There are three narrow boundaries in the eyes, and there is no one bed wide in my heart

Modern civilization has brought us many considerable benefits and choices, but it seems that many people, especially those living in a competitive society, feel that life is full of pressure and anxiety, eyes full of worries and feelings of emotional suffocation are spreading.. Our hearts are often too divided, sensitive and fragile. Most of the pressure is just a cover-up of our insecurity, and it is a potential manifestation of self – attachment.. People are bound by psychological pressure and anxiety, and can’t let go of our struggle, just like being stuck in a mud pond, and still struggling deeper and deeper. This is our life sometimes. Complicating the problem is sometimes something that is very common in our ideas.. Let life struggle less, only face the pressure openly, not escape, and use the elastic force of life to bring you back to the origin of life.. As life seems too tight for us to avoid stress. Whenever we encounter problems, our hearts are happy to be separated from pain or negativity. Often small events will arouse great psychological pain.. People will indulge in the maintenance of happiness, or get rid of failure, even if it is legitimate, but its experience will inevitably be strengthened, instead it will brew bitter wine, and happiness will never have a chance to arise.. We don’t blame the environment for the problem, but the wrong cognition and inherent experience are leading us to the mud pond.. What people experience in this world is only the transformation of bitterness and joy. We will focus on what we lack or worry about what we already have.. When our hearts become more and more tense with these thoughts, we will be subject to what is in our eyes and make our living space smaller and smaller. Another manifestation of life is that some people do not face life according to their own way of life, but change themselves passively because of the environment or other people’s way. The demands of the outside world become their own demands, which are deeply buried in their hearts and create a source of potential troubles in life.. This self-control will only create stress and become exhausted, which is a big variable in life. Many things in life are not about your ability, but about your mentality and cognition. As long as we actively work towards our own goals and work hard, we will keep a carefree heart.. Don’t compare and complain with yourself. There are always some troubles in life, like Qiu Lai’s desolation, but there are also many harvests in autumn. Sometimes the troubles in life lie not in how much you lose, but in how much inspiration you have.. Sometimes I think life is really meant to be here. The pain of life experience will not reduce too much happiness. The happiness gained today often comes from experience. We can fully embrace the bittersweet life.. There is something in your eyes. What you lose is not only happiness, but also your state of mind, time and happiness. We should give the space needed for the peace of mind, just like flood discharge, so that things in the eyes and hearts can be quickly eliminated to avoid them hurting us from time to time.. If we are used to staying in negative situations and fighting against them, our whole mentality, opinions and experience will inevitably become negative and life will be full of pain.. Positive thoughts are like clear springs, which can become refreshing agents of the soul and bring happiness and serenity to our hearts. Hold a positive attitude towards each scene and will deeply feel positive energy. If we have any positive quality in life, no matter how small it is, we will guide ourselves to face everything truly.. We can find peace in this world, but life is full of twists and turns because of the noise and changes around us. If life is easy, we may never realize true peace. Everything is impermanent and constantly changing, even our hearts are troubled. We ourselves are changing. Nothing is absolutely negative. Make good use of it. Things that change will only affect our life to a certain extent. Only ourselves will make us change our life. As long as we choose so, learn to build ourselves and live happily in our hearts.. The goal of life is to develop an attitude of changing the painful influence and opinions, to regard stress as a positive and enlightening opportunity, and to develop all positive habits, excessive anxiety and haste will only create bigotry and pain.. If we let life have more chances to stretch out, we must make our eyes clear and our hearts broad so that our hearts can have the ability to feel happiness.. There are three narrow boundaries in the eyes, and there is no one bed wide in my heart. Only when we truly understand ourselves can we give full play to our calm side and regain the joy and health of life.. When the mood learns to open up, our hearts will light up the tomb-sweeping day and discover the source of serenity.. Everything in life depends on each other, breaking through the self-concept and realizing the new self. It will integrate real, positive, open and joyful content.