Love and Twilight Touch ( Summer Cool Literature Cup )

Wen / Fu Huanchun came back with a summer evening.     The glow of the sunset accompanies me, sweeping away the hustle and bustle of the city and slowly filling up the inner emptiness. I have not returned home for more than half a year. With a sense of relief, I returned to the original old village and slowly wrapped up with a familiar smell of soil..     In the small pond behind the village, ripples appeared in the breeze, and it was sparkling against the glow of the sun.. Father inserted his legs into the water, bent his body, and carefully fiddled with the mud on the roots of the spring onions with both hands.. Was washed away by the green water, and the roots of the green onion were as white as the baby teeth of a child, and the root spirit. But his father’s legs revealed the bronze color peculiar to the cultivators.     ‘ Dad. ‘ I gently called my father, like a child. Father seemed to have been shot by an arrow flying from a distance and was limp and numb. After leng long time, he looked back and saw me. Excited eyes were bent into a crack with laughter. Beards were arranged in a’ one’ shape.. Unexpectedly, I found my father’s forehead wrinkled and white. Just, thin bone father still kind.     ‘ come back, your mother is at home. ‘ I gently ordered a little head, did not stay. The village in the evening is still so primitive and dignified. A gust of wind blew through the gravel alleys, the sun shone on the green bricks and tiles, and lightly touched the peeling red stone wall. everything seemed so familiar. But I am like a bride who has just returned to her family. At the moment, the familiar rusty scooter, the familiar small square stool with missing arms and legs, and the familiar smooth round bench suddenly became able to speak and welcomed me back together..     When I was a child, I would always look up at the cornices in grandma’s arms and look at the finely carved windows.. Now once again walk in the faint alley, as if separated from the world. A dog jumped past him and disappeared from sight. He took out the key, knocked on the wall inadvertently, listened to the familiar voice and recalled his childhood. – At present, a small red dragonfly flashed in front of my cerebellum and hobbled out of the alleyway. I followed up happily and grabbed … Ah, the rusty wooden circular door hung in the just visiting and was open. Across the stone threshold, the familiar eye well came into view. Grandma sat on the cane chair, heard the sound and cried in a hurry, ” Sister ( mother’s nickname ), Lingling is here.”! In that way, grandma is as energetic as a child and the atmosphere is like the New Year’s Day..     Mother prepared a table of dishes and folded up the thickness of love. My father said that the farmland in my family was taken up by the railway built by the state and also moved by the state’s schools, so I am now assigned to everyone in my family only a little more than one point.. Happily, the state’s good policy has come down. Father and mother can pay 40,000 yuan and receive 1,000 yuan of living expenses every month..     Time shakes the breath of love, and dusk is inlaid with love reunion.     When I left, it was also a summer evening.     Father followed behind and did not speak, but mother kept talking. The evening glow shot obliquely from the mountain end of the village, like silver light pulling the curtain off the stage and shining on the curved path.     When I was sitting on the bus, my mother kept telling me what to do under the bus, but my father was gone. The car started slowly, but my father was in a hurry to get on the car, and after giving me two bottles of mineral water, he hurried down the car again.. All of a sudden, I lost my voice. This kind of scene, often seen when I was a child, suddenly made me seem to have returned to the past.     Through the window, he saw his father standing at the intersection. My father, who is looking far away, stands under the tree and stares at it, with a small pinch of white hair sticking out of his head.. The father in the breeze seemed to be stretched and folded under the yellow light of the sunset. My heart, suddenly interrupted a quiver, is like being disturbed by the evening light. My father’s face is getting old in time, but my father’s love remains the same as yesterday’s.     Love flutters in the branches of the evening and shines on his father’s head as if he were constantly calling … ( July 25, 2013 )