Two years ago, when someone left me, he said to me with such anxiety: ” Don’t impose your will too strongly on others in the future.”. Otherwise, you will eventually hurt yourself. Because, no one will really understand the original intention of you to do so. ‘ At that time, I was a frivolous person who had not experienced much of the world: I thought that most people in this world would understand me, tolerate me and forgive me as much as she did.. Therefore, I didn’t think much of her worries at the time.. Now it seems that I am still wrong.     Finally understand, that year, Na Yue, that day, that moment, she turned to the moment her eyes flowed mournfully . Ah, this past year, a person just came up day by day in the pretend hemp wood.. Not long journey, sometimes suddenly feel extended very long, very long. I suddenly feel like I’ve been away for a long time. I thought my heart had died in a certain corner of the time, and I thought I would go on like this in a forgotten silence until a person’s wasteland was old. Now it seems that I still see myself too lightly.     When the sky in April turns into a gourd ladle of deep blue water, how I wish a drop could turn into tears in my heart, drop on the brow of the past, untie my dusty heart knot and let me quiet inside.     On the day of flying north wild goose south, I beat my unbearable heart back to its original shape – flesh and blood flying, and I chose to be a wolf blazing in the wilderness.. The boundless fields licked the wounds. Under Leng Yue, look up and howl. No longer expect any warmth that belongs to me, no longer linger on any beautiful scenery. However, some things are still stubborn but the arrangement of nature. Fate – like, some things can’t escape, can’t catch.     Accustomed to indifference and hardness, but still unable to eradicate the fragility and sensitivity of the bottom of my heart. Inadvertently, the past will suddenly fly over my brow, thinking of some people, some things and some moods, and I will always fall into confusion and sadness that I cannot extricate myself from.. Then, they will be depressed, decadent and degenerate … Ah, on the surface, they seem to have a boiling passion in life every day. In fact, they often struggle in confusion in an unachievable way.. Most of the time, I don’t know which one I am between heaven and earth!     In recent days, I have buried all my thoughts deeply in my work. Although many of my states are in a muddle, I still push myself every day to be a little busier and busier.. Perhaps, this is the only way to get a moment’s peace and tranquility. However, people are, after all, social people. Every state of our existence will directly or indirectly affect others.     Seeing that the two new colleagues I worked with didn’t make much progress in their work, they were worried and criticized from time to time.. I thought it was a matter of course, but in the end I found it was too selfish and domineering.     They flattered me by calling me a teacher. In fact, I was always in awe.. Because, I’m really worried that I can’t leave high school for this low teacher, and I failed to live up to this noble teacher’s name..     So, things will be reversed. I sometimes impose my will on them. I began to pick their faults, I began to put pressure on them, and I began to force them to go out cruelly.. I thought it was responsible to them. However, I still ignored their feelings. After all, they have just left school, some timid and some confused. Perhaps, they have already worked very hard, and what qualifications do I have to put pressure on them?     The most hateful thing is that yesterday I taught them how to plan their daily work. Everyone has his own way of life and work. What qualifications do I have to point out?     When I went home in the evening, I suddenly remembered that they were working silently after being approved in the afternoon, and my heart was very unhappy.. Always feel that the words of the day are heavier. In addition to the inexplicable headache, I was unable to sleep for half a night, regretting that I did not know how important it was during the day.. Very not easy to faint into the dream, only to find that they hate to ignore me. Dream so, still don’t know what the reality is!     He who knows me calls me worried. I don’t know who I am, but what do I ask for? Life between heaven and earth is originally a lonely walk. Learn and understand the warm and cold self – knowledge, perhaps to be able to feel free and free to move further afield.. Since we are often unable to perceive what others think, why should we stubbornly and arbitrarily impose some of our will on others? In this world, many times people need to accept despair in the farthest beauty and then pursue hope in the deepest despair.. That’s it. None of us can reverse it.    Many mistakes, once they occur, cannot be turned back. I think that the only thing I need to confess is not just yesterday. I said heavy people, also not only the two of them. Hate or detestable, no matter what kind of person I am in their hearts, these are not important. The important thing is, I hope all the people who pass by me can see the beauty of their favorite party as they wish.. As for myself, I will not expect anyone who hates me to forgive me and understand me. Born to be a lone wild goose, you should accept the unbearable weight without hesitation..     I hope I am no longer anyone’s teacher after today. Let’s be colleagues and like-minded friends fighting side by side.     Once a person asked me, if life really has reincarnation, why am I willing to reincarnate? I replied at that time that I would like to be a white bird with a wisp of warmth in the world, flying in Tagore’s poem, but I don’t need to leave a trace of wings in the sky.. Think about it today, or make a stone from a distant mountain. At the top of the mountains, there is no need to talk about changes in temperature and temperature. It’s just cold meditation, looking at the clouds and the moon for eight thousand miles..