Dear niece, this is the family book I wrote to you

Dear niece, you are a good child. You have often written articles and published them in newspapers since you were very young. The New Year couplet you wrote was most popular with the neighborhood. You were diligent and studious. You came to my house in the most critical year of your senior year and you said,’ I wanted to go to college, but my parents quarreled and quarreled.. Tomorrow will be the day when I go to college. They still can’t calm down and still quarrel. I took up my books many times and really wanted to throw them away – but I just couldn’t throw them away anyway.’ Helpless back shows your deep desire to study.. So I said to you, ” Let adults solve their own affairs, knowledge changes their fate, and do not give up the chance of the college entrance examination.”. The knowledge itself is paving the way, and only by learning how to pave the way can the road be extended. So you walked into the examination room of the college entrance examination firmly and without hesitation..     Then you received the highest praise. You entered Hainan University, and on that day you cried and fell into my arms . Ah, believe it, in this life, you should pack all gratitude, trust, diligence, hard work, progress and blessings into your bags, take it with you and walk through life -.     Do you still resent them now? You should know the truth of ” lamb kneels and feeds” because he is grateful to his mother for her kindness in raising her.. No matter how much they affect your study or make bigger mistakes than this. You should all accept them. Just as your parents tolerated Qian Qian’s total mischievousness when you were a child.     At the end of the term, I know you are still in resentment. You can’t blame you if you have emotions. However, I just want to tell you that the child’s life was bought by parents at the cost of life and blood.. From October to kindergarten, from primary school to university, how many parents stayed up all night while you were growing up do you know? How many times did they pick you up at school every day when you were out of school, do you remember? Every dinner in the car is dumplings made by your parents. How many times have you eaten hot dumplings do you remember?     If you don’t remember all this, what reason do you have to remember your parents’ mistakes? The hot rice and the hot food express what kind of love parents have for you? Have you thought about it? 365 days and nights multiplied by ten years of cold window, they will pick you up more than 7300 times. What a huge accumulation and effort this is?     Parents’ love is like an article that says,’ I’m afraid you’re lost and therefore hide you in your heart’.’ If one day you’re a parent, too. In the hardships of having children, you can understand what a mother’s love is and what a father’s love is.? Although you were smart from an early age, you can’t grow up without the warmth and support from your parents.. You can’t leave your parents’ care and love in every step of your growth.. The vicissitudes of life on parents’ faces and the calluses of hard work all translate the greatness of maternal love and paternal love in the world..     Therefore, you have to say that their love is indeed selfless and great.     They are happy for you. Worried about you, their selfless love often touched God, so God always forgives them and embraces them.. What’s more, they are your relatives. What reason do you have to complain about them. Many times there are many people who cannot walk out of their hearts. If they can tolerate each other, can they still not keep together? So you should always call them to comfort them.     The so-called resentment’ is not because of getting less, but because of getting more’ and’ put down the resentment, put down the dispute. Learning to be tolerant makes you happy.     People who love each other all have swords in their hands and all want to trim each other into their own image. As a result, they hurt each other.. Now they are all scarred and they can’t heal their wounds. You are their relatives. Would you like to see them sink down where they fell down? Do you have the heart to see them accept pain and misfortune in the sinking days?     In this world, there is no healing medicine that can surpass the love of her daughter.. The love of children is the best medicine in the center of relatives, flesh and blood, longitude and latitude..     Now although they can’t give you a complete home. However, they have given you life, and the kindness of dripping water should be reciprocated by Yongquan, and lambs should kneel and feed, so you can’t ignore them, let alone ignore their existence.. They are the parents who gave birth to you. Therefore, no matter whether parents are wrong or not, children should repay their parents with filial piety and treat the wounds they have been torn up in the vicissitudes of the world with filial piety..     Children, I know you are very difficult, and I know how difficult it is for a young person to take up the direction of a family. aunt said to you here,’ you’ve worked hard.’ now, they are all trapped in pain. if there is no daughter’s love, do they still have the courage to face difficulties? I am also a parent. I know the weight of children’s words in parents’ mind. It is authority, so you should encourage them to have the courage to face setbacks in life.They are your only relatives. You must want them to be safe and happy. When Wenchuan earthquake happened, people there risked their lives to save their loved ones. That earthquake claimed countless lives and sound health. You are much happier and happier than them..     Therefore, your heart must be calm after a storm. Storm and rain are gifts from heaven to the earth. There are countless stories from ancient times to the present.’ Hunters set nets on the lake and many birds were caught. However, these birds are very large and fly away with nets.. The hunter ran after the bird. The farmer saw him and said, ” Where are you going? Can you catch up with the bird with one leg?”? The hunter replied, ” If there is only one bird, I can’t catch it, but like now, I am sure.”. Later it turned out that the birds flew back in their own direction, as long as they went to the forest, as long as they went to the swamp and as long as they went to the fields, they eventually fell to the ground and were caught by the hunter.. The revelation of the story: The purpose of a group of birds is to escape, but because the birds do not have a common direction, they eventually fail. At the end of the day, it was caused by discord. The reason why a bird can escape successfully is the word’ and’. The importance of harmony can be seen.     My friend said,’ The beauty of heaven is concerned about the rushing across meteor marks in the vast expanse of space..     The beauty of the land depends on the beauty of the splendid mountains and rivers.     Beauty of man. Care about the soul of purgatory in the rush of blood.     And the beauty of harmony depends on the tacit understanding that complements and depends on it.     The opportunity of taking control of the weather is the first to get the right place. Hold people together and become a lucky home. I stand in the grid and look forward to your beautiful scenery and beauty – August 2, 2013 ( Original )