‘ To create civilization, we should always make unremitting efforts.”

In the board newspaper column of the village of Guanshe in the town of near lake in jianhu county, the old party member and veteran cadre Zheng Shiyou who lives in the village of Guanshe’ made the list’: because he has been willing to help others and enthusiastic about public welfare for more than 10 years.. Especially recently, the elderly did their best in deepening the activities of building a civilized city, not only taking the initiative to lead the organization to clean up 960 meters of sewers in the community, but also repairing roadways and inspection wells damaged by motor vehicles, which has played a valuable example for building a civilized and harmonious community and has been selected as a ” star of enthusiastic public welfare” by the party headquarters and residents in the community..     With the development of social economy and the acceleration of urban construction, more and more unit people become social people and rural people become urban people, and the function of community work has also changed from closed-door work to open-door work, from leadership to service, and from service to subject at all levels.. Jiang guangjun, secretary of the general party branch of the governing community, told reporters: in such a large community, it is definitely not possible to rely solely on a few community cadres to do the work.. There are still many elderly people like Zheng Shiyou who are willing to help others and are enthusiastic about public welfare in our community.. Bian Fuchang, a retired judge at the age of 70, has been using his front room since 2001 to set up the ” Migrant Workers’ Rights Protection Club” to popularize legal knowledge, provide legal advice and guide legal proceedings for migrant workers throughout the county for more than 10 years without interruption.. According to statistics, Bian received more than 2300 legal consultations from the masses free of charge, and more than 30 enterprises such as Senda Group, Radar Apparel, Pioneer Lighting and so on, which gathered migrant workers, gave nearly 100 lectures on the legal system..     On the green belts on both sides of Lake Zhongnan Road, the reporter found that there were many’ green signs’ that ” care for greening and everyone’s responsibility” and walked casually into a community in the housing estate. Every building crossing had’ basic code of conduct for citizens’ posted on it. Every road and every building had a good and orderly environment..     Jiang guangjun said: ” in fact, we have been doing the work of civilization creation even if the superior leadership does not arrange it.”. At the beginning of this year, we advocated the residents to abandon bad habits, respect etiquette and care for the environment, improve the quality of citizens and improve the quality of life through the dissemination of the proposal to build a civilized Lakers, the holding of lectures on civic civilization and etiquette, and the cleaning of residential areas.. The community shoulders the first responsibility of civilization creation. A great deal of work must mobilize the masses, rely on the masses and make unremitting efforts so that everyone can participate in community construction. Only then can community work be colorful and new, and our cities and homes be built more harmoniously and better.. ”