Grandmother’s sacrifice

The old locust tree in front of the door is spitting out buds. It seems that it is warm….. Baozhenniao called long summer and said everything. The weather looks warm this year. Baozhenniao on the old locust tree in front of the gate has been called for several days.. ” —” grandma’s spoken phrase ” grandma’s only sister-in-law in the world ( grandma 4 ) died, so I’m bound to go back to my hometown. At the end of the day, the first thing I saw was the tall old locust tree at the door, still so vicissitudes of life, year after year. As we approached, the suona sound from the fourth grandma’s house next door knew what the old dong guye was blowing for the deceased because of his old age and lack of gas. the sound was no longer as harmonious and pleasing to the ear as it used to be.. Then mingled with the intermittent cries and the noise of the laborers make people feel torn and torn.. Through the locked door door, enough to see the unbearable silence brought by long absence of people can be described as’ poor’ without exaggeration. A butt sitting under the old locust tree grandma used to sit on the stone bar, a sad blur of eyes.   Right here, I clearly remember that my childhood was spent here. To be exact, I grew up here climbing on grandma’s back. At that time, grandma’s back was so good and smooth that it would be safer and warmer to climb on it with grandma’s hands stretched out from behind to hold my ass.. When I was a child, I was in poor health with a hernia and loved to cry. Grandma was afraid of the hernia coming down and would try to make me happy. As long as I didn’t cry, even if I was a cow and a horse, over time, Grandma found the most appropriate way to’ carry’ me around under the old locust tree, tired and sitting on a stone bar to rest. I cried or didn’t want to, and then continued to wander around with Grandma. In this way, I would sleep peacefully.. In this way, I learned a lot of children’s songs and ballads on grandma’s back, listening to ancient and modern times and telling stories. Until the first lesson in primary school – sheep herding. During this period, I also asked grandma a lot of questions that she gradually understood now – grandma was sitting on a stone bar to wash her feet, the old man’s feet were less than five inches, and she had been wrapped up all the time. She just felt different from her mother’s and did not take off her shoes on the kang. I watched for a long time and said curiously, ” Grandma, your feet are very much like the Mo Dou used by carpenters when they were fixing houses at home.. Grandma told a meaningful story about the status of their generation of women at that time. There is a relatively young elm tree next to the old locust tree. She once asked grandma, ” What drips from the elm tree is like your canthus excrement.”. Grandma said it was elm trees crying. I asked Zha if the old locust tree had shed tears before. Grandma said the old locust tree had shed tears before, but now it is old and the tears are running dry. Look again, the old locust tree skin in our house is thicker and rougher than the ordinary tree. It is the wrinkles of the tree. The older the tree, the deeper the wrinkles will be.. Looking at the wrinkles like the skin of grandma’s locust tree, I seemed to understand them at that time. Right here, grandma told me to get up and go to school in the morning by judging the change of ” Samsung” and ” Qixing” orientation in the old locust tree ( at that time, the family could not afford a clock for chickens to nod and eat at all ). grandma’s ” clock” didn’t work when it was cloudy in winter, so she had to put on her clothes and stand under the old locust tree in the cold to wait for other people’s children to get up when they generally went to school. over time, grandma’s ” clock” was accurate, whether it was sunny or rainy in autumn and winter, and whether it was windy or rainy, I never came late.. Gradually, through grandma, I learned a lot under the old locust tree and benefited a lot from it, which is still a great fortune and will be used for a lifetime.. Later, I went out of the house and every time I came home, I could see the old man sitting on the old stone bar under the old locust tree looking forward to our children and grandchildren.. The old pagoda tree has become the sustenance of missing children and grandchildren, and the old stone bar has also become a hotbed for the elderly during the day.. Day after day, the old man’s hair became white, and the wrinkles like the skin of the locust tree became deeper as a knife.. Finally, she was bedridden, and only at noon, when the sun was shining, did her mother help her to sit quietly under the old locust tree for a moment. At the same time when I held the wedding in the provincial capital, the old man gave up the old locust tree and the old stone bar that silently accompanied her all her life, and when I came back with my newly married wife, I left me another new grave on the ancestral grave..   A few years later, the old locust tree and the old stone stick were still the same, but the only sister-in-law who was best with grandma also died and walked into the fourth grandma’s spiritual pivot with mixed feelings. I cried aloud. I lost my appearance and was vaguely pulled by someone, but I heard someone say that the child might vent his anger by not keeping filial piety for the aunt.. In fact, because of superstition, my father told Wan Ding not to let me cry at that time, because I took my newly married daughter-in-law into the door and I could only listen to my father’s. A few years of guilt was finally vented and I saw my mother with her son who had just turned three saying something to each other on the old stone bar under the old locust tree, much like it was 30 years ago today..   ( Take the opportunity of Fourth Grandma’s wake to express her concern for the late grandmother. )