Don’t let up

The machine rumbled and reverberated overhead, and the green indicator lights would flash for a while, ” squeaking’ sounds are reminding what, my head is lying in a large metal ring, waiting for the iron contractor to make the final judgment for me.”. It took a long time to walk again here, and it seemed as if my body was a machine that had been running for a long time, and my heart was uneasy. I don’t know if it was still up to standard, whether it could pass the test or not, and thinking about it, I couldn’t help feeling sad. I don’t remember when I began to have this headache, and long-term severe pain sometimes makes people feel miserable. At the moment, I thought that there might be a black shadow in my head. In that case, how can I make my final farewell with my mother, sisters, and daughter who is still young and not yet sensible.? What kind of gesture should I take to bid farewell to this beautiful world?     At the thought of this, I remembered the last tragedy of a colleague in the ward who had breast cancer, a woman as beautiful as flowers and pure as flowers.! She is so reluctant to leave the flower-like world, thinking, and raising a solemn and stirring feeling in her heart: what are you afraid of! People, the big deal is death . Ah, my mind roams in this isolated white world with the sound of a machine. A tall, thin young man with a white coat stands next to me. He snatched away my messy long curly hair under his shoulder, possibly blocking the part to be tested. His action is like reminding me that I am still alive and still struggling to walk in this firework world..     ‘ all right! The young man’s voice just fell and the support bed moved me out of the strange round hole. the staff in the back hall shouted my name and informed me to take the diagnosis after 2: 00 p.m..     When I walked out of the computer tomography room, I heard a patient asking the back room staff if he had any questions. I also wanted to go in for consultation. Suddenly, I thought that they would not tell you if there were any questions. Forget it! Then a word came out of my heart: life and death depend on fate, riches and honour are in heaven, let it go, and fear will not change anything.. At the moment, instead of feeling relaxed, I breathed a sigh of relief and took a brisk walk straight to the safety exit. secretly, the sound of high-heeled shoes echoed in my ears. yes, today, I wore high-heeled booties and changed into my favorite clothes. I don’t like sick ones, dragging two sloppy flat shoes, and the sound of rhythm at my feet suddenly redoubled my spirit..     I didn’t go back to the ward as before, walked out of the hospital hall and came to the garden.. The symptoms of lung infection and shortness of breath in my heart during this period made me feel almost suffocated. I wanted to breathe fresh air in the hospital for such a few days. It is rare for me to have such a leisurely time. At ordinary times, my busy work even seems to wait for the right time for illness and treatment.. Today is” beginning of spring”, oh! Finally survived the winter, this winter is too painful, a winter has been ill, finally entered the inpatient department. Spring is here.! Spring is a beautiful word and a word full of hope. Although the garden is still bleak, there is no flower, the sun is warm. Seeing the old man in the six beds of the ward being pushed for a walk by his family wheelchair and the new young woman in the five beds coming together, we all said hello to each other with a smile. The woman came up quietly and said to me, ” Look how decent the old man is, when he came out, his son rubbed and rubbed his hat, his shoes must be properly worn and polished.”… I smiled and noticed that the old man did have a lot of air in this dress. His brown’ mountain carving’ furry hat made him look down a peg or two. I can see that he is also a person who pays attention to appearance and loves life. Perhaps only those who have experienced pain know how to cherish and appreciate the beauty of spring.. Yeah, it’s spring. Who doesn’t want to be refreshed? He is so well dressed that he is just like me to welcome the arrival of spring.? Spring brings a bright mood to everyone.     Came to the door of the hospital, the taxi driver called me to get on the bus. As long as I came out in the past, I was wrapped up with only a pair of eyes going round and round, and then I got into the car, getting weaker and weaker. I was a man in a condom.. Today, I motioned to my brother to shake his hand. I want to go for a walk and find spring!     The clear river water spouted and the willow green was not seen on both sides of the river bank, but I heard the singing of spring breeze, the snow on the land was melting, grass sprouts in the soft soil had just woken up and stretched, and dormant insects were waking up in the cave.. Nature has recovered from the dormant winter, stretched herself and yawned, and is about to start a new round of creativity.. I smell the smell of spring and hear the message of spring, ” The wind has its word, the flowers do not miss it, and the years are so long that they will never lose each other.”. Yes, the form of life appears in front of people with the change of seasons. Spring always arrives on schedule. Spring flowers always bloom beautifully. Flowers never break faith with people, but people always complain that spring is hard to find. In fact, it is hard to find there.? It is our hurried footsteps that often turn a blind eye to her, betrays her, betrays the fresh air, betrays the bright sunshine, and we are always running on the road called life, thinking that those things are important. Do you not know that things that are easy to ignore and miss are always priceless, such as family ties, such as time, such as life. Sometimes, when we really stay, we have missed too many people, missed things, missed scenes, and never go back.     There is a girl friend who is a businessman, born beautiful, shrewd and talented, who gallops around the mall, makes a lot of money, and often writes at midnight. She stands out from the crowd with millions of people in space.. Such an excellent person is naturally very busy on weekdays. Friends ask her to travel and dance for exercise. She always says ” busy” and ” busy” and says ” wait for me to have time.”! Later, one day, she suddenly found out that her stomach was late and she felt unwell on weekdays. She always got some medicine to eat and was too busy to go to the hospital for examination. When she was officially lying in a hospital bed, she could not change how much money she used to have. She looked at her friends and hoped to travel and dance more. Such a wish was only an extravagant hope.. She said with tears that she had failed to live up to many beautiful things in her rush days. She wanted to talk with her parents and accompany her son around the park, but she could no longer have the most easily obtained happiness of Tianlun.. Yeah! She failed to live up to her life and couldn’t go back to everything. All she could see were the beautiful lines that she had left in the space..     One of my aunts and cousins, middle school principals and elite educators, has stood out from the front-line teachers, and has long been busy working, teaching, planning and building, and doing well in school work. He is busy working, and can’t take his daughter to meet her wish to fly a kite, and can’t take care of his own health. He has long known that his liver is unwell, and relatives and friends have advised him to pay attention to it as soon as possible. He said, ” I’m no problem with my health.”! When I felt it was too late to repent when everything was ready for treatment, everyone regretted him. Cousin, the man who stood firm in my heart, took his brother-in-law’s hand helplessly in tears at the end of the day to take him to other places for treatment. Who wouldn’t lament the scene! When I saw him last, he was in the hospital. He was in a coma for a while. When I heard that I had a minor operation to do, he panted heavily and told me to do it as soon as possible without any future trouble.. People! Why do you only wake up after experience? He has been away for several years. At that time, his youngest child went to primary school. How much he did not give up his wife and daughter and longed for: in spring, holding her daughter’s hand, flying long lines, flying kites in the blue sky and white clouds, her daughter’s smiling face shining, and her giggles ringing in her ears.. However, he did not have much time to live, and his wish was not realized after all. Even the education bureau leaders said that his passing away was a great loss to the education sector..     Only when people have the ability to love themselves can they be able to love their parents, their children and more people better..     The biggest pain is not pain, it is people’s indifference and neglect, it is our casual failure. At ordinary times, we neglect too much: neglecting to meet relatives, ignoring to give mom a hug, ignoring to cook a favorite meal for family, and neglecting to play with children.. Because of being busy, ignoring what you have around you, ignoring the flowers blooming for you around you, ignoring the birds singing for you on the branches, ignoring the beautiful seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, once you can no longer have them, you have failed all or even your life.. We see how eager those who have reached the end of their lives in the sudden earthquake disaster are to see their loved ones again, want to cry out to their mothers and kiss their children’s faces again, but when they can have them on weekdays, they wait and drag, thinking they have plenty of time, but only to find some people who haven’t had time to love them, and some things are human beings before they can do them..     A minor illness has touched me a lot. Although I secretly amused myself at the morning check, I am glad I can still have the beauty of the world. I still remind myself not to live up to the simple and easy happiness of the moment and not to live up to the little things I have. Even if fate is not good, I will not be able to have any more one day, nor will I regret it..     Cold in the spring, strolling along the river bank near the hospital, the spring breeze blew on my back a little cold, but my heart was warm, because I had the sunshine that spilled thousands of miles away..People sometimes can’t stop the sinister fate, but we can live up to every moment we have in our lives.