Forever memories

On March 19, 2009, in the lunar calendar February 23, it was a day of tore heart and cracked lung and broken liver and intestine.. At 6: 30 in the morning, my dear father left us forever with the infinite love and attachment of his loved ones…….     My father spent all his life working for the Party and the people and raising us with painstaking efforts.. Dad’s character is noble and his spirit is great. Dad is a mountain and a monument.. Dad always told us: honesty, kindness, filial piety and gratitude.     Today is the annual Tomb Sweeping Day. As soon as it gets bright, we set foot on the journey to visit our father.. Although I wore thick clothes, it may be because I miss my father too much, but my heart is still shaking and I feel very cold and cold all over.. When I came to the graveyard, my eyes were full of weeds, so sad that I couldn’t help crying. I knelt down beside my father’s grave and told him that my daughter had come to see you again. At this time, there were too many memories and too many memories emerged in front of me……     I remember once when I was washing dishes in the kitchen and heard a noise, I hurried to see, er, bad, and saw my father fall heavily on the ground.. ” Dad had fallen once before and his legs and feet were not agile”, he saw his father’s face was covered with blood, and the blood in his mouth dyed the ground red.. At that time, I was frightened. I cried to help dad. dad looked at me crying and comforted me by saying, ” don’t cry, girl. it’s okay. dad doesn’t hurt.”. Er, ah, I said dad, his mouth and face were broken like that. why don’t you say it doesn’t hurt? don’t comfort me. I helped dad up, wiped the blood off his face and mouth, and helped him to rest. I really hate myself, I didn’t do my duty, otherwise my father wouldn’t fall like this. If I accompany my father all the time, how can he fall? I regret my death. I thought it would never happen again. I often take my father out on the balcony to bask in the sun. I remember that day, the weather was fine, the blue sky, the faint clouds, the wind blowing gently, and occasionally the swallow flew over.. I walked a few laps with my father, who said he was tired and sat down to rest. I brought a rope skipping that can be counted. I said dad and I jumped rope. Can you count it for me? Dad said yes, you jump. I started skipping rope and Dad started counting. 1、2、3……. My father sneezed two times in a row. I thought it was broken. I’m sure I can’t count on it. But I was wrong. I stopped to ask my father and looked at the counter on the rope skipping with my eyes. The number pointed to 49. My father said 49. Ha ha, that’s right. I didn’t forget to count when sneezing. I held out my thumb to my father.. I remember when I took my arms around my father in pettish fashion. When I saw his white hair, my heart was very uncomfortable. My nose was sour and tears gushed out of my eyes.. I put my arm around my father’s neck and put my face on his face. I said dad, you sing me a song. dad said with a smile at the time that he could sing two sentences when he was young. now he is old and can’t sing well.. I shook my father. He couldn’t stand my soft grinding and promised to sing to me.. Dad said I’ll sing the east is red for you. I said yes, sing. Dad really sang this old and familiar dongfanghong. Although Dad didn’t sing very well, he touched me and made me remember forever.     Dad was seriously ill when he was admitted to the hospital and has been in intensive care unit. Looking at Dad’s inability to speak and eat, I was so scared that I had to knock 27 heads every night, praying to heaven gods to bless Dad’s safety, escape this disaster and live a long and healthy life.. My brother also invited famous doctors from Beijing and other places to consult and airlifted many medicines from Britain, America and other countries to save my father.. I used to vomit and couldn’t eat any food after wiping my stool for my father. When I saw my father lying there, my life and death were uncertain, I suddenly changed completely, as if I had given birth again. I didn’t care about anything. In fact, life was given by my parents. It was necessary and proper to do anything for my parents.. Since then, I have washed my father’s dirty clothes without gloves. I want to do more for him, so that he can reduce his pain as much as possible and feel the warmth and affection. Everything is beautiful..     When my father was alive, we often went to travel abroad. whenever I thought about the situation at that time, I was very happy and very happy.. In xinghai square, I hug my father with my left hand and my mother with my right hand. happy smiles bloom on my face like flowers. At the big beach, we all held our trousers, bare feet, and picked up colorful shells. On Bird Island, we picked up birds’ eggs and chased seagulls.. But now that Dad is gone forever, where is Dad’s shadow? My heartache, my tears, my pain, my sadness, I really want to have a father’s day. I remember when we went to Hulu Mountain Villa, we visited the film and television base in He Qingkui and the Shengshui Lake, where the mountains were beautiful and the water was green. However, we were in a bad mood and didn’t have any interest in playing, just to comfort our mother and to accompany her for a walk.. Although I took a lot of photos with my mother, there was no father around me and no laughter in my ear…… Dad has gone, gone forever, now only memories, heartache, tears, missing. The younger brother’s classmate said this at the party: Honor your parents and don’t wait until there is no chance. This is the sentence, I cried and shed a lot of tears. Now I really don’t even have the chance to honor my father for a second. I’m very sad.. Although my father stayed in bed for 4 months and 6 days, I was almost never leaving, taking care of my father with all my heart, washing his face, feeding his food with medicine, wiping excrement and carrying urine, but I felt too insignificant and did too little to repay his parents for their kindness. I was ashamed and I regretted it even more..     In his later years, although his white hair and a tooth were lost, I still felt that my father was always the most handsome, lovely and kind father..Father, daughter, I want to turn my thoughts and regrets into care, consideration, companionship and filial piety for my mother.. Dad, you can rest assured that I will take good care of your mother and let her accompany us for decades. Dad and daughter will do this. You must be happy. That’s good. You can rest assured that I will never leave any regrets on my mother..     Dad, you must not forget our father’s agreement, you must still be my good father in the next life, and I will always be your most intimate little cotton-padded jacket.. My daughter wishes you prosperity in the kingdom of heaven, happiness and good luck forever.