10 kinds of people can not tolerate the workplace

10 kinds of people work for 10 kinds of people in the workplace does not allow the 10 types of people in the workplace can not tolerate workplace does not allow the problems never find a cause in himself, but to blindly looking for an excuse to shirk responsibility, any mistakes in such employees who he thought he could have a very reasonable and objective grounds.1, love to find an excuse to problems at work who never find a cause in himself, but to blindly find an excuse to shirk responsibility in any such employees who all have mistakes he thinks very reasonable and objective grounds.We can not assume responsibility for active employees will never promising.2, love to pick provocateurs have some employees to establish their own identity savior for themselves, the company is slightly uneven things will come out to stir up trouble.Although the boss of such employees can sometimes sincerely accept its recommendations and requirements on the surface, but on the inside their guts, if given the chance will be the clean-out of the company.3, narrow-minded team of combat stress unity and cooperation, but many small-minded staff, can not accept different opinions, they overweening when the opportunity as a team leader, me will prosper, against me will die; as an ordinary member of the team acting withdrawn, maverick, will be considered foe disagree with people of their own, revengeful.Such employees must be the black sheep of the team, there he can not create a good team.How can such a person favored by the boss?4, chaos talkin many employees who work hard, outstanding performance, is a not control his mouth, often to the disadvantage of others as their own talk, the company’s shortcomings and mistakes as propaganda, flaunt their tool, behind the talk about the shortcomings of my colleagues, colleagues say bad things about the company and become their own fun.Such employees work even more effort, no matter how good the performance, but also want to see the boss.5, who Gongsibufen This phenomenon usually occurs in older employees who the company.General performance is thought to make a greater contribution to the company over, looked sloppy in behavior, the company’s resources to bring private.Small piece of paper, a pen, large computers, cars casually private.Solve personal problems with the telephone company, the time to do private work, etc..For such people, although sometimes the boss face to face inconvenience due to face dissatisfied, but the heart of such employees is ten thousand despise.At the same time this behavior has also exposed flaws in addition to a company in the management of.6, is noisy, there are some advantages of its own staff with certain aspects of the arrogant, to think within the company and outside all matters perspicacious like to talk about anything to show they can do everything.In his eyes, the company’s other employees are incompetent, useless.Achieved little success so complacent, show off everywhere, never know what is self-criticism.Such behavior is taboo in the workplace!7, one mind with the development and progress of persons **, the individual forms of employment, gradually diversify investment channels, in addition to fixed many employees work outside the company still has one or several part-time, sometimes to shareholders, fried room who the identity of salespeople, insurance agents appear in the company, with one mind and even multi-use, hands full every day, on their own work and the limited time.(Venture) such employees simply can not get affirmation and recognition of the boss.8, half-hearted person living in Han Cao Ying heart, peace of mind does not work in a company, this mountain that looks high mountain, ready to jump ship.There are signs of such employees can rest assured your boss how?9, always feel that the boss who complain of their injustice, injustice of their colleagues, always there to complain about emotions.How can such employees like boss?There are more than ten kinds of behavior of employees, even if its performance significantly, the boss will not be valued.If you really want to be the eyes of the Reds boss, the boss appreciated and valued, we must first put an end to the above behavior to happen to you.On this basis, coupled with your talent and effort, but the boss is no longer recognized the difficult!10, do not know when the company Pilgrim’s thriving well off with the boss and the public together with my colleagues, the company temporarily into a valley would expose their truth, and the boss care about everywhere, from time to time with the boss bargain, ungrateful, suspicious phase is completed.The company to be re glory when he complained that the boss does not recognize a good man.Such a situation, in the end Shui Zhiguo?