Childhood Impression ( 2 ) – Watching Outdoor Movies

Childhood Impression ( 2 ) – There is a small village by the river watching outdoor movies. There is a primary school in the village with only two classes in each grade. Children from several nearby villages also attend this primary school.. My parents’ unit is near the village, so I am also in the fifth grade of this elementary school.. There is also a PLA garrison near the village, which is a company of artillery units, equipped with TWELVE rocket launchers, which is the 3×4 gun tube matrix. In the countryside at that time, most of the films were put in the open air, so there were more opportunities to see the films because of the presence of the garrison.. Troops usually show an open-air movie once a week or half a month. The rural primary school buildings in the 1970s should be relatively simple, right. The primary school where I live is a row of brick bungalows with a playground on the side and a PLA barracks on the other side. The movie is held on this playground.. The day of the movie became a festival for our children. I knew that I was going to have a movie in the evening, eat a meal in a hurry, do my homework in a hurry, and take a small bench to occupy a seat early, fearing that there would be no good seat late.. Sometimes it’s too late to have dinner at home, and later to go, the good positions on the front are occupied, so we have to look at the back of the screen, still enjoying it.. I remember watching an American movie to participate in the future world bill, which was about the science fiction story of humanoid robots and was very fascinating.. Although the specific plot can’t be remembered, one detail can still be remembered. At the end of the film, when the hero left the world in the future, he made a V – shaped gesture, but he didn’t know what it meant at the time. He asked his parents and elders around him, and they couldn’t say why. Of course, now he knows.. Polystyrene: I watched it again to participate in the future world bill. more than 30 years later, it is still very attractive and worth seeing..