After they married, you had the right?

After they married, you had the right?Married, got, suddenly very confused.After marriage, you doing okay?To him, she left the parents, siblings, followed him to his world, trying to please his family, but also with a forced smile!Would like a lost child of the road, overturn twenty years of life.For him, a pregnant woman, one day delivery, willing to accept that he could not imagine the pain, only to give birth to a child to follow his surname.Then very realistic, body deformation, sagging breasts, he will suddenly find it too?For him, for our children, and even you away from your friends.Friendly.Circle, say a baby silly for three years, you are like a stupid woman like a child’s eating and sleeping at home and wait, and then eagerly waiting for him to come home.Once, you have pride, you have a dream, you have beautiful flower, and finally you do not dump the country, not Allure, but you pour all their own.Only in exchange for his loved how humble.Once lavish, losers do not you personally, because they no income, are even scared to spend money, lest he think you spend more.You start shopping to buy clothes learned to bargain with the merchants, and these, you have been so dismissive.And eventually, even contraception such a thing have to face the woman, or the ring, or ligation, a few men willing to go ligation their women, very few.Is a woman affected by these sins deserve?And whether a man will feel bad all you bear?Wrong, he might take it for granted, because you are his lawful wife.Does he in your monthly you a few days to wash clothes bubble feet?When you are sick sad, cajole you, care about you?Whether he would inadvertently give you want you back for a long time but still not willing to buy something?He would not give the money to you, just like to say what to buy, I can never miserly woman?Women love romance, women care about the minutiae of care, you do it man?Perhaps he handed to the salary, he can go home taking some of the chores, even together and you could fool a child, he is the outsider of the standard model husband.He might think I’m too tired day’s work, he simply can not imagine how to spend the day is the woman.Marriage to a woman, is negative.More tired, less freedom.Much of the burden of responsibility, less wayward qualifications!After reading this text, suddenly a little distressed.So women do not love yourself, no one will love you!Available remember to pack your own appearance and mood, nothing more photos look in the mirror, dress yourself, how are you today?