Autumn, the residual force is

Night wind, is particularly cool, walking alone in the silence of the road, feeling exceptionally familiar; in countless sleepless night, how many times have lingered here.Between “Time flies, Riyuerusuo” inadvertently went to the autumn!I want to reach out and seize the time, only to feel “fingers wide, time of thin too, quietly slip through your fingers.”I have to hurry this time, what can do about it?    Autumn wind blowing, bring some faint fragrance of osmanthus, perhaps due to heavy rain a few days ago, and this year is no longer so strong sweet-scented osmanthus.Every sweet-scented osmanthus season, I always go to this park and smell the pleasant fragrance.I remember last year I was sitting in this strain of sweet-scented osmanthus tree, looking at the stars, the stars of the sky so beautiful, so beautiful; incense trees osmanthus, incense.Now I’m sitting here, just the same old look up, but do not see that Astral, no stars in the night sky, it looks like just a nothingness; but how much can smell the fragrance of osmanthus point, enough, enough.    He got up and walked forward, like a melancholy shake off these, only has been a sight to Xi Qu, and paralysis.Where not far, the light yellow halo, maple two rows of uniform stand in front of building, as flame general, bright red, shining front.This is not what I want “bright world” what?No, not like that, it is just like it.I bent over to pick up a leaf, looked at the palm-leaves, deeply felt, autumn has come; time is already gone, I still remain as ever, but faded innocent appearance of children, a bit less angry.    Autumn, the force is disabled; true that in the past years, had never laid hold full face; time does not allow us to stay on one thing, as we “saying much more, do less time naturally the.Too much time to do, too little time to think.Too much time to think, less time to practice.Not too much, just, just life.”I reached comb her hair, thinking over the years weathertight such as hemp, really painful.But often looking back, is fit?Is forget?I can not forget?then what?    I took out a cigarette point, despite years of flow; autumn wind blowing, swing my mind, rolled Lili Wei Yi; memory has been mutilated, the face has been blurred; how can I tell it to?It is enough, no one understands.On this bar!