A chicken dignity, after reading suddenly realized!

A chicken dignity, after reading suddenly realized!  01 hen chicks Q: Can not lay eggs, take me out to play this game?Hen said: No, I want to work!Chick said: But you’ve got so many eggs!Hen chicks eloquently said: One day an egg, knives step aside, do not lay eggs in January, a pressure cooker Satomi.  It exists because you create value, is eliminated because you lose value.Value does not represent the future of the past, so the fight every day!  02 Mr Tan mountain road driving, just as he leisurely enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sudden oncoming truck driver rolled down the window and shouted: Pig!Joe Smith grew more and more gas, but also roll down the window cursed: You’re a pig!Ma Wan Gang, he hit head pig herd crossing the road.  Do not interpret other people’s good intentions wrongly, he would only make himself into trouble, and allow others to shame.Before know why, first learn to restrain emotions, patient observation, in order to avoid post-germinal remorse.  03 husband came home from work, saw his wife beat his son, did not care for them.Went straight to the kitchen and saw a pot of cooked ravioli on a small low table, so a bowl to eat.After beating his son he saw his wife was still there, can not see passed, said: teach children to old can not use violence, to speak the truth Well!His wife said: good pot of ravioli, and he did a urine sprinkled into it, you say people do not irritating gas?Hearing her husband immediately said: wife you take a break, let me beat!  Stay out, anyone can calm; wherein living, who can be calm and quiet.So please do not comment on any person, because you are not one of them.04 beggars: Can you give me a hundred bucks?  Passers: I only eighty dollars.  Beggar: Then you owe me twenty dollars now.  Some people think that God owed him, that God gave of old enough, not good enough, greed has replaced the desire gratitude.  05 drop of ink in a glass of water falls, discolored glass of water immediately, can not drink; a drop of ink melt into the ocean, the sea is still blue sea.why?Because the two are not the same magnanimous!Straight unfamiliar wheat spattered upwardly bulging, mature wheat bowed his head.why?Because the two are not the same weight!  Forgiving others, it is magnanimous; humbled himself, is weight; together, is a person of quality.  06 have a gold team walking in the desert, we all trudged, painful, only one person walked happily.People ask: Why are you so nice?He laughed and said: Because I took the least thing.  The original happiness is very simple, with a little less on the line.  07 a solid big lock hanging on the door, an iron went to great lengths, still unable to break it away.  Key here, his thin body got into the keyhole, just gently turn, big lock on the “pop” to soon open.  Irons surprised, and asked: “Why I took so much effort to be open, but you easily put it opens it?”Key said:” Because I know best his heart.”Everyone’s heart is like a locked door, then either you have thick iron pry open.Only care in order to transform itself into a delicate keys, enter the minds of others, understand others.  08 old monk monk asked: If you are dead before further, take a step back it will die, how would you do?Monk did not hesitate to say: I’m going to step aside.  A change of perspective, when confronted with the dilemma, we might understand: next to Lulu.  Today small to recommend some quality public number, Breast Breast, weight loss, Qubanyangyan clean sweep, beauty, do not miss yo [focus mode: Press the two-dimensional code, select the two-dimensional code to identify an attention] ▼ number of high-quality public subscription, there are always a few for you ★ press and two-dimensional code, choose the two-dimensional code to identify the figure concern.  ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼