i.e., 1 + 1> 2).What kind of relationship there will be synergy team?They did a lot of research, investigation of trekking color color executive team and CEO, found that those who can produce synergy team leadership style is the same, they bring frank, the team responsible for the relationship; and no synergy of team, his leadership style can be summarized into several typical cases, weaken the relationship between the team and to varying degrees,.On the basis of this study, two doctors proposed leadership theory grid square.At the level of the degree of focus on people and results for the coordinates, summed up the impact of the team’s seven kinds of leadership styles relations.The theory is that 9,9-type of style is the best style of leadership.And several other leadership teams are unable to reach the synergy.Below, we presented several in the entrepreneurial team leadership style through common scenarios and see their impact on the relationship between the team and can not get synergy?ODD technology company founded almost three years, the company has a good development, business growth.Went to the end of the year, A, B, C three team manager to a subordinate tasks arranged a meeting for next year.A manager of a team: the performance of next year we will have to grow 20 percent.Team goal is 12 million, a little money, your index is 4.8 million.Little money: the manager, my goal too high, right?Customers are beginning to lower prices this year, and I can not finish the.A manager: No, you will be able to complete.You so long in this industry, a wide network of contacts, but also to draw you in charge of the largest market potential.Do not dwell on other customers to your door, that I was not as good as your market, then I rely on more than the development of new customers, higher pressure I have come anti-.But before you can be sure to keep you and I say thanks to new customer frequency, there is no problem.Little money: managers, this market I first started, or else I’ll phone a few customers feel the situation next year, and then you touch down?A manager: this is too slow.I sent you to open your mail in the morning, in strict accordance with the implementation of the plan on the line.You know look at this plan, I do not understand ask again.Little money: Well, I look.What is the focus of a manager?What impact will this leadership style team relationships?Team to achieve synergy it?A manager’s leadership style is 9,1-controlled.His focus is on the control results.Innermost thoughts is: I want to control the results, the most suitable my way.So the team needs to control the process through a clear program of action, does not allow any deviation.His words and deeds is to guide, govern, can not be questioned.Subordinate personal thoughts are not encouraged to feel, over time, gradually unwilling to challenge or question, or even what it is, what you say passivity.Team relationships will become only the result of weight control (but only to lead to the result), not novelty may not have synergy.The good news is, 9,1-type leaders are often strong, so they dare to determine their own control is necessarily the result of.9,1 type of team leaders generally strong executive power, the results will not be bad.When the time of emergency, the leader is very clear how to do that, the 9,1 leadership style to quickly reach results.But if this style has been to lead the team, over time, the upper limit of team performance is also limited their ability leader, very difficult to have to increase or innovation.B B team manager: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the additional investment of shareholders.Company to our team at next year’s goal is 12 million.Today we have a meeting, we think together how to do?Li: Manager, goal too high, raise than last year by 20% na.Xiao Zhou: Yes, ah, you and the company can not discuss, cut some of the.B Manager: index is high, we make things difficult for me to understand, but the company is also big pressure, or else we think of a way?Xiao Wu:.I can not think ah.Or Mike join the long, Mike acquire a big head?Let us care of the rest?Li (angry): My client says they want to shrink the end of next year’s budget, I can not have confidence.B Manager: Knock Knock it off, let’s teamwork is more important, we work together to help each other will be able to complete the task.It is not, I find the company to discuss.After all, we tried Well.Everyone: Okay.What is the focus of B manager?What impact will this leadership style team relationships?Team to achieve synergy it?B manager’s leadership style is to accommodate type 1,9, and 9,1 leadership exactly the opposite, the focus 1,9 leadership is feeling employee.Innermost thoughts is: as long as the atmosphere of harmony among team members, performance naturally good.His words and deeds of obedience, concessions, often do things that make them happy to please staff, but the real problem was glossed over differences or.1,9-type leader led the team looks harmonious atmosphere though, but because the team does not pay attention to achieve their goals, but subordinates will lose a sense of accomplishment, maintaining the team in a superficial harmony.So we can not achieve synergy.?team?Manager: next year’s index is 12 million, you guys shared equally.Xiao Zheng: index added so much!Wang: that is, ah.Manager, which allows us how to complete ah??Manager: The task is a bit heavy, but still have to try hard to fulfill.I know it is not easy for all of us, I’ll teach you how to do, I am convinced that this goal was achieved, regardless of the process or the result, it will be of great use to you in.(So saying, he gave everyone made a material) Our strategy is to put forward a hunger marketing, I wrote to you a few guidelines, which are hard to summarize my voice of experience.After you want to specify the implementation plan, be sure to tell me that we can examine the feasibility together.Xiao Zheng: manager, I also tried hungry market last year, like the general effect.?Manager: Xiao Zheng You see, I told you, do not they want to try to try to ask me first.Had you asked me to come, I’ll help you look, the result will be different.Therefore, we must do this without action, before you plan to put things I’ve seen.This is for your own good, okay?Wang: manager, really this is the only way to it?Do you want me to go ask the other team is there any way?See what inspired??Manager: on my way, you have any questions?These are my hard years of experience, I have the experience to share out, is it you want to do harm?(See Wang nodded, after silence) Amy, I understand a lot of this pressure indicators, but rest assured, I will fully support you.?What is the focus manager?What impact will this leadership style team relationships?Team to achieve synergy it??Manager’s leadership style is paternalistic, is a combination of 1,9 and 9,1 type type.When questioned under his authority, he would take 9,1 type style, like a strict father; when subordinates obey, he would take the 1,9-type style, like a loving mother.His inner thoughts are: I want to loyalty.I’ll get leadership by defining how others act.I commend, thank for supporting me, but to prevent others challenged my thoughts.As the parents of a leadership then their behavior and way of thinking imposed on the staff, he gives the impression that it is overbearing, self-centered.Parents leadership team to bring out the common two results: one is a member of the leadership team over-reliance.Due to the convention to act according to instructions, loss of independence and creativity.Another member of the resentment.They feel slighted, boredom do must be to find fault.When the team’s attention from what is transferred to the issue of who is right, they behave as if the leadership is more important than loyalty to the completion of performance, and therefore can not achieve synergy.Several other leadership styles have any effect on the team to do with it?5,5 maintain the status quo type (balance and compromise) with compromise and balance to reconcile the focus on people and results.So leaders not to maximize performance as the goal, but in line with most expectations as the goal.5,5 type of leadership concerned about whether they have been accepted by most people, is not to evaluate the merits of the action program, so the program is taken is not recognized by most people.And therefore can not bring innovation.1,1 indifferent type (evasion and avoidance) seeks passive participation, and the results of the two little efforts in order to achieve better.They want to stay out, do not assume responsibility for the initiative to avoid trouble, if forced, unwilling to meet the minimum requirements to play more.Opportunistic type (use and handling) from selfish motives, ready to transform their own style type.Opportunist leadership think so: for profit, I can take any means.This style of leadership led by the leader of the team members also often opportunistic type, between the team can not have a frank and trust.Seen more of these leadership styles have a negative impact on relations team.Team members can not do to a heart like, an effort to make one, it is difficult to imagine that they can produce high-performance, achieve synergy 1 + 1> 2 to.9,9-improvement type (contribution and responsibility) grid matrix theory that the most beneficial synergies output leadership style is the perfect type 9,9.This leadership style, employee performance and have given attention, and that both of these concerns are not contradictory to each other.Leaders create information disclosure, mutual and frank atmosphere within the team.Do not avoid the issue, set the power of the people to face the problem of seeking solutions of the Road.The optimal solution to seek consensus decision-making team members, once the formation of consensus, help members carry out their duties effectively implemented.9,9 Leadership inner thoughts are: I encourage others to participate in a way to initiate action team.I explored all the facts and possible solutions in order to reach consensus on the best solution in the team.9,9 leadership style, team members are encouraged to take initiative, take responsibility for the complete performance make its own contribution.By constantly challenging the limits of success, the team built up confidence and ability to form a self-learning, self-improvement of high-performance team.Entrepreneurs may be in trouble: the intense competitive environment, how the team does not have the resources to do?At least from the organizational behavior Herald found that Dr. Blake and Dr. Morton, we can conclude that entrepreneurs can constantly improve their own leadership style, which enables teams to establish relationships or atmosphere 1 + 1> 2, and promote the use of team resources maximize.This will be to achieve high performance a big boost, but also an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial team.Next amazing conversation from the perspective of our innovation to further explore the topic of leadership style, welcome to continue to focus our columns.Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun, a leading space leading space to create a new situation relying on popular entrepreneurship and innovation, aggregation element technology, human resources, capital, market, platform, 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