A helpless outcome [outside]

Angels fall in the abyss of grief, froze all hope.Always the pursuit of the perfect love, a big crowd I met you; that moment, I was doomed and you are my only love.The cloud smile, urging opened the hearts of a cloud.Lean on a railing in the Review, eventually change your portrait.  Whispering siege, the wind gently brushing eyebrows; came up with a few strands of frustration.If love long long a blessing in it Chaomu?But I always miss you.Suppress emotions as if full of towering waves start coming out, who can resist this torrent?  Liu street grudge, careless prime chord Lane.Situation such as grass, planning to make faint dream.A curtain residual charge rain sound, smoke Startled.Helpless ending spike vision, ask the heavens; who’s wrong?Read busy, Tsui residual condensate elimination, half screens also bleak.Dongfeng bring rain blowing all over the floor, and things Lethal season injury.  Deep in the Night, a window outside the building Indus mottled.Lying on his sick bed, quilt was crowned; solo knock breeze.Wishing to indulge in melancholy change, Ying, Yi Jun curtain.Persevering, the dream of the night, are into fantasy.Leila Guzhen, wetting eyes lock crescent.Summer chilling, cold white hair dream; blame the clouds roll song.  Setting sun sunset, sunset pouring off despair.Take a look, where is the king?Fei Hua Nongqing, who hurt leaning West Wing?Acacia pain, the pain of Acacia; read every day Do not you see Jun, empty the thin yellow.Vague vast cloud water, sky and sea.Guan Shan soul Youmeng long, melancholy marks the word in the word; from foes thread.  Shadows on chaos, with ice on solitary Yin.Susan, season filled with thoughts, provoke Du Yu sings marks.Between haggard Yan, lazy clouds.Doubt the dream, when sails go, Xiaoxiang Fuqin smell.Not withstand treble cleft, instant collapse chord.Scared mountain air, a ray of light worry eyebrow end; folding take willow questions worry.  Feelings eyes, who is obsessed with?Silly one, who loved to?The tide of sentimental tears, who annihilation of aromatic dust?Rain clouds silently silently, listening to the lonely who play speechless.Acacia broken to pieces, you can pick up?Scratch frustration that cover the blue sky, a conclusion from the War of.  I just hope you still lingering soft lips, just hope you are still waiting for that one sea; only hope that you still cherish sweet dream, you just hope the other side is still fondly gazing.You know I have the sun of melancholy, you know, there are sunset my sorrow; you know I have a long night of lonely, you know I have the sad flute tube sound.  Mo bamboo, slanting dark oblique.Sigh loudly echoed in the sounds of nature, distant, lingering……    [War] Red Acacia corner, cuddle Lanna Dishou.Light melancholy, eyebrow end lock.Acacia inch ray of sadness, Journey.Xuan window, flurry.Shore, solitude Lotus Dance.Qiannian madness, Acacia into mourning.Treasure of the Sierra smoke, poured hibiscus flowers.Moon and left shoulder, right shoulder and stars.The passage of a dash of Love.  Shanghe pond alone rhyme, faint fragrance.Mouzhong fairy dressed in a robe silhouette, affectionate gaze.The distance, a tie from the song.Intrigue sad.Suddenly obeisance moment, Nongying Youmeng ripples.Flow missing, the amount of the fine grain falling fleeting.I Red, Half Zhu Lei.  Yin fingertips, sword dance crazy Liu.Four Seasons desolate, lonely time.Maple Leaf floating, covered with Acacia.Executive hoe, bury sad.Light test tears, overlooking; horizon a cloud, reminding us of scenes suspect shadow Limbo.Find Qian Zi, hate the rain and fog; interdiction line Yan.  A piano, string diarrhea sunset.Lock Xuan court Grief.Zheng silver lying, lazy oblique nobile.Phoenix Club embroidered curtain, Heart and Soul yo.Wire springs grief, choking voice; the most bitter tears Acacia.Night window dark condensate queue, coldest silent quiet.Small garden frost drink, wet invasion thin Chui Yi.  Curtain move, broken sun dance.Unspoken from thread.Shudan injury cloud, Fallen flowers Chuijin.Chuanhe boats still, just for the Iraqi people thin.Hong Jin Jian fall word, hope condensate wedding day.Heart little smoke, rain Yilou ink; Southwall turn light, tear seal dash Hunxiao.  Shines get late, confusion Butterflies.Banana does not show red weep tears, east wind curtain cage.Acacia ashes, difficult with clouds.Yong queue sunset, Bluebird Chuanshu.Break open the rain and fog, turn to do Resentment dream.Sauvignon Blanc is still the darling destroy, War; thoughts into mourning.  Breathing pain of Acacia War, why not?