All the food was eaten by insects

In the morning, I woke up from the laughter of children playing at the bottom of the building. I didn’t know that the first rays of sunshine of the sun had been snapped onto the bed. I quickly got up and smiled shamefully. What’s the matter? How can I not wake up as soon as I come back??     I went to the balcony to take a few deep breaths, exercise my muscles and bones, look at the bright sunshine outside and the bright green flowers, and think it’s a good world. It’s really good to wake up in the morning and open your eyes and see the sun. Thank you, who are you grateful for? I can’t say well, either..     Go straight to the kitchen and get used to washing up after getting up early every day. However, what I saw next was the first time I met in my 30s and was depressed to death.! Pick up the beans on the bubble last night and prepare to wash them. when you look at them, there are two bugs floating on the surface of the water, huh? Where did you get it? Will there be worms in the beans? Didn’t listen to mother said! Doubtfully pulled open the cabinet where food was stored, and several moths fluttered out, mama ah! I flopped my head away and opened the bucket of coarse cereals again. My mother, I saw that all the small bags of coarse cereals that I bought from thousands of people were crawling with bugs. My scalp immediately became numb, and then I pulled out the small bag filled with beans, which was riddled with holes. There were several black bugs crawling around. I was surprised to shake off the beans and they scattered all over the floor. I thought I didn’t turn on the light last night and put my hand in to catch the beans. My heart only scratched my hands on me and day after day..   Web page. Sanwentz. COM / Look at my mung bean, sorghum rice, black rice, yellow rice, corn chaff, wheat kernel, coix seed and medlar, each of them will not escape this fate. There are either worms crawling in it or eggs already in it, and they are hung with flocs. God knows, there are some things inside that I just bought in less than half a month. I have lived for a few days and my family has become like this.. Think of the husband last week from her mother-in-law home with less than half a bag of white rice, open on see, my mother ah, the light rice bag fell off the bug is enough for me to stick out my tongue, some long are almost one centimeter long, white and fat, hateful things, incredibly collective punishment to this, and how innocent it is. I angrily, hate tooth itch, but can’t eat them all in the belly. The most hateful thing for me was the bag of silver and spring noodles that I bought only after a careful look. I was surprised to scoop out some flour and watch it carefully. There were also small insects inside. I was completely dizzy.!     I can’t cry and laugh. I called my mother with a sad face and asked for countermeasures. My mother told me that rice noodles in June and July are easy to get worms, so I should buy as little as possible and eat them as soon as possible. If only the worms were picked up, putting a little pepper in the bag will play a role of prevention and extermination, and it would be good to pick out the worms when eating.. As soon as I listen to them, I’ll pick out bugs. Just think I haven’t bought them. After a pause, I’ve completely cleared up my food cabinet. All I should throw is to close my eyes and throw them away. I’ll buy them when it gets cold.!     A small bag of black sesame far away from the source of the disaster is the only one to survive. I don’t understand the mystery around here. Maybe God doesn’t want me to lose too much at once, or maybe he wants to teach me how to manage my life.!     My grain crops are all eaten by insects! Pain, pain, pain!    [ Editor in Charge: Rain Also Odd ]