Best day

Get up, fine weather!    The concrete floor is not dry yard signs, secretly shed vine on the ground of the rich; extending around the tree level, masked the village courtyard.  The sun is very mild, only noon to feel its presence.    Such an environment, should fasten the door, engaged in a courtyard of brick and green tiles, the noise of cicadas accompanied by frogs, hope there are old trees shade the curve Duanyuan a lingering, you’ll say to himself, this could there the legendary paradise!A good summer paradise on earth!  Subtle cicadas, the occasional dog-ming, as well as the corner of the river was rough and elegant at this morning reading the small mound dress chic, rhyme quiet long.Condescending, backed by trees, exposed roots dry spread to the banks of the river and duck edge of the circle, has become a paradise for ducks play up and down, sleeping with pull.At this distance the tree into pieces, insects up and down constantly, and there is the river water, waves perfect place to go hand in hand, opened his eyes in the morning, not a lazy stretch waist, on the wind Fall in love, fall in love with the scenery.    Principals often said, often walking in the river, can write two.  Yes!  There is such a quiet morning, afternoon, so poetic, so quiet night.  Even mortal spend a few days here will be affected by the influence of natural and add a bit of sentiment, by a fraction charm!  It would appear that living in this really God’s special care ah!    Cup of nameless hybrid tea, the more products the more taste, Longjing?Tippy is?  Anyway, not bitter small, just let it go!    If busy watching the sunset date, has become a habit, then burn the midnight oil is a quirk of the right to open a window, turned off the desk lamp, stir up the flame of the oil lamp, attracted moths, moon.  I reflected a pale moon solitary volumes of poetry, sometimes Xing Zhi full, play a few poems, but sometimes listen to some frogs, overnight!  Strange also!To be asleep, days are bright!  Is a new day, my day!