Bauhinia vine

On the morning of midsummer, walking in the streets of Chaoyang, the hot sun scorched the earth and seemed to be steaming all around, making people feel like they were in a steamer and their sweat kept flowing down.. Hurriedly walking down the street under the shade of trees, I felt a sense of shelter. I often walked in this on the boulevard and never felt these green leafy plants have such magical charm..     In my spare time waiting for the bus, I inadvertently looked back and saw the bauhinia vine crawling with guard rails on the balcony of my home. The tip of one of the vines has climbed onto the wall of the compartment, which is a green plant I planted on the balcony to shade the sun.. When I think of the experience of this Bauhinia vine, I can’t help thinking of a word: life never stops and struggle never stops.     Remember last spring, this bauhinia vine came to my house from the flower market. At that time, the exquisite flowerpot was covered with white stones, and a thick root with a penholder emerged in the middle, with several long green leaves hanging on the triangular bamboo frame on the flowerpot. Each leaf looked so green, and the sprouts extending out had rolled silk, looking for something to hang on, the sprouts growing out of the triangular bamboo frame were holding each other, and the green leaves swayed in the wind, like children’s cheerful dance..     I gently untied the filaments that encircled each other and attached them to the guardrail of the balcony one by one. I watched the buds continue to stretch upward every day and the filaments tightly encircled the steel wires of the guardrail, as if I saw its determination to step by step and the joy of harvest every day..     Perhaps it was due to the change of seasons, or perhaps it was not carefully cared for. Shortly after midsummer, I found that the leaves of Cercis chinensis rattan turned yellow slowly and its roots dried up slowly.. Pieces of fallen leaves and withered bauhinia vines appear so bleak and helpless in the bleak autumn wind.. I picked up a fallen leaf and said to myself that this bauhinia vine may not have a future … Ah, the years will return, winter will come and spring will come.. The wife gave all the plants in the family soil and fertilizer, hoping to rejuvenate the withered flowers and trees in the spring.. I didn’t have much hope for this withered bauhinia vine at first, until one day, my wife cried excitedly, ” Husband, come on, bauhinia vine is sprouting buds.”. I realized, ” Spring is really coming and everything is beginning to recover.”. Every time I stand on the balcony, I can feel the elongation of bauhinia vine and the strength of its hand holding the steel wire, but I can’t imagine the way it attaches when climbing the wall.. Is still a step by step, the difference is the length of the cane extension, the amount of new life. In the light of the sun, there are endless, luxuriant and luxuriant branches and leaves..     The growing process of Bauhinia vine is like the process of life. A person’s life will never be smooth sailing. As long as he moves forward step by step and struggles endlessly, he can sit and watch the wind rise and fall and watch the tide rise and fall.. Even if we fall into the low point of life, we must not give up lightly. We must believe that there is still spring and let us rebuild our lives. As long as we live, there will be more than one struggle..