How far is it forever?

It will always be a long time, so many people will not be able to come to waiting for forever. However, some people will go forever with an instant in their hearts..     Over the past few days, I have soaked myself in movies, rejoicing in sorrow and sorrow, and immersing myself in them. I have a lot of exclamations whether it is exposing the ugliness of human nature or praising the beauty of human nature.. What can’t be forgotten is Susan’s painful expression in the ” Burning Years” Regulations and her belief in joining the ” Cold Mountain Regulations” in Britain and Ada.. Susan had to marry herself to a man she didn’t really love because of her long wait, but she waited for the man in despair, the man inscribed in her life, but unexpectedly reappeared in her life. What should I do? How to deal with this? Susan’s face is full of pain, ” it’s always been a long time”, one sentence ending all her helplessness, one sentence, nothing else, hard to get, and the dream-like waiting for life and death have sprung up.. Susan’s face clearly hung with a smile, but she could hear her crying voice. Little Isabel, the woman of Hastings, died and Hastings was in prison. Susan, a member of parliament’s family, braved many obstacles to visit Hastings, the man she had been waiting for all her life, the man who had just lost her child’s mother, and the man who had let herself hope for insanity.. It may not be difficult to meet, but it may be difficult to say what you want to say when you meet.. Susan has a tearful smile on her face and feels sad no matter how she looks at it.. In order to love the man in front of her, she cursed his wife and his brother, and originally a kind woman could give birth to such an unreasonable curse, not because of her deep love, but what else would it be? Can’t say please, but always want to sort out, don’t want to cry sad, but doomed to cry for waiting for him all his life, cry for that long and forever. It is not the betrayal of anyone, but the helplessness of being stripped away, not the lack of love, but the deep love and hurt. Can such a woman, such a choice, be blamed?? What a magnificent thing it looks like to be martyred, so be martyred! After visiting Dustin from prison, Susan looked at herself and left mournfully.. What a relief to leave! You don’t have to live up to what you can’t wait for forever, and you don’t have to live up to your already desolate feelings.. Satisfied! How nice it is to die for love! So far, people are still praising the great touching of butterfly lovers’s double suicide in ancient China, aren’t they? In the process of waiting forever, Susan was forced to leave by the harsh reality.     How persistent are Inman and Ada! As long as the faith does not fail, it will always find a ship to dock for its own ideal. Even if it’s only a short moment, even if it doesn’t have a deep understanding, but as long as you look all the way, you will keep the initial beauty, enjoy it over and over again, review it over and over again, expand it over and over again, even if you can’t meet each other, even if it’s a long way away and after Qian Shan, will it never come? Can endure inhuman torture, can go through all kinds of tests, can shed blood and tears, and can lose some ethical ideas, but she will always sincerely remember her characters, always keep tenderness, and let her frantically occupy her mind and mind, always support herself, go on and look for them, not like holding hands after a lifetime.? Although it was only a kiss that had once been pure, it was the kiss that brought Inman out of the enemy camp, out of the life and death field and into Ada’s heart.. Day by day, they enjoyed it very much. It’s not an instant, but a thousand moments that last forever in my heart, not an instant, but a bag full of diamonds, what a luxurious feeling! What a fine metaphor, actually just because of a kiss. The kiss, I said every day. Real memories, real beauty, real support, real faith, come to the truth. Despite hardships, happiness is boundless.     In real life, there are always many people lamenting that there is no room for warmth. Did you not imagine that this empty surplus will make a person happy for a lifetime?? Hold the ideal, hold the love, hold everything you can embrace and want to embrace, even if it is only a flash in the pan in reality, but isn’t that kind of extraordinary beauty still shining in the tunnel of your life?? Just as the length of life cannot be changed, we have changed the width of life, the number of stomachs cannot be changed, and we have changed the volume of stomachs.. We don’t have to pursue living together in the morning and evening, but we can live in our hearts day by day: ideal in our hearts, faith in our hearts, love in our hearts, everything is as good as our hearts, isn’t it?? Don’t be too secular, as long as you believe in each other, sincerely, have each other, each other, which moment can’t be thousands of moments?? Which memory cannot be as beautiful as a diamond? As long as, as long as, in the heart, stay in the heart, will never be far away!