At leisure, burn a paragraph of scholarly tea

Read a book in the afternoon, enjoy a cup of tea, cuddle up with you in the evening, and watch the sunset in a rocking chair.. In the evening, I drank tea under the apricot tree until the moonlight and dew were cool and refreshing..    The so-called wasteland is nothing more than this. One tea, one meal, one porridge, one dish, and one person. Tea in spring, leaf sweeping in autumn, poultry raising in summer and firewood burning in winter. Wen: I sit alone in front of my desk, one person and one thing I love, enjoying a quiet life like water in the tumultuous world of mortals, and soaking my mind into a cup of tea.. Looking at the time quietly flowing away from me. Whether it’s joy, pain, sweetness or sadness, all the past is become memories, deep or shallow.       When you are in a good mood, write some words in small pieces. Some of the past often become lingering feelings under the pen, and become stories of how many mediocre days to think about.. I like to have some emotional names, which should reflect a person’s temporary mood. Poetic name, calm language, and then tell a story like a dream far away from reality.       Some people, you care about but can’t keep together, some things, you want to have but can’t get, some past events, you want to forget to always linger back and forth in the middle of the night.. Love, alarm, pain and happiness make life perfect. Sometimes I want to be free and easy and happy, but I can’t give up on things or people around me. Maybe this is a woman, but I can’t afford it..       In my spare time, the static god stares at the ups and downs of tea leaves in the cup, and slowly stretches, swaying and ups and downs in various forms, just like the ups and downs of life, like the vigorous spring. Sweep away the dust from your heart’s clothing, take a cup of tea to read your heart’s joys and sorrows, understand the meaning of life’s taking and putting, and understand the meaning of fading everything in and out..       Drink a cup of tea, whether warm or cool, taste the vicissitudes of the world, write a few simple words, send it to the unknown world, be a calm person, don’t ask for right or wrong, and watch the world of mortals in troubled times.. Taste a cup of tea, enjoy the tea time and feel the slow time. In a cup of tea, get calm, get light, get quiet.       The numerous and complicated thoughts and tangled feelings, soaked in tea, slowly moisten, slowly stretch, float in the warmth, and finally the lingering heart is gradually relieved once again in the fragrance of tea.. Soak your days in the tea, dance in the tea fragrance with any kind of gentle feeling, and let all distractions be quiet in the tea fragrance.       Just looking up at a tree of time; In a time of ease, Ren Chunfeng gently swayed his mind and waited quietly while a leaf floated down. When the leaves leave gracefully and calmly out of the branches and draw a graceful arc in the line of sight, the silent life seems to be given a reserved indulgence without any effort and exhaustion of heart..       The years are quiet and good. Write one at once and sign it: Some year, some month, some day, it’s raining slightly. I’m here and miss you..       Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719