Gardenia in the rain

On the bank of Puyang River, Wun Sha Stone is still, but you are no longer seen.   I rode a boat of love in the misty waves, carrying the legend of Xi Shi and Fan Li, looking for the ferry where you and I met.. A white dress, wrapped in my thousand-year-old acacia, is blowing in the wind and fluttering in the skirt. A hand-held Yu Di will always blow out the tune of’ waiting for you so long’ between your lips..   Wind, like embroidery, embroiders a Roman scene. The wind, swaying the leaves on the shore, dripping dew tears, crystal clear and pure.   Dynamic June, misty and rainy in the south of the Yangtze River, the rain is drifting obliquely and fans are misty.. The pure white gardenias are blooming happily, and the strong fragrance seems to tell me that you are these gardenias. I know that the eternal love and agreement between you and me, the waiting time and the joy of loving each other that you want in your life, are just like these pure white gardenia, beautiful and simple..   The sky is not high, the clouds are not light, and the smoke and rain are long and the heart is empty. The invisible hand behind the cloud, who can escape his touch and baptism? After a thousand years, how many stories of the world of mortals, how many joys and sorrows, and how many sorrows and sorrows, and how many sorrows and sorrows are broken. How can you and my mortal escape to the intended end? The mistakes of past lives and the heartbroken people of this life are, after all, separated at the end of the sky and at the corner of the sea.. The two lovesickness, although they are in love, love and cross, want to die, but suffer a lot, helpless and helpless.!   The ups and downs of the heart tide, the resentment of the eyes, the love affair is like silk, even if it is woven into brocade, it is still not new. The confusion of the world of mortals, to reason also disorderly; I can’t open the heart lock of fate after all. Looking around, I can’t see you any more among the gardenia flowers.   Since ancient times, when it rains, it is sad and lonely, and the thoughts that grow crazy are like a curtain of deep and remote dreams, but they cannot escape from the misty season at this time.. Gardenia is blooming well, Jiang Nanan. I gathered up my thoughts in June and made a ticket to the distance. Who knows the loneliness of the clear tears dripping from the thick place of acacia? The rain is long and I dream of midnight when I cross the river in the south of the Yangtze River, but I would rather not wake up again.   Let your thoughts fly the Huanjiang earth and the misty rain like silk on the banks of the Puyang River. Xi Shi’s hometown of love wind and love rain, pink wall and black tiles, winding paths and seclusion are still everywhere. I wander and expect again and again, after all, it is a single cycle again and again.. Let the feelings twine around the wordless world of mortals, and let Xi Shi’s thousand-year-old Wusha stone, once Wusha, become a boundless river view, leaving the world alone to be beaten by the wind and rain.. Hold up the antivir of love, stir my heart strings, make the chaos in my heart disappear quietly in the long world of mortals, leaving only the heart like washing, Xiao Shu, tranquil, lovesick, happy, lingering and lasting only you.   The river is like a ripple, which affects my thoughts long and long. Think, can you park the peace of one side? Heart sea, can also wave wrinkles?   Ask you if you can go to Pan West Lake Water in the coming year?   Ask you, can the world share a share in the coming year? Can the world share a corner?   In a flash, the heart started up, thinking also confused. Years are like a pot of girl’s red, leisurely coming to me and stepping on loose steps. I know that I really want to get drunk and stay awake for a long time.. Vaguely remember the dream of ” Three Lives”, why leave me alone in the face of the world of mortals? Didn’t you say you’ll grow old together? Isn’t it agreed to die? Didn’t you say it will last forever? Didn’t you say you can’t leave without it? Once the wind-up words, always ringing in the ear, why are they still two places apart? Wu Suo Xin Tian?   Ask the world what love is? Who knows this everlasting problem?   Again and again, that beautiful encounter became a flood of memories after all. Think of your gentle eyes, miss you almost, heart, more hesitation, more loneliness. The dream of staying together is really like a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water? The love agreement, can we not be changed by the relentless years?   Time flies, quicksand all over the place. I know that the days to come will be longer and longer. In the same thoughts, you can’t escape anything, and I can’t learn to deny and forget more.. We can only gaze firmly at ourselves in the tears of acacia, love each other, whether flowers bloom or fall, it is only a chaos of colors.   The years are still flowing quietly. I know that I have experienced life vividly, but I dare not admit that I have understood the dream and the taste of loneliness.. I know that love can be romantic, but not wasted. Love can hold hands at any time, but can’t break up at will.   This love made up countless pink mornings.Every day, as soon as you open your eyes, you will see your button message. The loneliness and affliction I want to vent have already vanished at this moment. Only the emotional appeal of the kiss years still shows pink color as before. On the way to the distant place, you have covered me with flower buds of love flowers and let me approach you with flowers in one place. I know that love flowers are poisonous and can never be solved, but I am still willing to do so..   The rainy season makes me quiet, quiet thoughts, quiet seasons. I looked at the rain swaying under the lamp in the night mile, with a faint expression of sadness. Music has already planted the wings of love for me, and my heart is still in a sense of loss. The rain that bangs on the window glass makes me feel a little uneasy. There are worries, worries and helplessness in it..   After the dreamy midnight, I meticulously constructed the ideal blueprints and the Shui Mu Tsinghua in my heart, and unconsciously went to sleep and wondered if the waves of wind blowing the next morning would come from far away from you..   In the misty and rainy season, gardenias in the rain are still. You are always in my heart with the fragrance of gardenia.