A constant concern

January 1, 2012. Midnight. Under the call of much-anticipated expectations, a new year has finally arrived. In a twinkling, 2011 was a year that was once, a year that was about to be forgotten. Time, like sand leakage, passes through the fingers bit by bit, year after year, day after day, never stopping. Every year at the end of the year, television broadcasts some important events that have taken place in the year, such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, exciting dramas, or mournful songs of compassion.. Every story has an epic story, which makes people shake their heads regretfully, or cry with joy, and stirs up their thoughts of looking back suddenly..     The earth, which has been drenched by rain for several weeks, reemerges with sunshine just as the old year is about to go.. The silent sky returned to darkness and was no longer a storm surge. A crescent moon hung in the still night sky, splashing with a soft moonlight.. The night wind also stopped screaming with the disappearance of the rain, gently touching the curtain. When people are counting down the minutes with excitement and celebrating the new year, when the dark sky blooms the first gorgeous and unusual fireworks, I am habitually carrying a small rope, a lonely one and hitting the endless chant of mind again under this dim light..     Looking back on 2011, I really felt a lot about how I went through this period of time.. I once thought that in that year, my greatest achievement was to know a group of friends who share the same interests and love words.. Along the way, carrying a heavy burden, wandering in the vast sea of the net, looking for an unknown place so that his heart can inhabit. As the sun rises and the moon falls, the stars move around, listening to the morning clock and the evening drum and facing the sunset and the morning dew, they unknowingly come to participate in the prose online bill, as if to a paradise. There are many poetic writers living here, including wind, rain, clouds, mountains, water, sea, streams and dreams, all of which are so enjoyable.. And I, here, met my network sister and teacher.     My fate began to change when I stepped into the personal library regulations and participated in QQ. I went from being an unknown nobody, alone, walking and writing until I had many friends’ company and sisters’ attention. With my articles and poems, I grieved and prayed for me.. I never thought I would open up a new world for my life by putting into this colorful world with a broken chapter.. Mottled memories, wrinkled diaries, sad words, trembling hands, bumpy journey and wild weeds spread with the change of seasons on this warm stage..     I know I found a place to live, and I’m sure this will be where I’m stationed. So, I have three homes. Looking at his increasingly mature chapter, he gradually discovered that he could write articles that touched people’s hearts without luxuriant words. No need for sonorous words, but also to warm people’s hearts. I weave my dream with my heart, write poems and essays, talk with my dear sisters and friends in chat rooms, and talk freely.. Under the warm and caring atmosphere, I enjoy the love of everyone and feel their infinite blessings..     I thought I could greet the new year with a hope and a joy, but I didn’t expect to get the evil consumption of a close relative at the end of the year, leaving me standing in the wind and speechless for a long time.. Tears, wet the increasingly dry eyes again. Heart, it hurts! The setting sun is still near dusk, and she has tried her best to clear up for me for my sorrow. She was angry with me for my story. She, once lost for me, lit up my front. She was worried about my online life and worried that I would get hurt again if I was sad.. Now, I can only accept this evil consumption helplessly and look helplessly at her wet eyes.     When I heard the news about her, I couldn’t help feeling guilty.. Thought, these days, have I ever really tried to erase the past? In the past year, have I ever really thought about how many invisible tears my depravity has brought to relatives around me? And she, watching me continue to grieve, continues to languish for a love without ending, how much does her heart hurt? Remember, she told me countless times that she wanted to see a new self.     Standing at the window, eyes glistening with tears, pondering over and over again. I have always been intoxicated with my writing and brought my life into the buckle chat room, ignoring the care of my close relatives and their expectations for me. I told myself it was time to wake up! How short life is, if I don’t extricate myself, I really waste her mind and can’t afford to treat her any more. For her, I would like to find myself, and I would like to find my smile.     In the boundless net sea, my heart has three flowers, two moons, two teachers, two small animals, a star, a dream ~ daffodils, hongmei, sea sunflowers, Gu Yue, shui zhong yue, stupid rats, little birds, wutong, sun teacher, Xu principal, xinghui, secluded dreams. Every one has accompanied me through countless lonely nights, and every one has read my mood portrayal. With everyone’s encouragement and attention, I was very surprised to see my work gradually mature and selected as a good product.. In fact, I once doubted whether the article I wrote was prose or not.. I have even thought about whether I have ever hurt anyone during this journey..     People have joys and sorrows, the moon has rain and shine, and the whole world has a feast. For my close relatives, I must stay away from these idyllic places for a while. I must return to real life, care about people around me, and look for my direction.. I want her to see me out of the haze, and I want her to see my smile. I will use the time of writing and chatting to care about the people around me. I will use my spare time to pray for her, accompany her and protect her until her expectations of me come true..    Although I am about to leave, I have an inseparable caring for everyone and an unchanging caring for everyone.. Thank you for your support, love and care all the way, and I will always remember it in my heart. I hope you will hear me whispering in the wind when you open the window and look out the window every night. Maybe you will see the full moon hanging in the sky.. But I want to tell you, in my heart, the moon is intact every night.. Perhaps, the missing part is the one I care about you and the one I miss you.     When I return, I hope to be able to show you a new self and bring you a new excellent work. Then, I am fulfilling the wish of my closest relative.!