Enjoy the light loneliness

[ Editor’s Note ]This kind of light loneliness, though it has no noise from all dust, is by no means the loneliness of the soul.. It is another kind of vitality and another kind of spiritual nutrition that life gives me. Careful experience, wonderful, fun!  I am the kind of woman who is a little conceited. I think I have a half-belly classic poem and book. I think I look more beautiful than flowers and feel more gentle than water.. A woman like me doesn’t like to dance and dance. I don’t like drinking tea and chanting poems and talking freely with three friends, but I have a special liking for loneliness.. How much hope, how much yearning!     This kind of light loneliness, although it does not have any noise of dust, is by no means the loneliness of the heart. It is another kind of vitality and another kind of spiritual nutrition that life gives me. Careful experience, wonderful, fun!     Every time I was alone at home, a feeling of inexplicable happiness kept coming to me. So, I quickly finished all the housework, with a childlike excitement, singing out-of-tune songs. My body and my heart can completely belong to myself in a small space and a peaceful environment, even occasionally. A seemingly lonely day can reveal its true self.     Therefore, I thoroughly washed away the dust of the day for myself, at the same time, I also washed away all my troubles and tiredness, closed the door of the book, hid myself in the small heaven and earth belonging to me, sprinkled a faint perfume of flowers on my body, and my heart was warm and mysterious.. Although it is a little lonely to be alone, it is a wonderful feeling to me.     Because, ah, I enjoy the sweetness of loneliness so much!     Sitting in front of the dressing mirror, smelling the faint scent of the body, looking at the purple curtains with butterfly patterns, it seems like being in a paradise. So, dress up as you like. Don’t care about the discretion and quality of makeup, because you don’t have to show it to people other than yourself. Just a few minutes. The woman in the mirror becomes unusually beautiful, and it is always appropriate to wear heavy makeup and light makeup.. I was intoxicated for a long time. This gives birth to much confidence and pride in my heart. I have also found some traces of time by accident. I am not discouraged, nor do I care. I took photos of the past, looked at the star-like appearance, and appreciated the tender feelings and sweetness of youth.. As if to understand, many suitors in the past were excusable. Slowly, there is something in my heart that can be called sweet emotion rising. Who said that youth is perishable, beauty will be old, too many teenagers and women in the mirror will still be as beautiful as color photos on the wall, both in appearance and in mind!     Because ah, I am so aware of the beauty of loneliness!     Sitting at the desk, not turning on the light, not turning on the computer, not turning over the books, and tuning the CD to the lowest sound in the dark room. Play a song to participate in the Mountain and Water Bill and listen to the melody of flowing clouds like water, as if feeling the joy and joy of Yu Boya’s encounter with his friend Zhong Ziqi.. Even fantasizing about one day, my soul’s friend will cut wood and cut trees not far away. So the heart has a solemn and stirring feeling, and it is hard to find a friend. If you die for a friend, what regrets will you die?!     There are also times when young people learn to listen to popular songs.. I especially like those sad songs. It’s like taking part in a wet heart rule: what got my eyes wet, couldn’t see the back of you gone away, what chilled my mood and couldn’t hold the warmth of your old days.. Although I have never seen the back of my head clearly, I often dissolve myself into the sad and beautiful environment and willingly feel the helpless emotion, hazy pain and virtual beauty.!     Because, ah, I am so savoring the lonely truth!     Tired, I closed my eyes and left my mind blank to the bottom of my heart. What also don’t want to, what also can’t think about. Slowly relax your body, and the miracle that follows appears. Everything in the past, people in the past, and things in the past are connected in series bit by bit, appearing in your mind like an image..     Think of that day, a long time no see friend hung up the phone, every word, every word, even every breath, just like the eyes, the heart also moved deeply.     Also think of the encounter a few years ago, the boy who pursued himself for three years in school, now a personable man. Another time, he smiled faintly and said simply, ” At the beginning, please do not promise to watch a movie with me for dozens of times and regret it?”? Not yet, but now I want to say thank you to you! ”. Thought of here, I couldn’t help laughing. At the bottom of my heart there was a voice saying, ” Although I don’t regret it, I regret it”, because I didn’t experience the feeling of sitting next to another man in a movie theater in my life..     Also once thought of the couple who were young, did not understand the world and could not rub a grain of sand into their eyes..Once upon a time, for the sake of trivial matters, a great fight was fought and the spirit was extinguished in the heart.. Think of today’s calm and love, regret not at the beginning. Only after learning tolerance and respect can one understand what is real life and true love. Loneliness is not too late for me to wake up. Fortunately, it is also a blessing.!     When you enjoy loneliness, you will occasionally get bored!     So, put the phone in front of the table. I have few friends who are not good at communicating with each other, and few do not often contact with each other. It happened that at this time there was a rise of mo Ming, ” the lyre was not intended to play, and the eight-line script could not be passed on”, hoping for a phone call or a text message and looking forward to wearing it.! A little rustling outside the window makes the heart tremble. Who thought it was with his heart, send me a greeting and a warning. But most of the time, it is time to get excited and then to get disappointed again and again.. Therefore, regret your indifference to friends. Friendship has always been mutual! So, grab the phone, crazy general writing information, will go out one by one. Words are cut, feelings are deep, he moved himself to tears, he intoxicated himself with excitement! Then, a feeling of happiness grew up. Perhaps this is the fairness of love, giving love and inadvertently harvesting it.     When lonely and boring, I miss my hometown especially and the mountains and waters of my hometown.. That kind of taste is the taste of homesickness. Nostalgia lightly surrounds me as if my mother appeared in front of me and called me Mom. How are you? Tears burst its banks!     Loneliness, light loneliness, really gave me the feeling of charging. Releasing my fatigue and confusion, I learned to think. In the process of thinking, we have a new understanding of life. Let me feel the value of life, the truth of life and the preciousness of life one by one. Therefore, I will cherish life, health, everything I have, the nature I live in, and even a leaf in nature.!     Light loneliness, light thinking, light happiness and light sadness make my mood calm and warm, make my body relaxed and real, make my heart indifferent and distant, and make my emotions soft and fine.!     I love this kind of loneliness, light loneliness! ( 2182 )[ Responsible Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers[ Original ]