Decided the fate, good habits are important

Habit, many people must know, as also the habit, the habit of defeat.Because the habit for a long time, is a character.A week habit is habit, the habit of a decade and that is character.Good practice achievements good character, bad habits people are depressed.Because the fear of injury, do things that are less and less, but also used some insist, but I know I’m not good enough.Afternoon to chat with the younger sister, she said her girlfriends to divorce, because she really can not stand that man.I said, she is not just marry me?Why leave it.Also, not to say that to find one of the world’s most perfect, most honest, most listen to his words, his family and it’s okay?Younger sister said, I heard, because the man was too honest, too stupid brain.After listening to the younger sister, I was really quite touched, not because the young man, but for the younger sister of girlfriends.I knew them very early, but the women’s apartment honey bad temper, there is an advantage and a disadvantage, you can control.Together with others, you have to listen to her.As he would have to, if you do not have to listen to her quarrel.Talk to the younger sister so well, because good natured younger sister, and that feeling is Xiaoniaoyiren.Speaking of the younger sister, I think the younger sister is a smart man, a lot of things are possible.They do not involve the issue of his principles, she can help to help, and very enthusiastic, which is like this, particularly good karma.So she is now a teacher at the University of her husband’s position, large lot of good times than she.Younger sister at an early age, also we have love, but at that time was in love with a junior high school graduate, is also very strong ability, when a graduate student in Fuzhou behind younger sister, also helped him open a KTV in Fuzhou.He later together with other girls.It will get lost, younger sister because she did together with the former, so finding a better.When it comes to paying habits, younger sister really is the kind of very able to pay.So no matter where she went to a lot of people are willing to help her, but she also is very hard.So she read a book from school, college, graduate, has been down, now a university teacher, but also to test Dr..Pay is a habit, a habit is hard.For example, you write an article every day, such as you exercise 10 minutes a day, an hour a day practicing piano.Maybe in the beginning you will find it hard, but for a long time really will become a habit.If you used to write an article every day, 1,000 words a day one year, certainly a lot, but writing is also very good.Over the past three years, five years in the past, then more.At least at that time, others not so easy to catch up with you.10 minutes of exercise a day is the same, such as weightlifting, two years later, your effort, certainly a lot worse than someone else.About practice the piano, my aunt’s children is the best example, many years later, to be like this every day.Of course, it is now in high school, but I guess, after he walked the road and certainly to do with the piano.Lianju ten years, we practice 3, 5 years, certainly no way than with him.Most importantly, they formed the habit of doing it very natural, not at all uncomfortable, we’d do it under uncomfortable.A good habit, can make people really learned a lot, even change a person.For example, you had lazy, behind equip yourself with information send 30 daily habit, not finished without sleep.For example, you could have been up late, but you develop the habit of getting up at 6 every.Maybe you insist on 21 days will become a habit, but if you can stick a 21-year, it really is the character.30 day made information, adhere to 21 years, your information on a network is certainly overwhelming.Get up at 6:00 every day to develop, at least you will be out late at night, like this, your body can also be a lot better.Habit is hard, maybe you think a little difficult, but as long as you set the slope of a small point, requiring a small point, that basically not too difficult.For example, you send information every day 30, 24 hours a day, only half an hour to come up with.For example, you practice the piano for an hour a day, 24 hours to come up with only one hour.But if you require send 300 a day, it basically difficult, steep slope up.It requires 15 hours a day practicing piano, perhaps not yet begun, you are thinking about him off the end.Of course, there is a good habit, certainly has a bad habit, such as smoking, so the child is, the more committed the bad.For example, the above younger sister girlfriends, when the boss habits.Then trouble.Younger sister said, in fact, the younger sister of girlfriends and if that can be a sign of weakness at the appropriate time, she now lives, surely now also lives hundreds of times.But her bad temper that is not modified.For instance, he needs to find obedient, but powerful people than she certainly does not listen to his words.For instance, he needs to find a honest, can now climb to the top of people, there is no a few honest.Fortunately, her family and find a good point, this has always been contradictory, but parents can find alive, parents have the ability to.But it looks like is a comprehensive, results on the bad things.Although in the beginning, she thought she was perfect to find, but get along at all you will find.For example, she did not allow her husband stupid, at least they can bully, but others can not.But because people really, obedient, really being bullied, go to work, they also are simultaneously being bullied at work.For instance, he had wanted to find obedient, but his parents husband is strong, the result would dry up.A lot of time we may also think of these as well their own character, their own poor results so the results let his very tired.For example, we got used to lazy, we used only for their own good, we used to not pay.Speaking of this, I think the previous owner of the sentence.He said, in fact, everything in the world there is a truth, that’s what you want, be sure to pay.For example, we want to make other people’s money, will certainly have to pay, for example, we want to learn something, and it certainly takes time to learn.The boss said, that want, but people do not want to pay, they are contrary to the laws of nature.The group made a lot of personal information every day habit 60, they make a fortune, doing super good network.I can write an article every day people who have become a master of words, is the older generation.Exercise every day people good health, my aunt’s child, there used to practice the piano, and now also superb piano.The habit is to give younger sister, innocent girl, she can find a man for her life.The old girlfriends want others to listen to her habit is really not a good habit.Good habits is really important, because for a long time to become accustomed to the character, good and bad fork in the road, we chose to look at.Safflower want with our own must be a green leaf.Want to find a good green leaves, we have to be a good saffron.