A paved kang is home

In the north, every family in the mountains has to have a kang to stop the wind from Siberia from deceiving the snow. No fire resistance is not a family, no matter how shabby and humble the house is, as long as there is a fire resistance, it is a family. Living in the northern mountain nest, I have had an unbroken relationship with the heatable kang since I could remember.     It is very important for people in the mountains to have a heatable kang. It is a family bedroom, a dining hall and sometimes a living room.. People who have worked hard for a day in the mountains or fields fill their stomachs with coarse tea and light rice, and lie on the hot kang to sleep all over Tongtai. In the morning, the woman brought the prepared food to the kang, and an old and small family ate breakfast around the shabby kang table.. Sometimes the heatable kang also functions as a living room. when the east and west courts come to visit, the host will warmly welcome him out: ” he Liu Shu, get up on the kang, get up on the kang to be warm and warm.”. The guests took off their shoes and went to the kang, conveniently took the cup from their host, sipped hot tea and removed their itchy buttocks before talking to their host..     One place at a time said that in some places guests from home never have to take off their shoes and go to the kang. Once I went to the uncle’s house in the adjacent forest farm and at the end of the meal, uncle brought back two workmates who did not take off their shoes. ” Cheng” jumped onto the kang and sat cross-legged at the table. I was in a hurry: why don’t you take off your shoes and go to the kang?. The two of them laughed loudly: Boy, it’s not from this forest farm. I don’t like it here. I take off my shoes and go to kang tai to ” separate life from life.”. I am ignorant.     My earliest knowledge of heatable kang was perceptual and hazy. The heatable kang, built from adobe, crawled on the north side of the house as long as I could remember. It was weak, boneless and old, and lay there so soft and collapsed, but it just could support a complete home.. Many years ago, a runner brought back a woman from his hometown in western Liaoning with a salary of two months. That night, the kang was burned so hot that two people began to sleep together. From then on, the room became angry, and the kang also had life and body temperature.. The man is my father and the woman is my mother. Before long, a new life was born on this kang. First sister, then my brother, and naturally my life and that of my brother also started from this kang, which doomed me to be entangled with this kang for the rest of my life.. At the moment of birth, I panicked and shivered and willingly threw myself into the arms of the kang. The umbilical cord I had just been cut from the mother’s body by the midwife firmly stuck to the kang, and the mother forgot the pain and watched my sleeping face on the kang and smiled knowingly.. When I was older, I struggled out of my infancy many times, leaving footprints on the kang where I stumbled and knocked, trying to jump off the kang several times and go out to the outside world, often falling into the middle of my nose and blue face and crying aloud..     Until I went to school, there was no’ bed’ in my mind. The children in the mountains had never seen or slept in a bed, because kang was so important to the mountain people that the thick kang attracted me like a huge magnetic field.. At that time, a bad element was crudely engraved on my father, who was so hard to find in the unit that our sisters naturally became sons of bitches and were met with other children’s eyes outside, so we always went straight home after school and the fire resistance at home became a paradise for my brother and me.. In the winter of September, the snow fell outside the house, but the house was warm as spring. On the kang, our father taught us the minimum conscience in simple language.. At that time, the power failure belonged to pediatrics. Our elder sisters were sitting on the kang table where they ate at ordinary times to write their homework. A faint light was beating away from the kang table, filling up the cabin.. Parents must be pleased to see some of their’ masterpieces’ and will surely be overjoyed.. Our sisters learned to read characters and to be human on this warm kang.. With the heatable kang at home, even in the darkest days, we will find warmth when we run back.     In the mountains in the north, most men are logging and farming outside. Kang is only the place where they go home to eat and sleep. Kang is only a part of men at best.. Women wash clothes and cook meals at home and deal with kang all day, so kang is all they have. mountain people call women’ kang king’. over time, kang also has maternity. It has been with women all the year round. Although it has experienced many vicissitudes, it has no feeling of exhaustion. For a long time, it can’t be sure where it collapsed. Men go out to get a adobe and put it on and wipe some yellow mud at random.. The fire resistance was solid and calm, warming the children of generations in the northern mountains with its hot chest..     One day twenty years ago, my father didn’t get up for dinner and didn’t go to work in the morning. He was sleeping soundly and snoring on our heated kang.. Mother was stunned: ” His father doesn’t usually do this, his father, his father.”. ‘ mother cried in panic. When the doctor came, he was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage. Father slept on the kang for two days, his face gradually paled and lost color, and his father took the heat of the kang to another cold world.. We didn’t cry and watched the adults stiffly lift their father to the cold wooden board outside as if he were silly.. In my imagination, my father is not dead, and he will come back to sleep with us on the kang at night.. I didn’t realize that my father would lose his warmth forever and be frozen in that pit until I saw people use coffins to carry him to a pit on the back mountain..     After my father’s death, the heatable kang in my family became more and more empty from its original crowded condition. Sister’s marriage, brother’s soldiers, and later my brother and I also entered the city with the warmth of a heatable kang and became human-like officers, leaving only the elderly mother sitting on the kang gnawing at the past..     Although there were fewer people in the room, the mother never let the kang cool down. She was afraid that her sons and daughters would suddenly come back at night and sleep on a cold kang. Besides, her wife was still lying on the back hill. Her mother was sure that her wife was at home because her temperature was still on the kang. She could not say for sure which day her wife was too cold to run back to the kang at home and have a good night’s sleep..     After years of food hunting in the city, I lived much more comfortably than a forest farm from getting married and having children to living in a spacious building, and sleeping in a soft bed was really much more elegant and comfortable than a forest farm’s heatable kang.. Even so, I sometimes feel dizzy and nervous when I wake up at night. I don’t know where I am. I have a feeling of staying in a hotel, which is always not as good as sleeping on a heated kang in a forest farm..     I always remember my mother at home and the kang, and whenever I had the chance, I went back to the forest farm and listened as a child on the kang, so I could clearly hear the pulse of ” boom . boom” on the kang..     In the dead of night, I couldn’t sleep, so I looked to the north and the kang in my home was caressing my soul with kind eyes..     State Taxation Bureau, Friendly District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province: Xia Yujun