City bird

Birds carrying the passion flew into the city, the city does not know, a bird flying out of the city carrying the joy and sorrow, do not know the city, site watching the door of Father knows.—— Inscription from scaffolding and Chang E, the birds know, the bird himself with a steel pipe, is very robust Yi barricaded a road.Bird stood tall blue sky and smiled.Between a row of yellow teeth, firmly tucked a cigarette.With the wind smoke, smoked sour wife’s nose in his hometown.Gossips side to coax children side rubbing his nose, tears come together to form the Milky Way, blocking the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.At that moment, the birds know, the birds in the shed with asbestos barricaded, secretly calculate the days to go home.    From the train breathing heavily, threw him on the platform since the day the bird was already a twenty count books on orthography.Twenty unfinished orthography, or filled with pockets wife, in the middle of the night for his crotch seam notes.When the moment he reached into his crotch in the canteen dig the bill, the sale of cigarettes girl turned to face the shame of it all, only to see the roadside repair the old man, he laughed almost to the bicycle tire off the hook.Old man know when he first flew into town, his wife did the same, suffer more than the birds that money when the old man was a fat woman swore, “the old sense of shame.”.    Scaffolding steel pipe is hot, the sun is hot lazily sun, the birds reach out and just touch the pipe immediately shrink back, just touch on Shaohuo wife, the temperature of the steel shed spread asbestos , shed immediately deflated belly, stomach birds were eating lunch, dragging smelly feet, grab a seat to the young building.Foreman sat under the air conditioning Banyejijiao reading the story, occasionally also glance at the large milk beauty magazine.    Scaffolding and tied with birds, support scaffolding of a bird, the bird is supporting bills.A baby on the scaffolding has been put up to the moon, money is still foreman’s account.Luban saw, sawed wood, can, how ever day also saw.The waistband is the presence of birds secretary foreman, let go of the foreman to see, very thin crotch, drew thirty orthography, did not put into something.Birds ribs supporting the scaffolding, but soft like mud bank notes.Foreman touched the bird’s head, “good job, the New Year will give you checkout,” Bird wry smile.Inability lying asbestos shed, thinking wife’s hand and child’s hand.Hand waving in the village, to come back early birds.Dream to go home to do more than thirty orthography, every cross, every vertical are written a story, shut down, workers falls, and today was no oil in dish.Stories like turning on the same circle around the shaking, rocking to the hot summer, autumn cool shake away.Birds sad and depressed and into the next drink wine, joy and happiness Hongyan send along a father and mother care.    Scaffolding review in the blue sky in the city, birds review the building on the scaffold, in the beautiful city, lies a piece of neat buildings, each inseparable from the scaffolding of a building built, each inseparable from a scaffolding erected birds companions.Only a migratory bird, spring is the train pulled into the city, winter is back to his hometown by train.The city can tell the story of a winter home, the story can recall three quarters.Birds thinking about in the sky, and did not know that a cage of their own.With the city’s cage, no longer migrate.Birds seem to be the desire to know the gossips.Wife in bed laughing, “there are dirt leopards live in the” Bird laughed.Laugh bent willow old entrance to the village, laughing father Zhi Ma Aung silly fool he wanted.Kid is not stupid, blue sky and the distance can be measured in.Can doubt that, how we can not measure the distance from urban and rural areas.High-rise is still high-rise, is still Tsuchiya Tsuchiya, integration and do not know at what time the yellow asphalt road home land, the birds in thinking, thinking about father, Huang also thinking about land.