I want to be a happy person

Emotion is something that can’t be touched or seen, but it can affect others.     Happiness comes from life. But life is like the weather and will change at any time. A happy person, his life is very beautiful, everything in his eyes doesn’t matter, but is everyone really able to do it? Some express their happiness in words. Use his words to infect people around him.     Before, I felt that I would never be happy because I was burdened with too much sorrow and too many sighs. People around me felt that I was a very pessimistic person and would feel very sad about anything, so everything I wrote was sad and gave people a pessimistic feeling.. I love writing and beautiful prose, in which I can find a feeling I can’t experience in my life..     Time is pushing forward step by step, and age is also striding forward step by step. And I am also growing step by step, knowledge is constantly increasing and knowledge is constantly growing. I have dreamed of being a happy person, but many times I can’t do it, thinking that the powerful force in my heart surrounds me. After reading many sad words, I felt how powerful the words are.     Things are changing. I hope I can change myself, be a happy person and bring more good mood to the people around me.. Lin Xuelin always said to me, ” You have great literary talent. Don’t give up your dream and write more happy words.”. I said frankly, I’m afraid I can’t do it, because every moment I write with sadness.     The flower season, back and forth, now I am magnanimous, but my friends don’t believe that I can live well and happily..     I also have a smiling face and I can be very happy.     Happiness does not need any reason. I will write more happy words and bring more happiness to people..