Always smiling sun 3

Always smiling sun 3 North drift of the word, it is much more than simple word.It is full of ups and downs dreams, hardships and life.  I was in the early 1990s with his parents moved to Xinjiang.Because the family was poor, fathers and children in order to create a better living and learning environment, a little more dignity in order to survive, had to leave their homes and come to Xinjiang!Now, my sister and I have graduated, each has a stable point of the work, but in the last year, I was a vagrant “bully!”In order to so-called art and dreams, but also to make their old no longer regret, shortly after graduation I chose to drift north!  My major and my character is completely different, I, passionate, revealing the bones of Xinjiang thrilled, my profession, Oh, there must be a monk in order to have a good meditation to calm the mind works, a graduation, found a —- when their work in a gallery artist, with the so-called wage, and no longer their parents for money, and at least have a fighting target, you can own a live alone.My job is simply to draw the boss wants paintings, I accustomed isolated, insular life: go to work at night, quietly painted picture, write about romance writing, prose, poetry or something.To be able to draw a decent work, often staying up until dawn.During the day, photophobia like creatures, sleeping in a dormitory is, one day.  I paint a better picture for a long time, they finished their own modification in a day or two, taking a closer look, I feel really good, satisfied, get the boss take to change money; if sold, indicating that I have food to eat have paid for them, this is my life.I paint something neither traditional nor modern, is the need for patience, to sit live, skills it, is the way, stood Wang Feng of the song, a night like this sent the.Sometimes, to see around the handsome Way today, gone tomorrow, I had a dream I never had to doubt this money, why we can see everyone live a normal life, and I, inhuman.I can not stand this kind of life, I decided to quit, I began to shake years of wandering.Funded by his family and friends, I left the gallery, embarked on endless years shabby surroundings.Although the society is very cruel, it would not have gone through wind and rain rainbow, but after all I tried, I did not regret it; even if multiple twists and turns before, I will not give up, because life is precisely because of the north drift dream was to become beautiful and true.   In Beijing Film Academy entrance, everyone is wandering, everyone has the skills or ugly as either the United States if the angel, either very brave or Zeitou mouse ear.We all came here, nothing more than to realize their dreams, but how many people can achieve it,.North drift is not easy to say, first arrived in Beijing, no money, no shelter, no place to eat., Lived near the front door of the hotel 10 dollars, through shops, a house four people, we know each other, the arrival of the night, put all together, just to be a dream.Of course, meal; during the day, walked through the front door Victoria, walk back in the evening the day two back and forth, they followed the bus to go, over time, remember the road, surrounded by stalls stall also greet top priority, how can enough to eat, you need to plan, or hungry, so one day buy pickles, peppers or something three Shandong bread, vegetable market, a meal so mixed later, the only way you can fill the stomach; only so that he can aspire to gain a foothold in Beijing, so I insist on this, slowly enough money, they rent, a month more than 100 underground two-story residence, until now, I always made of frozen shoulder, it is at the time this disease was.Impression that Beijing is impersonal place, the air was thick with the acrid smell of smoke and various kind of mixed together different kinds of people in order to dream, almost frantic work with.The city always wake up too early too, the dust had time to put down last night, just under the dark street still seems to be faint yellow lights shone through, look Shique dawn of refraction.Not many people would notice such a scenario, the North drift race were wrapped in coats, along bus routes, to the job market, look fine but not cover his face heavy weariness.I think Wang Feng, “Beijing Beijing” North drift race of hidden meaning in life.  When I walk in here every street seems that my heart could never calm tone in addition to the roar of the engine and electrical I seem to hear his bones like a candle in my heart I’m here crying laughter here I am here alive is here I prayed to die here I am here I am here looking confused here to lose Beijing Beijing Square cafe and three blocks as the distance to the moon neon people hugging each other looking for comfort and struggling chasing dying of broken dreams if One day I had to leave I want people to bury me here in here I can feel my presence in that there are too many things I love makes me laugh here I am here I am here alive I am crying that I die here pray that I lost here I am here looking for are such that the loss of life in Beijing Beijing, insisted for a year, worked as continuity, camera assistant, props set period, traveled to Beijing several large and small crew, but after all, not a thing.Persuaded by his family, I am sad to leave Beijing.