Elder sister’s extreme life;

The day of elder sister’s marriage is just a history without images for me. Because since I can remember, I only know that the elder sister is from Nanxiao village. At that time, I was really young and ridiculous – I didn’t know about kinship and thought my elder sister’s brother-in-law was just a relative of my family.. When I was a child, my mother often took me to the elder sister’s house, remembering that the elder sister’s family originally lived in an extremely narrow courtyard without sunshine all day long.. A row of mud houses and an old lying cabinet carry all their hopes. Although my sister’s family is poor, my memory is very warm.     Elder sister and brother-in-law love each other all their lives, and marriage is very happy. Brother – in – law long elder sister six years old, love elder sister every possible way. I almost never saw them blush. I heard my parents say they quarreled once when they were young, and my elder sister went back to her family in anger. A few days ago, my brother-in-law came to say a few words of good things, and they fell in love with each other.. Brother – in – law was born poor, kind – hearted, hard – working, and has a good character of approachability.. Although he has been facing the loess and facing the sky for many years, he is always open-minded and his family is always living in hope.. Because his brother-in-law has too many advantages, he has made all the big and small officials in the village, and he is still a member of the party, team and representative meetings, and even has the right to vote at the age of 70.!     Brother – in – law and sister all have no culture and deeply feel the misery of no culture. Therefore, make every effort to train children to study as adults. Today, all five children have grown up and made great achievements. Although the nephews failed to comfort their parents with the achievements of their Chinese peers or top scholars due to the times, they all have a positive outlook on life as adults and have a great reputation in the area due to the influence of their brother-in-law and sister’s conduct in life.. From this point of view, sister brother-in-law’s life is undoubtedly a success.     In my childhood memory, my sister’s brother-in-law came to visit his parents at the feast, especially on the fourth day of the first month, which was a day when they couldn’t beat the thunder. Every year, his brother-in-law took the whole family to pay New Year’s greetings.. Although spring has already begun, the north still has snowflakes flying and cold winds blowing.. Of course, even a cold day will not affect the festive atmosphere of our family reunion at all.. The most unforgettable memory for me is that my brother-in-law always scares me with an animal name called ” old monkey”. As long as brother-in-law says ” old monkey” is coming, I dare not go out of the atmosphere. So, brother-in-law became the bane of my childhood.     As I grew older, I gradually learned about my sister’s brother-in-law and realized the beauty of their simple and simple life.. Mother often said, ” Your elder sister was weak from an early age and often bullied by children of the same age. When you go out, your second sister always holds a sheep whip to protect her.”. But when she grew up and married your brother – in – law, her life was the most stable and blessed! ”. Indeed, brother-in-law is gentle, kind and hardworking. Under his hard work, the elder sister’s family’s life is stronger every year.     Today, my sister and brother-in-law are all old, like ears of grain in Akita, naturally enriching their vicissitudes of life. Such as snow-covered mountain peaks that do not melt all the year round, white became snow that never melts on the top of sister’s brother – in – law’s head.. Although they have passed their seventies, their brother-in-law’s calm eyes like Ming Che’s in the lake have accumulated the spirits and depth of their past years.. It also reflects their full and regretless life – who can say that a simple life is not a life of extreme beauty!     Years of magic white the sky above my sister’s brother – in – law’s head and transformed me into a prairie, allowing me to gaze quietly at silvery white in the vast search … ah