A woman who likes writing

A woman who likes writing is destined to be a lonely pedestrian. Walking in the narrow bridge, streaming through the curved river, holding a tender weeping willow in the moonlight like silver night, let your feet walk on by in the smooth riverside corridor, listening to frogs singing cicadas, watching the mountain breeze blowing gently, overlooking the boundless starry sky, and letting your heart’s words sing softly like water..   Like words, there is no reason. Just like it very much. There are many things and many people in this world, often without any reason, but they like it without complaint or regret.. Perhaps, in many cases, the text acts as a bosom friend and a friend’s bosom. It contains all the bitter tears in my heart and all the love of my life..   Women who like writing are destined to be lonely. No matter how windy and rainy it is, or how bright the moon is, you can only sit quietly in your corner, watch an orange light, lean on a cane chair covered with pillow, taste a cup of tea alone, hold a thin book, study it carefully and realize it seriously, like looking for your own shadow and your dream in the book..   I don’t know from what time, I like writing like this. I like it a little crazy and unreasonable.. Can put down the rest, give up travel, put down the day, put down the ground, but can’t put down the book, put down the text. Although, many times in the text, the narration is a kind of helplessness, the talk is a kind of pain, but it also contains a kind of wisdom, a kind of feeling in the years, it accompanies his heart from youth to maturity every step every inch of time, witnessing his every bit every drop of growth.   Most women who like writing are sentimental. For a heavy cloud in the sky, a sudden flash flood; The fate of an unknown stranger and a small life of tenacious struggle against the disease will bring sadness and tears to my heart.. What I know most is that I often sit in front of the TV set, moved by the plot in the TV series, watching stories that I can’t put down and wiping tears that I can’t wipe out..   Women who like writing have exquisite thoughts, rich feelings and more sensibility than rationality. Often for a bit of afternoon sun, a fiery sunset, a quiet moonlit night and cause regrets. For a gorgeous color, a look at the cool spring, a wisp of spring breeze, a warm summer rain and emotion. Even the clear eyes of a child and the friendly smile of a stranger also trigger thoughts like tide.   Women who like writing are simple and believe that the most beautiful realm is nature. I like to meet people with plain clothes and plain faces.. I don’t have time to make up, I don’t have a chance to take to the streets, I don’t know about fashion and fashion. Also don’t know the trend and brand. Just often braved foolishness to hide the book’s dull breath. However, there is a kind of blue heart and wisdom in his bones, showing a kind of equanimity and enrichment, a kind of wisdom and calm between raising his hand and throwing his foot..   Women who like words are also kind. Because she learned too much truth from the book, appreciated too many articles, and learned too much truth, goodness and beauty. Unconsciously imperceptible, also influenced by the text, clear kindness is the root of life.