Country dream

Clouds like veils cover the rolling hills, a small river filled with spring water flows quietly between the green fields, and an old bridge lies across the river, allowing the thin spring rain to moisten slowly.. This is the country scenery that I used to see for a long time, but in other countries, the deep heart always fails to shed its refreshing melancholy, just like a wisp of cool wind ripping through layers of clouds and smoke..     I know that my life is so dull and my mood is so indifferent.. But we can’t forget the long-lost love, a kind of everlasting feelings, real thinking, and the red servant, black yo’s face and the village girl who wants to drop shyly. After listening to a few open – backed pants carried by the riverside, they gave a ringing laugh while washing clothes..     Leaving the small mountain village and the small river beside the village that accompanied me in my childhood, I walked in my life, feeling calm like water and stepping on the water, full of other people’s eyes.. The empty bags are always filled with years of confusion and vicissitudes, but I am like a duckweed without roots drifting in the boundless lake. I do not know when this lake will drift to that lake again. Although I can also taste the sweetness of morning dew and enjoy the beauty of evening haze, I still pray for happiness and yearn for the blue sky that belongs to me, looking for a home to belong to my roots, a cup of hot tea, a plate of light dishes and a life of plain taste..     Accustomed to the life in the mountain village, I always like to walk alone on the field trail in sunny weather and sunny morning, facing the slow spring breeze and breathing the breath of soil, lying on the soft grass looking up at the blue sky and white clouds. I love the blue sky and white clouds and admire their ease and freedom from the bottom of my heart.. How eager I am to grow a pair of hard wings, fly calmly from the depths of the mountain, fly over Gao Gang, fly to the sky to keep company with white clouds, overlook the green hills and green waters of the earth, and look at the deep footprints left on the mountain road, which are my footprints from one mountain village to another, so disorganized and so vacant..     Also like a quiet night, making a cup of good tea, reading yellow books slowly, thinking about the dusty past behind the books at will, looking for some old past and dribs and drabs, or savoring’ wind rustling, rain rustling, thin snuff another sky, I don’t know what to embrace, wake up boring, drunk boring, dream also when to Xie Qiao” and other graceful poems, in the alternation of poems and words, let the mind and heart blend..     Or sit alone in the night, looking at the starry sky and stars, dreaming of becoming an eagle hitting the night sky, flying over all the valleys of Qian Shan, and lighting up the long night with its powerful wings and air friction.. I saw the stars shining and the familiar vivid faces. I will not miss the communication with them and tell them the sincere yearning and the amorous feelings of the year.. I like to communicate with the stars in this way, because it allows me to see some hope and see the way forward in the long night..