Huawei P20 Porsche Exposure: fingerprint screen just under the standard

For Huawei, the new machines are introduced heavy greater force grid Porsche version seems to have become accustomed to, for the upcoming P20, it looks like there will be this version。
Now, users @ichangezone sent on the microblogging behind the so-called P20 renderings Porsche version, the back of the Porsche version of the mobile phone a unique marker to force the grid highlights, while the regular edition camera design are not the same, three Leica camera into a horizontal arrangement , and placed in the dual flash camera lens modules and independent central。 In addition, Porsche P20 customized version of it, which will be equipped with fingerprint technology to unlock the second-generation screen sink top science and technology, but will not be used bangs shaped screen shape, a switch from the traditional 18: 9 screen, and a double glass metal frame design +。 As for the prices of our concern, @ ichangezone also revealed that P20 Porsche version will not be cheap, but also slightly more expensive than iPhoneX some, this seems to be the price of it is $。 Note that, the god @evleaks broke the news also sent out a color version of Twilight P20Pro renderings, but also its color gradient design, course information Leica three rear camera can also find out the, 27-80mm three times optical zoom, F1.6-F2.4 two stops, so that the case, which will be three camera wide angle, telephoto, and a combination of standard。 Finally Some Internet users also revealed that Huawei P20 Porsche customized version will be exclusive in domestic sales after a period of time before moving to the international market。

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