Early autumn worries

Early autumn night, I walked along the uneven cement road on the campus.     Bored, I looked up at the dark night sky with a backward pace. The night sky was so deep in the autumn moon, without any impurities.. Like ink accidentally spilled on the ground, even if it is stained with dust, in the end, it will slowly wrap up the tiny pale yellow particles, showing the same pure black as before and revealing the essence of monochrome.. Mo Xiang flits past the tip of the nose, leaving behind a fragrant fragrance. Whether, a person’s life is also like this ink, in several turns, or as primitive as that.     Walk to the bridge that was repaired not long ago, and in the lakeside, the flourishing triangular plum decorated the garden with vigor and vitality.. Who still remembers when they moved to this land in the form of a platter. Is so haggard, now is so lush.     I stood on tiptoe, stretched out my hand that had not recovered from the sunburn in military training, and fiddled with the drooping triangular plum trees.. As a matter of fact, in the paths leading to the canteen, there are also a few plants that are sparse and open so warmly.. No matter where it is, the triangular plum blossoms are a tree with delicate and charming flowers, and the branches are weighed down with heavy burdens.. In the breeze, several bracts surrounded each other and danced the bold tango in the wind.. They are purple, pink, white and ruddy, swaying and dragging. The amorous feelings of the jade dew, everything is just right. Stroking pedicels and tablets, like many melodramatic girls, always sniffs the flowers with their noses. Even though I knew before that these flowers didn’t have the so-called fragrance, the feelings of the little girl who was dormant in the bottom of my heart still had to struggle to come out and give up.. For no reason at a certain moment, triangular plum poured a bit of warmth into its heart. Love its enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, love its perseverance, tenacious endeavor. The tenderness of the heart reflects this incomparable beauty and is filled with admiration without language..     Not far away, the messy grass shrugged its head and lay on the earth. The early autumn wind blew them yellow. Mao Mao was miscellaneous and curled up like a lazy Persian cat in a warm bed.. Standing at the edge of the season, the wind blows through the marks. The green grass of the past also changed with the seasons and unloaded its old clothes.     Looking at this yellow color, I suddenly felt a little tired. Don’t want to do more thinking, just put all your heart down on this seemingly delicate but extremely strong grass. Breathing the faint and familiar scent in the air, I looked up and saw a moon hanging high above me.. I don’t know how many bright and dazzing stars are around me. I just stubbornly immerse myself in my thoughts. When I think of the phone calls from my parents, I always don’t want them to worry about me.. So, every holiday, when asked how many people there are in the dormitory, they always use a fake tone to tell them that someone didn’t go back and don’t worry about it.. In fact, I am alone.     Time flies, a dream and a thousand moods, and the mood diary records various worries. Every time I put pen to paper, there is always a little sadness that overflows my mind, and I can’t think about it and can’t cope with it.. After a long time, many people are vague about many things. Those transparent watercolors with new brush strokes remind people of the outline of a person in memory, the beginning and end of a thing, and the mood hovering at a time..     Think of recently, crazy in a Chinese and Korean men’s group outside – outside. Every day, they spend so much time intoxicated with each dance step and turn of each tone, as if there would be a jasmine fragrance passing through the heart gate and a beautiful trill calling me gently.. Let the heart that has been impetuous and restless get a moment’s pause. Sometimes I will laugh at myself foolishly, and I am also chasing the stars with melodramatic emotions when I am crashing into old age..     Black hair spread on the grass and the feeling of cool in early autumn penetrated deep into the skin. He has refused to dye his hair because he is stubborn and likes black. It’s like a dormitory with lights turned off. It’s dark. Under the closed black space. Mixed with lonely breath floating in the ceiling of the upper layer, has been refused to disperse. My thoughts are swinging in the clock of time, touching the boundless darkness with my hands. I dream of wearing a red skirt with gear-like lace flowers on the skirt one day.. Standing on the balance of time, I smiled and said, I have sunshine in the early autumn of the street, a heavy fragrance of flowers for free, and what else is not satisfied.