And as raindrops brighten yellow leaves

Rain drops in the wind, moving from left to right, like dust from a sieve, fiddling with its figure in the air. The rain, big and small, dropped yellow leaves and green leaves.     Qingming rain lightly moistens memory and wets every tomb. I didn’t hold an umbrella, but I walked alone in the rain and tried to taste the rain in my memory. A row of trees was coming, the tender leaves were not coming out, and the yellow leaves were not exhausted. Around some autumn bleak, just a few minutes more gentle breath. The autumn in my hometown is more of the wind and the song of yellow leaves. hehe! The memory of spring always cares about autumn, especially in this clear rain, the more plump and heavy it is..     I just looked at the tree and looked at a leaf on the tree. The leaf in memory, spinning and twisting, came out. At that time, I was sitting in the car, looking at a leaf on the tree, thinking about grandpa’s withered eyes when parting, and thinking about his withered face and figure. The leaf, swaying and turning, seemed to be going into the arms of the earth in the next second.. I looked at it stupidly, as if the next second was farewell. Then, the car raised dust and went away. Go home again, it’s already winter and December. Tears haven’t faded yet, and my heart has been trembling with cold. Then, everything began to numb.     Bright red pool of blood, lying on the ground, lying not far from the bed. I stood woodenly at the door, unable to say a word. Sobbing sound, squeeze out a few words” get up in the middle of the night! No one has helped me! I bumped my forehead against the ears of the pan! ‘ After listening to this, I didn’t cry or shed tears. I just walked to the hall feebly.. Uncle, sit there, eyebrows just locked. As soon as my legs were soft, I knelt in front of the spirit, burning the money, looking at the people in the coffin and looking at a familiar face with a scar on it.. Tears were drying up and hiding in the depths of the eyes. Twilight fell from the sky and lights were on everywhere. I sat in front of the spirit, thinking about something. From a distance, when I heard the crying ring, I stood up, walked out of the hall and saw my mother sloshing towards the hall, wiping her tears.. I hugged forward as if clinging to the last reliance of the world. Mother kept flowing and crying, ” More than ten years ago.”! After my mother died! Dad! You give me a piece of shit! A handful of urine! Pull me and my brother up! Now go! I didn’t see the last side! . Ah last year, daughter-in-law and’ go, bad karma horoscope! Mother’s voice rang briefly, penetrating the whole village and my heart. Hot tears, just slipped from the cheek, one line, two lines. I did not? Since I can remember, I have lived with my grandfather. For more than ten years, only my grandfather has been relied on.. Now, I’m back, but you’re gone. More than ten years of feelings! More than ten years of living alone! More than ten years of hard work!More than ten years of love from public nephews! How can you say give up and give up? Tears in my heart swept over the waves and rolled back.     I don’t cry, I silently said to myself, ” You said that men have tears and don’t flick, you said that men have gold on their knees, you said .” I remember. You often blame me for not being able to sleep. You said,’ Such a big person! How can you not learn? Sleep, the body should be straight, turn round and slow, not kick. But I sleep with you every night, and I often kick the quilt. However, if we slept together last night, maybe it would be all right! You slept there without saying a word. Mother looked at the last side in front of the spirit. I’m on the side, along with this season, falling into the desert. I helped my mother back to her room to rest. I sat in the hall with my grandfather and this’ the lamp illumines my white head’.     I don’t understand, but I have been sitting under the light for several nights in a row.. I learned from the mouth of Man Grandma ( grandpa’s sister – in – law, who is said to have found grandpa collapsed to the ground ) that you died during the day because of excessive blood loss and lung disease.. I always have doubts in my heart, but more sympathy and complaints to this society. Ten miles and eight villages, isn’t there a doctor? Since grandpa didn’t stop breathing when he was found, why didn’t he go to the hospital? Originally, there was another medical station in the first two years. Later, because an old man went to a big hospital after the injection, the medical station was abandoned.. In recent years, there was only one old doctor within the ten-mile range. At that time, he refused to come and sent to the hospital too far. Besides, the village was basically an old man, so he had to wait for his uncle to come back.. When my uncle came back, grandpa was still alive, but he didn’t want to go to the hospital. In desperation, my uncle had to prepare things for him. I sat and thought was frozen with this winter.     The wind blows over and over again, flushing everyone’s eyes red. The dawn is near and the music has faded. Farewell is a cruel punishment that cuts the heart of every farewell person. One knife, two knives . Ah, the last meeting was full of tears and bloodshot. The sound of the hammer made the sky clear and sharp and distant.. Ding . ding . ding . ding . all in my heart, in my heart. It was lonely all around, only crying. My uncle’s, mother’s, and mine.     Green leaves fell, yellow leaves fell, almost normal. It is sad to send black hair in white. How to accept the misery of white hair? The rain is big and small, drifting into the eyes and wetting the eyes. Yellow leaves fall in my heart, leaving me sleepless night after night. Light shadow blocks, white-haired people lying down in a pool of blood, gasping, twitching, expecting and despairing . Ah, this nightmare often comes, disrupting my dream, making me wake up and cry. I fear, escape and even lose hope for the world. I am afraid that when I get old, will I enjoy loneliness and lie down in a pool of blood?. Think of Qian Qian’s absolutely lonely old man, I have some kind of hatred for the world, even completely sad.     In the rain, memory is a torment. It has trapped people in infinite space and time. No matter which side I go, it is infinite regret and doubt.. I walked in the rain, or in trouble. Memories slowly spread into the rain, from my hair tips, from my skin, from my breath. Then, the rain will flow along all possible ways to rivers, rivers, rivers and seas, to heaven and earth and all things in the world..     Qingming rain, yellow trees in the rain, yellow leaves and green leaves twirling in the book, circled my heart day and night and never left. A lonely tree, a tree with endless yellow leaves, stands in the wind and in the rain. As the rain fell, the yellow leaves and the green leaves fell from the left to the right..