Farewell to Riding Friends of the Expedition

Time passed quietly, and we sent them the last trip. At the railway station, we pulled up banners and left the last photo.. The laughter was mingled with a good blessing. The smile was fixed in every rider’s heart.   Dark clouds were gathering in the sky, gusts of wind were blowing, curtains were rolling and fluttering in the wind. The wind and rain are coming all over the city, and the wind is coming more fiercely and more strongly, which is a rare coolness in hot summer days.. Riders decided to set out for the Qinghai – Tibet Challenge Expedition at 4pm this afternoon. The sun had long been hiding in the dark clouds, and the overcast sky was only slow to rain, except for the strong wind..     If God tears, it’s because of deep feelings. Of course, there are too many leaves, but more blessings and hopes. Riding friends’ expedition to Qinghai – Tibet is a big event in the club. A few days ago, riders received a flying letter saying that free riders were coming to send them away on their expedition.     Riders decided to go to Qinghai – Tibet, and I have always admired their spirit of expedition and their ability to challenge themselves. What I admire more is that there are two women among the four riders.. They are Guo Jie and Cai Jie, who once rode to the reservoir with them. At that time, I did not think they were strong. The club was really crouching tiger, hidden dragon and master was everywhere. I was a novice and lacked a pair of wise eyes and heroes..     Later, I heard that they were all veterans of the club’s cycling.. I was even more surprised and woke up like a dream. I sincerely admire them from the bottom of my heart for their extreme danger of challenging themselves and their perseverance in expedition..     It was agreed to send them away on the expedition to Qinghai – Tibet at four o’clock in the club, but it was agreed to go early. He said that at three o’clock in the club, I was fine, and I also went there.. As soon as he arrived at the club, he saw them unpacking and packing their bikes. Abu saw me coming and said, ” Is the beauty going too?”? Of course he certainly knew I wouldn’t go, and I just laughed away. There was no definite meaning in the laughter, it was just a sigh.     They are all packing up the equipment on the road, and I just wait quietly for the riders to arrive. The black dog on the 7th is also there. I haven’t seen my little black dog for a long time.. There is always an inexplicable love for dogs, perhaps because they are also kept at home. I saw the 7th dog eating dog food, and I also went to the side of the dog and looked at it.. Its black hair and black eyes are hard to find out how bright its eyes are without careful observation.. I saw the ball around me and kicked it to its side. I didn’t think it would play with the ball. He threw the ball’s mouth into the pot filled with water and then grabbed it with his feet. As a result, all the water was spilled, and he also splashed all over it.. I couldn’t help laughing at its naughty appearance.     From a distance you can see a good bike ride. I was the first one to come to the club for farewell. He was the second one, and then came Chai Ge and some people I didn’t know.. There are more and more people in the club, and the store is full of people. I stood at the door of the store, looking at the dark sky and looking at the sky, I saw a black mess..     The sky began to drizzle, and gradually the rain became heavier and heavier.. The rain fell in the hair room and instantly moistened the hair. The feeling of ice was very cool.. But when we leave with some rain, there is always a feeling of sadness. Rain often reminds people of tears and adds parting and close proximity, which is rather a bit of a nostalgic charm.. Feng Ge smiled humorously and said, ” It’s really a smooth wind and rain.”. ‘ The elder brother of the peak is the shopkeeper, and this expedition was planned by him. The whole journey is about 24 days. They do not ride the whole journey and travel along the train, so that they can have a better rest and not fight fatigue and achieve the combination of work and rest..     As the rain grew heavier, the banyan tree in front of the store was shaken by the wind. Zhang Jiang, a little farther away, could not see the floating bridge under the action of the hazy rain, but was only hazy. The rain drifted deeply into the river and melted into a whole, a kind of hazy color outlined in artistic conception.. The club gate was crowded with satisfied riders.     Abu Nai can’t bear the temper. He said the two heroines didn’t show up yet.. Because both Guo Jie and Cai Jie had gone on an expedition, they both didn’t arrive. After half an hour, they all had to set out. Feng Ge was not in a hurry, and Abu was in a hurry. He was busy calling to urge them to set out quickly..     What moved me was that two female riders rode electric cars to the club in the rain. Although they wore raincoats, they were still wet with rain. Their appearance was all joy and joy. This is a kind of friendship, not only sincere, but also to come to see each other through rain or shine.. At that time, when the rain poured down, the bean rain hit the body more heavily, which must have made people feel thickly dotted. And when they come, maybe the club will be able to sustain forever. I think it is inseparable from the strong will and solidarity of these deep-rooted riding friends..    The rain gradually decreased and Guo Jie appeared. His husband sent her in an off-road vehicle. It was raining at that time. His husband helped him carry the car, and the car friends came out to help one after another.. Her appearance gave the sender a surprise. Guo Jie is very tall and has a man-like personality. He cut a man’s head and speaks very nobly.. See riding friends come to send her smile has been in.     The smaller the rain is, the sadder it is to send or not to give up. Every time I send a friend away, I feel a little sad about the rain.. Who was moved by our sincerity? The rain turned into tears of sadness, more to say tears of movement.     People are not vegetation, people get along for a long time have feelings. But what accompanies us further is friendship. It is the spirit of helping each other in the same boat, rain or shine, and encouraging each other to go further.. Although I stayed in Ganzhou for four years and had few friends, all my friends were helpful enough.     As long as I say a word and need their help, they will certainly come. Perhaps my character also favors men, so they treat me as a brother.     The rain was still falling, and Cai Jie also came and was also driven by friends.. The driver is a woman, wearing a skirt, of course, in this riding friend is so dazzling. Cai Jie, dressed in casual clothes and sneakers, is obviously an expert in outdoor sports. Cai Jie’s car hasn’t been packed yet, and all the riding friends have helped him. He’s very busy when you tear it down..     All the equipment has been delivered to the truck. The number of people who came to see me off was relatively high. Most of my riders came by car, some by electric car, and I did so by bike.. The team that sent them is relatively large, with BMW’s lion, Audi’s chage and four or five cars. I was sitting in a BMW and laughing, while riding friends said I was crazy. Then they talked about such a cold joke, saying they would rather cry in a BMW than laugh in a car.. But I laughed and said, ” I would rather laugh in my bike than cry in my BMW.”. Want BMW to earn it by itself. ‘ They all laughed at me, how much to struggle to see? This kind of joyous speech is not a farewell at all, it is more like a triumphant return..     The huge team stopped at the railway station, everyone helped carry the equipment and took photos in the railway station square.. The banner reads’ wish the advancing warriors riding the Qinghai – Tibet line success’ and’ such momentum and a strong team of escorts have caused quite a stir. Most of the passers-by cast envious eyes.     Because many of the riders are railway station staff, we walked through the VIP passageway. The road was more carefree, and the riders were resting in the VIP room waiting for their departure.. This kind of atmosphere is not sad at all, but full of blessings to the challenger.. I hope they will succeed in the challenge.     In fact, I have always wanted to travel, but I don’t have the courage and perseverance.. I envy Cai Jie very much. She is middle-aged and small, but she is also very cheerful. The first time I shook hands with her was a belief and admiration. How I envy her expedition. And she also said with a smile, ” As long as you have the courage, you still have a heart eager to go on the road.”. If you act, you will succeed. Time passed quietly, and we sent them the last trip. At the railway station, we pulled up banners and left the last photo.. The laughter was mingled with a good blessing. The smile was fixed in every rider’s heart. At that moment, they were about to leave, and we just sent them here. There is a difference in the distance between sending the monarch and the others, but they took our wishes and bravely set foot on the journey of Qinghai – Tibet. Riders, we are waiting for you to return victoriously.     Looking at their far-away figure, I did not dare to look back because I did not have the courage. They are challengers, they are heroes among riding friends. Although they are not the best, they dare to go on the road and challenge their own limits. They are heroes and instigators among knights..