Father love mountains

The appearance is apt to age.     When I thought I was red, I arrogantly pursued freedom from the maple tree. I happened to catch a glimpse of it in the crevice where the sunshine spilled on my body while I was drifting. The tree still tore at the wind and beat the rain for me..     I fell to the ground, only for the bright of the big tree in the coming year.     If the ants do not have the huge debris on their bodies, what is the significance of their existence? After losing it, animals can see, wind and rain can wreak havoc, and the short life will end in endless danger..     It is constantly carrying heavy objects and changing the burden on its body.. It should be so, it must be so.     The persistence of big trees is the expectation of land or sunshine, the mockery of wind and rain or the hope of moths.? Or quietly resist the verdant growth rings.     This could have bald branches to wait for the winter cold, this could have broken its arms to hide crows, how could it have held its head to meet the ice and snow and supported the sky to cross the dead leaves.     Sand mark.     The rugged lines meander the branches, the intricate branches become longer and longer, cicadas sing praises of time and the earth’s writing space wanders.     The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside.     The leaves are luxuriant and the branches do not stay.     So I rushed to the grass and pursued it at night and at dawn.     As I am, I blend into your heart.     The worm is still strong, why should I hesitate.     Paintings that have been spent are depicted on the ground, and the time has gone away.     All of them are the marks left by my tears, the sand changes, and after all, they are petrified.     Listen, the lost past is crying, and the lost yesterday is choking with tears..     Look, both hands still face the sunrise, and both hands bend in the dusk of the future.     I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about. I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about.. With a smile, with a smile, in the large blue sky, swaying and scattering, revealing the final playfulness, smoke, such as fog. Back up the dust and head home happily.