Book Women Reading

I often compare books to women, but I also often wonder whether this analogy is appropriate, because everything is relative. From a woman’s point of view, is that man also a book??   Don’t tangle, tell the story first!   Last month, I went to the bookstore and saw a’ Zhu Ziqing Prose Classics’. I only took one look and then I couldn’t help it. This is the legendary love at first sight, right. Zhu Ziqing’s prose has passed through various versions, and I have almost seen it, but this collection is not ornate from her: only a few red leaves and green leaves are scattered on the cover, which is the elegant and deep attraction to me..   The book was bought back, and I was not in a hurry to read her. I let her lie quietly on the desk under the faint light, and slowly appreciate the tranquil and quiet, and you will find that it is so harmonious and peaceful with everything here, except for a fountain pen, it is so lonely, so cold and cheerless, and so brooding.. Even with a hint of sadness. For a long time, I have been infected with this kind of mood. I can’t bear to try it out. I gently rub the smooth cover. That kind of satiny feeling is like touching delicate skin and will strongly fill your palm and your heart..   Open the book, the cover page is not blank. There is a portrait of Zhu Ziqing, which is not clear but clearly shows his thin and angular face. I do not know it is the master’s masterpiece. It is a beautiful article that allows readers to understand his ill-fated life and his meaningful and delicate writing at a glance..   The book is a colorful page, sometimes with white characters on the black background, sometimes with black characters on the light green bamboo background, but with rosy clouds all over the sky, sometimes with the south of the Yangtze River, sometimes with the moonlight on the lotus pond, and sometimes with the classical European meaning.. Throughout the book’s page design, it looks like a woman’s life experience, colorful and beautiful. Jia Baoyu in’ Dream of Red Mansions’ said: Daughter is made of water. I thought, what kind of water is that? If it were rain in spring and autumn, it would be gentle and romantic. Is the water of the mountain spring, it should be pure and sweet; It’s the water of a small stream. It should be beautiful and happy. It is the water of the lotus pond, which should be quiet and graceful. Is the lake water, that should be quiet and noble; Is the canyon water, that should be roaring and domineering; It is the water of the ocean, which should be bitter and deep, or it may all come down from the sky and go to the sea step by step. The process is no longer so important in this life..   Books can be colored, life should also be colored, not to mention women.   Reading, a good book, I have a bad habit and seldom read it in sequence. ( In addition to the novel, I still hope to know the fate of the hero in the end ), always starting with the topic that attracts me first and ending with no choice. I usually read an article several times and find the author’s thoughts, beauty and enjoyment, even if it is painful, between the lines.. A good article is not every word, every sentence, every paragraph is perfect. Sometimes, there may be only one’ Jin Dian’ in the whole article, but this is enough to make the whole article alive. Sometimes, there are even failures, but this will not hide the flaws. There is no absolute perfection, sometimes incomplete beauty is the scenery difficult to destroy.   A book, whether good or flawed, no matter how you read it, can be read and understood in a few days, weeks or even years, but a person and a woman want you to read her and cherish her all your life..   2012 / 4 / 15 night