Fall in love with a city, because the dream!

– left a dream sequence, whether born in a small town where?Floor there is a city waiting for you, some bigger city, and some smaller city, some city a little thick, thin as onion skin and some city.Large open broad, moist; small size small, Xiaojiabiyu; thick dark woods such as leaves, have you digging endless charm, sink to the bottom of my heart fear; thin as clouds in the sky, vitality and lively.So we know that there is a attachment is nostalgia, it is the city!Decadent city wall slowly abandoned the story, seems to be lingering isolated city into your dream, then you miss Qinru faint of Heart.With the rolling ring, waiting for you from the moon transformed into the sun, Hang refused to disperse from the flowers to the rainy season, the rainy season is no longer whether there will never, only your city is slowly by one stopped possession dream something, then ailing obsession.Maybe you will because one brilliant moment Fall in love with a city, perhaps because you would rather daydream in a painting Fall in love with a city, because you’ll Fall in love with a person like a city on.Someone say: choose a city his home, met a white man first it?A narrow city, sat a man, I do not know how because after the encounter, or what kind of wistful linger, live in the city of your dreams.City rain unattractive people dreamed, or climb the lookout station, or expand Acacia’s memo, a few lines, brush away an audible sound of the city!Perhaps because I like how innocent the city has become small and exquisite, crystal clear fascination, but also feeling frustrated, whom sadly without a trace.Or because the dream, hazy know a city, a thinking Yilian waves, then Fall in love with a city.Dream!Tireless belt fatigue, uninhibited foot on a journey, and then slowly invade person or water waves Sleeper.He walked into the alley in the city, desperately sucking the breath of the city, a city of chewing taste.Fade out and put something more to say!He refused to leave ? searching through a city’s streets and alleys, and then hugged tightly, like the long-lost dream!So close, so natural to her, no grudges scar, but there are thoughts of tumor soaring in starlight years, the long insisted Artemisia, now you live in the city’s deepest As someone wrote: city I said you do outside the vicissitudes of ages – stop cloud put pen 2014 · 7 · 10