Happiness Kuitun R26; Line

Happiness Kuitun ( Wen: Jiao Guoping ) ) In the winter of northwest China, every city is connected with vast loneliness, sudden and grand coldness, and those signs showing off life have disappeared, leaving only the appearance of metal.. Each kind of warm mood is filled with grandeur and boldness in the breeze and snow, smelling the indescribable cold endlessly. However, cold is fragrant, and the beauty here needs a long time to understand and appreciate. Kuitun is a new city in northwest China and the Gobi Pearl. I like Kuitun, like Kuitun’s winter and walking in Kuitun’s winter.. Going out is happy. On the ninth cold day, I walked into the boundless Yuan Ye and merged into the extremes of nature.. The sun left warm sweet eyes on the snow, the cold gradually receded, and the clear day slowly appeared all around. The winter in the distance suddenly interrupted with various colors. Warm ripples spread along the way forward, spreading a more pleasant atmosphere than spring in the south of the Yangtze River. Therefore, the excited steps involuntarily moved towards the Kuitun River Grand Canyon.. It is a battlefield legend of ice and fire in Tianshan Mountain. Continuous snow mountain shirtless battle, the sun’s attack into a sword chisel, mountain splitting ridge, hone thinking, through hundreds of millions of years not idle unremitting. At last, the mountain ranges split and the mountains became ravines, creating the Kuitun River Grand Canyon. The canyon is more than 200 meters deep, about 28 kilometers long, 100 – 400 meters long and 800 – 1000 meters long on the shoulder. The valley wall is nearly upright, with jiuqu falling rocks and cliffs everywhere, full of loose rocks, folds, gullies, and overhanging gullies.. The splendor of the golden jade was dyed on it, and it was both dignified and magnificent. The gravel at the bottom of the valley is silted up and the water flows slowly and intermittently, and everywhere there are signs of galloping wild horses, and images of wild animals roaring and rolling around with sand rolls are reproduced from time to time. At this time, the sunshine in the snow field makes the Grand Canyon change its dreamlike light and shadow into the same color as the magic, which makes you marvel and shake.. The deeper you go, the longer you look, the more awe you have of nature. The Longkou and folding water of Kuitun River also symbolize the battle between ice and fire. The darkness prevented the expansion of water, ice occupied the water position, the water became angry, and the solid fortress collapsed instantly.. Fire burns ice and melts tenacious accumulations again and again. The ice extinguished the fire, stuck the water layer by layer and became a bear’s back and tiger’s arm, a rhinoceros horn gun and a towering rock.. Ice barrier danger, angry water and waterfall, frost and wildness, the sky is full of vigor and vitality.. The Kuitun River jumped down, and we opened our broad mind to nurture thousands of hectares of Gobi with thick dew. Kuitun people are writing another battle story of ice and fire in the depths of the northern deer wasteland in the Tianshan Mountains.. There, the red fire turned the dry wood and wild artemisia from the ancient wasteland into all over the sky. There, a sword, halberd and brave harness the needle and thread, plough, sickle and wisdom; There, pairs of rough hands indulge spring’s diligence, summer’s toil, autumn’s intensity and winter’s firmness with blood bubbles and calluses. There, the drizzling rain lightened the patches of green with oil and dew, raised the buds and young buds with radiance and pleated sunshine, and reflected the red, yellow, fat and thin. There, the sea and the land are changing with each passing day and the eyes are full of youth.. Today, young people in those days walk on the broad roads of the Gobi youth city after tea and meal, telling people all kinds of different happiness: those brave men who do not seek benefits for themselves or their families, are only ideals and are not afraid of hardship and death are happy; Those who can do things for the country, cannot leave the team, and others need them are happy.. Of course, people who don’t have to worry about anything are also happy. Is it not happy to support the weak, respect the humble, care for the disabled, comfort the lonely, inspire hopelessness, be happy, be happy, be honest, believe and be happy?? With the replacement of the sun and the moon, although your body is getting older and older, your morality, cultivation and faith in your bones are getting stronger and stronger, so you are happy. During walking, people are like rivers, narrow roads and wide feelings, so they are happy. To treat the people around you well and cherish the present is happiness. Have compassion and love in your heart, so you will be happy. Happiness is that you have gained wealth and been promoted? Is able to put down the fame and fortune; When you don’t always wonder if you are happy, you will be happy. There are so many ways to go out, so many people who sow happiness, so many happiness around them. Be a person who delivers happiness and expands happiness.