Acquittal (good depth article)

Acquittal (good depth text) click on the above blue letters reading between classic free subscription Micro Signal: outside wenzhai99 gambling, thought provoking.The world’s troubles, only classic forever.  Today we start with a movie, and then say two real cases, and finally to a story circulating for a long time as the end.If you watched the movie “Seven”, should remember the last film, Brad Pitt plays the police officer found Mills in serial killer John killed himself after pregnant with pregnant wife, hesitated for a moment, shoot John died.- Although he is the police, more than the average person to believe that the law is fair; though he knew it was the other’s tricks, but at that moment, human nature decided he could not shoot.  There was a survey asking moviegoers: If you are Mills, would you shoot it?Almost all the answers are: Yes.  As a completely rational person, may be able to choose a better way to punish the perpetrators, but I do not know one who witnessed his mother being abused or wife after being shot can completely rational, or whether the blood stream of a person.  This is a case in Britain.  In 2009, in Bradford, UK, 56-year-old man Buta sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl, last, but because of legal flaws, Buta was sentenced to probation, mandatory community service.  Who did not realize that rapists and girls still live in the same city, bring much harm to the girl child will.You know, when the girls know Buta only sentenced to probation, he has not figure out.In the mind of a child given a suspended sentence is equivalent to no problem, and that there is fault of their own?  According girls’ mother said her daughter always get out of the shadows, suffering from paranoia and other mental illnesses, and even unable to continue their studies, every day to stay at home.    So time went by, in addition to the relatives and friends of the girl child and a handful of people, the world seems like it happened no.  So 2015 has been 14-year-old girl, a coup, a knife break Ru Buta home, a knife stab Ru Buta chest, suddenly bleeding profusely.  Girls did not even unplug the knife, left back.After returning home, the female Tong Pingjing hugged his aunt: Tell my mother I love her.Then walked to the local police surrendered.  Surprisingly, all calmly, as if the girl is completely a new person.  Buta it?Was rushed to hospital, fortunately we had a narrow escape.  Next is the legal process, the girl was and charged with attempted murder.However, to understand cause and effect, but the judge sentenced the girl’s innocence, and said that if anyone claims for compensation to the girl, he would pay her behalf.  The judge said to the girls: the victims like you to prison is a disgrace.Also he said that the law had betrayed her once, and this time he would not let such a thing happen.  Next we want to say is that in 2013, a case in the United States, the People’s Daily and China Central Television has reported that, in order to save time, but also to the authority, the People’s Daily reported direct quote here.  People (2013) November 19 news overall US media reported, with a fatal shooting incident occurred Oklahoma last year caused widespread concern across the United States.A young mother shot and killed a gangster trying to break into her home.After the incident, local law enforcement authorities not only failed to take any legal action against her, but the crime of first-degree murder prosecution of a gang involved in another crime.    That this case occurred in the town of Blanchard, Oklahoma.2012 New Year’s Eve, 18-year-old Sarah McKinley was born with a large 3-month-old baby to stay at home alone.Her husband died of lung cancer just died on Christmas.McKinley suddenly heard someone broke out at the door trying to pry her home.She immediately grabbed the gun taken refuge in his bedroom.After that, she put the bottle inserted in the baby’s mouth, began to call the 911 emergency number.    McKinley called, and said: I am a person with a child at home, an operator can immediately talk to me please?After connecting line, McKinley eagerly asked Operator: There are two guns in my hand, if he broke into the house, can I shoot him?Attendant replied: I can not tell you can do, but you do what you do to protect your child.  They call a total of 21 minutes, due to the distance involved, not the police immediately arrived at her home.During this period, two thugs outside Sri Lanka Acts Walter Martin and hand-held 12-inch hunting knife has been kept in breaking.When Martin finally forced open the door and come in and pulled a gun on McKinley tied to kill him on the spot.Adams turned to flee Xianshibumiao Water Act.After that, he voluntarily surrendered himself to the police.    Police arrived at the scene to determine, McKinley was shot and killed Martin legitimate self-defense.District Attorney did not prosecute her.McKinley himself told the media that she does not regret shot and killed Martin, because for our children’s safety, she must do so.Surprisingly, only one other co-accused Sri Lanka Walt although no shooting behavior, but also take the initiative after the incident, surrendered to the police, but the district attorney or the crime of first-degree murder sued him.  Yes, that’s right, that’s it!  This is the basic case for self-defense US.We know that the United States is case law in which the criteria for self-defense, also disputed.  Elaboration and development of the principle of self-defense of the United States Justice Holmes.  In mid-1921, a man named Brown, who has twice been attacked with a knife Hemi Zi day, Hemi Zi put a knife to attack him again, Brown ran off his own clothes, which took out a pistol, four shots batter, killed Hemi Zi.  Since the Court of First Instance believe Brown can go to a gun, naturally also an escape, and his self-defense does not hold, this retreat from the principles of the United Kingdom.English law the so-called traditional retreat to the wall, that is if there is a fight, the party has arrived to retreat to the back wall, then he would have the right to fight back.Which implies mean, unless run away, or not the use of violence.  However, Justice Holmes to come forward, uttered a saying: the face of a raised knife, can not require a person to think calmly.In other words, the victim has no obligation to retreat from where he is entitled to be the.This means that even if a person has a retreat, he can choose to maintain their dignity, to fight back the other way uniforms.    In the United States, others are free to enter the courtyard that is likely to be shot, so it is best to deal with the Americans polite and restrained, mutual respect, do not burst into the home of the owner insult others, or belong to deserve being killed.  Finally, there is a story circulating on the Web for a long time, Xiao Bian has not found is real, but it does not prevent people like this story very.  1935 mid-winter day, Lagudiya mayor in the courtroom the trial a case of theft of bread.The accused is an old lady, when the judge asked her if she pleaded guilty, she said: my two little grandchildren hungry for two days, this bread is used to feed their.  However, the judge insisted to enforce the law to make a decision: you choose fined $ 10, or 10 days detention?  Helpless old lady had to choose detention, because if do have $ 10, where as a few cents steal bread it?  Wait for the judge to make a final statement, the gallery Lagudiya mayor stood up and said let the old lady choose a fine of $ 10, then took off his hat, fill it up to $ 10, then to the presence of one shouted: now, please each to pay a fine of 50 cents, which is the fee paid for our indifference to discipline our grandmother to steal bread to feed the city’s grandson.  On a quiet court, including judges, the presence of each were silent donate 50 cents.  Above stories Ikunori Ye Hao, Ye Hao real case, the reason has been talked about for us, the reason is very simple: the highest standards of human law, and above the law, only the light of human nature!